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Corporate Strategy Powerpoint Template

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Corporate Strategy

Transcript: FULL INTEGRATION Roman philosopher Seneca is quoted as saying: "If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable." The same applies to organizations and corporations. The best product, services, goals and management teams are of little use without a corporate strategy. Without a corporate strategy it is impossible for a corporation to have long term plan or method to achieve objectives or goals, which are key to any type of strategic planning Vertical Growth Three General Orientations of a Directional Strategy Every corporation must decide its orientation toward growth by asking the following questions: * Should we expand, cut back or continue our operations unchanged? * Should we concentrate our activities within our current industry or should we diversify other industries? * Should we do internal development or external acquisitions, mergers or strategic alliance Two Primary reasons why growth is very attractive: Punongbayan & Araullo and Navarro Amper & Co. combine practices Horizontal Integration- the degree to which a firm operates in multiple geographic locations at the same point in an industry’s value chain. Conclusion Directional Strategy Concentration on the current product line Two Types: * Vertical growth * Horizontal growth TAPER INTEGRATION Diversification into other product lines in other industries Two basic growth strategies: QUASI-INTEGRATION Vertical growth can be achieved by taking over a function previously provided by a supplier or by a distributor. Vertical Integration- degree to which a firm operates vertically in multiple locations. Backward Integration Forward Integration Merger – a transaction involving two or ore corporations in which stock is exchanged, but from which only one corporation survives. Acquisition- the purchase of a company that is completely absorbed as opening subsidiary or division of the acquiring corporation. Strategic Alliance- a partnership of two or more corporations or business units to achieve strategically significant objectives that are mutually beneficial. Horizontal Growth Corporate Strategy Growth Strategies Local AirAsia And Zest Air Forge A Strategic Alliance 1. Growth based on increasing market demand may mask flaws in a company- flaws that would be immediately evident in a stable or declining market. 2. A growing firm offers more opportunities for advancement, promotion and interesting jobs Forward Integration Backward Integration Corporate strategy deals with three key issues facing the corporation as a whole: Growth strategies Stability strategies Retrenchment strategies Horizontal growth can be achieved by expanding the firm’s products into other geographic locations and/or by increasing the range of products and services offered to current markets. 1. Directional Strategy 2. Portfolio Strategy 3. Parenting Strategy PLDT bought 51.5 percent of Sun Cellular operator Digitel

