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Corporate Overview

Transcript: Product Development MIJEM “Confidential” (In progress) OPENCARD Product Development Product development on the following platforms: Some of our Work Software development to meet the needs of the Online Transaction Processing Implementation for BankBú System and DCC Services Implementation Process. New integration architecture definition, Online acquirer module implementation for Bankbú. J2EE, PLSQL, Application integration using JMS for Credit cards authorization NEW ERA Outsourcing Software Architecture Enterprise architecture Implementation of Agile methologies Integration Onsite/Offsite project management Agile Development Scalable Development Teams Specialized Bilingual Engineers Integration platform that enables information exchange between several enterprise applications. BitGray is responsible for all the software development life cycle, using agile methodologies to ensure an excellent software architecture design and implementation. Technology: .Net Methodology: Agile Unified Process (AUP) Why Us? bitgray brochure Business Cases Consulting LAUREN LOPEZ OSORIO Chief Operating Officer Bogotá, Colombia Email: Mobile: +(57) 304 216 7514 Phone: +(571) 4792299 CARLOS PINZON Chief Technology Officer Atlanta, Georgia Email: Mobile: 470 226 6859 CHRISTOPHER NETTUNO Chief Business Development Officer Atlanta, Georgia Email: Mobile: (770) 855 80 24 Product Development Some of our Work BitGray improved New Era developing new features and maintaining a multisite (Multilingual) e-commerce dedicated to art. BitGray also advised in the following aspects: release procedures, database architecture and database administration, always keeping perspective of quality assurance specifications. Languages: framework kohana, ruby on rails, php, ajax, jquery, html. EVENTDAWN x Some of our Work Mijem the new world social network focused on e-commerce (consumer to consumer) was created here! In Bitgray. In 2015, our awesome team of engineers build the mobile application using trending technology and the last modern agile methodology “SCRUM”, since the beginning to production release on July 2015; the app is available in App Store and Google Play Store. Bitgray and Mijem Inc. did all the creation process since the beginning, gathering requirements, analysis, design, data bases, architecture, development, testing and management. Some of our Work “Confidential” (In progress) Outsourcing BitGray is a dynamic Colombian company with demonstrated continued growth thanks to our world-class solutions, with strategic partners in various parts of the world, especially in the United States and Canada. Our headquarters is located in Bogotá, Colombia, and we have developers in Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla and Armenia and a branch in Atlanta, Georgia, which was established to hold a strategic position in the North American market in terms of business development. We believe that a dynamic, cheerful and creative company is more productive, which is why we provide our developers spaces for recreation and relaxation to break the routine, either through a ping pong game or race cars in our play room. Our long-term aim is that our company is considered a "great place to work" where the young spirit can make work a fun and enjoyable place to be. Consulting Some of our Work Strategic Partners We provide design, development and technical leadership based software OPF (Open Payment Framework). The OPF provides a base set of services that allow the clients to implement bank payment systems. These services are extended by each project to suit the specific needs of the bank. Current projects are implemented in Java 6 and Java EE 5. The base platform OPF operation is IBM Websphere Process Server, including BPEL flows, queues JMS-based messaging, hibernate and Oracle database. It has also been deployed on Oracle WebLogic, using Oracle. We adapt your idea to the needs and expectations of your Company: Custom made Design and development 24/7 service / www.bitgray.cos Some of our Work Fully Bilingual Engineers Same time zone as USA and Canada Cost Effective Operation High Quality results/products Permanent Recruitment Process Flexible staff Experts in communication protocol: -Daily meetings (webcam, phone calls and video conferences) -Skype /email Services “Confidential” (In progress) Backend - Web: Java, .Net, Php /Ruby/Python, Node JS, Angular, Express, Sails, React JS Mobile: iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Unity Enterprise Development: Java, J2EE, JEE, .Net, Spring, Oracle, SOA Suite, IBM Websphere, Process server Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MongoDB, Kasandra Contact Info Web application for event planning aimed at minimizing risks in event organization through the following tools: create online events folders, plan unlimited features, assistants management, email event

Corporate Overview Presentation

Transcript: CONTRACTING SERVICE STEEL ENERGY SERVICES WATER CONDITIONING HEADQUARTERS HENDERSON SHEETMETAL HVAC and Refrigeration Plumbing Restaurant 24/7 On-Call Emergency Service Drain Service Electrical Service In-House Transportation Department Five (5) Class A Drivers Average 5,200 Miles Driven Per Week Delivery to 35 Job Sites Per Week on Average Apprenticeship & Training 20,000 sq. ft. Average Manpower = 40 Average Hours/Week = 2,000 Modular Construction Affords Turnkey Solutions STRUCTURAL STEEL 30,000 sq. ft. Average Manpower = 40 Average Hours/Week = 2,000 Prefabrication of Pipe 1.5" to 48" 50%+ Prefabrication Welds X-Ray Quality Checked Small Silver Bullet Unit TRANSPORTATION 30,000 sq. ft. Average Manpower = 40 Average Hours/Week = 2,000 Business Unit Offerings PLUMBING Natural Gas Liquid Recovery Industrial Gas Systems Pig Launchers and Receivers Oil Meter and Quality Buildings Fabrication and Installation Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals Commercial and Industrial Markets How it Works 40,000 sq. ft. Three-Shift Capacity Average Weekly Production = 75,000 lbs. Average Yearly Production = 3,000,000 lbs. Lean Manufacturing Principles Applied >40 Pieces of In-House Equipment 6,500 total sq. ft. 51 Drafting Stations Salt Water Disposal Buildings Electrical Buildings Hydrocarbon Skids INDUSTRIAL 17 Acre Site to Accommodate Laydown Reduces Need for On-Site Storage Key Component of Just-in-Time Delivery Method Allows for Maximization of Prefabrication “We tested the effectiveness of Silver Bullet in treating our cooling towers and condenser systems for 16 months and were pleased with the results as well as the substantial energy and water savings moving forward. We expect to save millions of gallons of water and tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, allowing us to decrease the overall operating costs and increase the sustainability of our properties without any investment of capital.” -Scott Mead, Managing Director of Commercial Property Management, Lerner Enterprises Standard Silver Bullet Unit Handles all aspects of traditional chemical treatment. Controls microbiological growth, scale, and rate of corrosion. Cost benefits. Water Savings 10% - 35% blow down water. Energy savings. Reduces labor and chemical transport/storage liability. What it Does LAYDOWN CAD Department GREEN! Chemical-Free Water Treatment Industrial and Agricultural Applications Exclusive Manufacturer Primary National Dealer Saves Water - Safer for the Environment Extending Equipment Life 110,000 sq. ft. facility 20,000 sq. ft. office space 30,000 sq. ft. piping shop 30,000 sq. ft. structural shop 20,000 sq. ft. integrated fabrication shop 10,000 sq. ft. non-ferrous fabrication shop 7 acre site in Henderson Hotel | Highrise | Downtown | Food & Beverage solid. proven. Achievements 25,000 sq. ft. Three-Shift Capacity Prefabrication in a Controlled Environment >30 Pieces of In-House Equipment 6,000 sq. ft. Training Center Accredited Apprenticeship Program In-House Training Year-Round Ambient air is pulled through the Silver Bullet Processor. High Energy UV bulbs and other proprietary processes bombard O2 to create negatively charged O- ions. Produced Gas is bubbled into the cooling tower’s basin O- ions combine with water to form H2O2. H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and O- ions kill microbiological growth. Negatively charged H2O2 keeps calcium dissolved. Keeping calcium dissolved creates “less reactive” water & prevents scale to allow increased cycles of concentration. By increasing cycles of concentration, mineral content of water increases, thereby reducing corrosion. Commercial and Industrial Mechanical Contracting Full-Service Plumbing, Piping, Sheetmetal More than 50 Years of Experience Diversified Portfolio Department of Energy - NREL's Best New Venture Award: 2012 CCIA High Impact Company Award: 2013 EPA, NSF 61, and UL Certification Trusted by Facilities Nationwide NORAD, Sky Ridge Medical Center, St. Anthony Hospital, Shamrock Foods, University of Colorado, Wal-Mart Data Center, Marriott, HealthOne, SunGuard, and many more. INTEGRATED 90% of our customers require no added chemicals. Local municipality utility rebates. Contributes towards USGBC LEED Certification. Reduced Energy Consumption. Water Savings. Sky Ridge Medical Campus was awarded a $12,000 water utility rebate by Denver Water. On average, Sky Ridge saves over 750,000 gallons of water per year. 10,000 sq. ft. Average Manpower = 14 Average Hours/Week = 560 High Purity Fab. in Controlled Environment 100,000 sq. ft. facility 35,000 sq. ft. office space 25,000 sq. ft. plumbing shop 40,000 sq. ft. sheetmetal shop 17 acre site in Stapleton PIPING CONTRACTING | SERVICE | STEEL | ENERGY SERVICES | WATER CONDITIONING Corporate Overview At a Glance... 1963 Founded in Pender, NE 1985 Incorporated in Denver, CO 1994 Moved into Current HQ Facility in Denver, CO (Stapleton) 1998 Service Business Unit Launched 2004 Steel Business Unit Launched 2010 ISO 9001:2008 Registration