Corporate Strategy

Transcript: • Buying foreign services or parts • Combating threats from foreign competitors • Penetrating new markets ADNOC DISTRIBUTION ADNOC DISTRIBUTION • well-trained and flexible workforce • well located facilities • high flexible facilities • Large scale of retail stations • acquisition of 34 Emarat service stations and a fuel depot at Port Khaled in Sharjah • wide distribution network and good brand image • High quality motor oil • World’s top manufacturers choose Shell oil as the first-fill oil for new vehicles in their factories. TOTAL JA SHELL UAE Core Processes ADNOC DISTRIBUTION • Automotive solution provider through its service centers • Aero Shell is extensively used in aviation lubricants • Perform customer loyalty/satisfaction surveys • A tie up/franchisee set up • Higher dealer discount • Longer credits ADNOC DISTRIBUTION TOTAL JA SHELL UAE • Aiming to be world leader automotive design • Reverse the current industry trend for sub-contracting TOTAL JA TOTAL JA SHELL UAE Market Analysis • Automotive Lub. • Industrial Lub. • Process Lub. • Performance gap is consistent irrespective of whether the well is conventional or unconventional. • Better performance is driven by leveraging geological knowledge of core plays, a dynamic field management approach and high operational efficiency. • Innovation is vital to insuring the value of existing reservoirs are maximized and reserves are recovered efficiency. • Design • Analysis • Development • Full launch • Government liberalization of lubricants sector • Facing strong competition from ADNOC DISTRIBUTION, TOTAL, Mobil • Application of Its own technology • Very sophisticated R&D centers in different countries. • Known for very high quality due to high quality base oil • Crude oil price fluctuation • Currency fluctuation SHELL UAE TOTAL JA • Current • Needed • Planned SHELL UAE • During 2014 ADNOC Distribution announced that it has completed the acquisition of 34 Emarat service stations and a fuel depot at Port Khaled in Sharjah. • And during 2015, ADNOC Distribution signed an official memorandum for ENOC services stations acquisition. • In addition to the above, ADNOC Distribution signed the franchises with a strategic partner in Saudi Arabia. • Tie-up with international oil majors to increase penetration in Bazar trade. • Technical partnership with motorsport champions. Competitive priorities Costumer relationship New service/product development Order fulfillment Supplier relationship • UAE evolving economy growth • High GDP • Low inflation rate • Non-oil sector growth continue to grow until 2030 • Wealthy government • UAE railway network • Weak economic conditions of other international companies due to the poor economy of their hosted country => possible JV • Strong loyalty to ADNOC products • Oil Base with competitive price • Imported technology Competitive Capabilities ADNOC DISTRIBUTION • Focus on areas that will bring direct and significant customer benefits. The product development management team has a critical role during the early stages of customer collaboration • Align growth portfolio with business strategy, establishing the link between the strategic objectives and the growth portfolio plan provides the shareholders and the market with a cleaner understanding of the direction of the organization. • Identify and select investment alternatives based on strategy, values, risks and dependency. • Market segmentation • Needs assessment Performance Gap ADNOC DISTRIBUTION SHELL UAE TOTAL JA • Automotive Lub. • Industrial Lub. New Service/product development Environmental Scanning SHELL UAE • well-trained and flexible workforce • well located facilities • less flexible facilities • Very small scale of service stations • Differentiation from similar services and products • Patents on a new technology • Advertising expenses/improving brand equity • Tie-up with international oil majors to increase penetration in Bazar trade. • Technical partnership with motorsport champion. Corporate Strategy • Automotive solution provider through its service centers • A tie up/franchisee set up • Higher dealer discount • Longer credits • Perform customer loyalty/satisfaction surveys Zainab Al Ali 201420372 - Lamia Hashim 201420522 Nahla Shehda 201410658 - Abdulla Aljasmi 201420692 ADNOC DISTRIBUTION TOTAL JA Global strategies • Automotive Lub. • Industrial Lub. TOTAL JA SHELL UAE ADNOC DISTRIBUTION TOTAL JA • Cost is low as the plant is owned by the company and they used low cost labor • Reasonably priced items, matching customers’ expectations • strives to provide the best quality • available everywhere and in a main locations • lab quality test • Available stock to deliver on time as per consumer request. ADNOC DISTRIBUTION • Lower cost and big impact • High quality motor oil • +60 years Ferrari has been synonymous with high performance cars SHELL UAE • Lubricants and LPG are bundled under one department • Lubricants product line come with LPG product line • International

corporate strategy

Transcript: the business The reference market is the market of cereal bars composed by several competitors such as: Grany Kellog’s Balisto Nestlé Market definition SWOT analysis It seems to be some important competitors such as Kellog’s and Balisto which may be a challenge for Grany Competitive advantage : Grany offers three different varieties of cereal bars which brings the company more opportunities to gain a greater part of the cereal bars market. Market attractiveness Nutrition Quality Environment Market attractiveness is based on Market opportunity Competitive advantage Objectives of the organization Size, growth and weight of the segment Competitor Analysis Structure and segmentation of the market Industry Analysis Structure and segmentation of the market Bars made with natural ingredients Good nutritional qualities Very tasty Market opportunity and competitive advantage PESTEL Analysis Mission Statement How to establish synergies? Range of products How to create a competitive advantage? Supermarket’s Homebrand Cheaper alternative Less consumer loyalty to the brand threats Cereal bars with different flavour (fruits, nuts, chocolate,…) Other products: mellow cake, chocolate cookie Nestle Fitness Targeted at female health-conscious customers Nesquick Bar version of the drink opportunities Grany belongs to the Kraft Food group, 2nd largest food company in the world Huge Brand awareness Developped know-how and logistic Threat of new entrants: LOW The establishment costs (machinery, developing the recipe etc.) involved will deter new entrants Market already saturated by multinational firms, making it difficult for new firms to develop CA But, there are more and more smaller firms offering Organic Muesli Bars, Homemade muesli bars etc. internal factors (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr This market can be divided into different subgroups called segments. In this case we can find two main segments: Energetic bars (with chocolate,caramel…) Dietetic bars (mostly composed by cereals, fruits, …) (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Brand belonging to the Kraft Foods Group Business to Customer Mostly Cereal bars Kellogg's Special K Health-conscious customers Frosties Younger customer base The Clientele In the case of Grany, it is focused on cereal bars composed by different types of cereals such as wheat, oat or corn depending on the variety and complemented by chocolate, fruits or nuts. Three Grany varieties : Grany bar cereals Grany moelleux Grany equilibre Children, especially at the « afternoon break » People practicing sport Working people Selling point is the good taste Chocolate coated digestive biscuit external factors thank you! Political Economical Social Technological Environmental Legal

Corporate Strategy

Transcript: Substantial product differentiation Tablet computers Switching to substitutes Limited number of substitutes "High-end device" Higher price for less performance Differentiation 8 Who are they targeting? The iPhone 5c on the strategy clock THANK YOU The iPhone 5c on the market CONCLUSION The actual Apple success is mainly explained by its brand image Under the surface Economic boom: 9 smartphones on the market Threat of new competitors Perception of the price High capital requirements High sunk costs limit competition Strong brand names are important Industry requires economies of scale Customers are loyal to existing brands High switching costs for customers Entry barriers are high F How does the customer perceive the price? Highly competitive market The smartphone market in dates C Low R 5c 5s Cost leadership Product differenciation Market segmentation INTRODUCTION Superficial aspect of the product Tip of the Iceberg Created in 1996 by Cliff Bowman and David Faulkner Based on Michael Porter's researches 2013 Brand phenomenon O Focused Differentiation 2010 Low dependency on distributors Product important to customer Large number of customers Case 2 : iPhone 5c Volume is critical to suppliers Apple’s iPhone 5c is plugged on a cheap niche market as it’s the first middle-top of the range smartphone made for a young audience Better quality than the iPhone 5 Cheaper but with a higher profit margin than the IPhone 5 Strategy adapted to Apple purposes (higher profit margin instead of higher price) Bargaining power of suppliers 3 strategic positions 2007 High The Smartphone market is maturing More specialized target Large industry size High growth rate Relatively few competitors Bargaining power of customers The iPhone 5c has disappointed The clock analysis is relevant Limits of the clock analysis The smartphone market today E Disadvantages for the customer "Low cost" May the clock analysis be wrong? Apple is trying to give a low cost image to the product Intensity of rivalry Same innovations as the iPhone 5 More specialized than Porter's competitive strategy small size market Very costly Failure zone Threat of substitutes What is the strategy clock? Non-Value product S The first iPhone starts spreading 5 Two new iPhones are launched: IPhone 5C: 27% of Apple’s sales

Corporate Strategy

Transcript: --> We have increased the turnover by 10.650€ (respectivey 1,3466%) Based on our decision tree, we have 72% of certain information in order to select supplier, which is a good indicator. Thank you for your attention! Table of contents 3. Uncertainty Pie 6. Before/After A good supplier communicates effectively; is local and somebody we can rely on, has a good reputation and a good product quality, but nevertheless a decent profitability. 1. Magic Sentence 2. Decision Tree 3. Uncertainty Pie 4. Followed Strategy 5. Guidlines fulfilled? 6. Before/After Purchase Manager: Núria Galí-Bellapart Marketing Manager: Julia Boercsoek Financial Manager: Gretel Brawer Corporate Strategy by D'Eyrames 1. Magic Sentence 1) Based on the decision tree, we choose 0/1 as a measure whether the characteristics is fulfilled of not for each supplier 2) Calculated certain probability for each characteristic and summed them up 3) Eliminated supplier with the lowest sum by department and took into account all the guidelines (Mr. D’eyrames gave us) 4) If suppliers in each department had the same sum, we eliminated the supplier with the lowest TO and %of margin 5) We first added shelves to suppliers which only had 50 shelves, then to novelty and proud and the ones that local/seniority/where is actually said increase shelves; we gave the remaining cm to suppliers with a high percentage of margin and (2-3 mainly) 2. Decision tree 5. Did we fulfill the guidlines? 4. Strategy

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