Corporate Overview

Transcript: Construction Managers Program Managers Utility Equipment Upgrade, New Jersey Esri Story Map platform technology with custom JavaScript Business and GIS data for property assessments and tax collection Web and mobile device recognition/responsiveness Asset and stormwater management solution Corporate Safety Program Planners Architects Configured and deployed an advanced traveler information system and incident response system using ITS devices System can be used to disseminate all types of critical, time-sensitive information, such as news of natural disasters and AMBER alerts Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Runway Expansion, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. An Industry Leader Integrates disparate transportation data into central GIS repository Data includes maintenance, highway, bridge inventory and condition, environment Temporal and spatial analysis User-friendly, Google Maps interface to manage assets A reliable and robust high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver phone, email, or text messages to utilities, businesses, municipalities, communities, and schools to approximately 120,000 water system customers per hour With its user-friendly, web-based and mobile interface, it has the ability to contact thousands of customers within minutes The nature of our work commands a culture of safety to ensure that employees are safe no matter where their location or job function. With significant input and ongoing effort from the firm’s Corporate Safety Group and Safety Committee, the firm provides employees with safety programs and safe workplace practices. Corporate Safety and Health Policy Below industry average total recordable incident and experience modification rates Local safety coordinators Employee awareness campaign Member of the National Safety Council ISNet World client Harbor Shores Brownfield Redevelopment, Berrien County, Mich. Our People We apply our expertise to make projects as sustainable as possible, often leveraging our LEED® Accredited Professionals and Envision™ Sustainability Professionals. Our Projects We are committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals. Provided facilities design and construction management services for the fixed facilities portion of the PHX Sky Train™, including stations and guideways Taxiway bridge is the first mass transit bridge in the world to be constructed over an active taxiway First LEED certified public transportation campus in the world Remediated the main and restored the stream at Valley Forge National Historical Park Rehabilitated an eroded section of the creek Minimized the potential for future erosion Restored the stream, ensuring the water main was covered and not visible to the public Intelligent Transportation System Design, Northeastern Mexico Highways Regional Connector Light Rail Transit Corridor, Los Angeles, Calif. Today we are Hopewell Water Treatment Plant, Hopewell, Va. 1915 Knouse Foods Solar Project, Peach Glen, Pa. Interactive Mapping Technology, Stafford County, Va. On-call construction management support services Three new passenger stations on a 1.9-mile underground corridor Tunneling, cut-and-cover, and sequential excavation methods Constructed on a 13-acre site, making it the most compact light rail vehicle site designed and constructed in the U.S. in more than 30 years 15 storage tracks for storing 80 modern light rail vehicles, with expansion capacity to 100, and an automated train control test track Early in 1916, Samuel W. Fleming, Jr. was invited to join the partnership. In May 1916, the firm name was changed to Gannett, Seelye & Fleming. Geotechnical, ITS, and construction inspection for 1.5-mile runway expansion Extends FLL boundaries by elevating the runway over roadways and a rail line Increases airport capacity by accommodating larger passenger aircraft Alternative delivery method; $176 million total construction cost Conowingo Fishing Wharf Enhancements, Darlington, Md. International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc., Corporate Headquarters Renovations, New York, N.Y. 100,000-square-foot renovation of four floors Included finishes, fixtures, and furniture of the creative studios Laboratories, kitchen, offices, and restrooms Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension, Los Angeles, Calif. Columbia River Crossing, Portland, Ore. World’s largest solar thermal power plant Features thermal storage-equipped parabolic trough technology with 280 megawatts of power output capacity and an expected annual output of 903,000 megawatt hours Gannett Fleming provided survey, mapping, geotechnical investigations, and American Land Title Association plans More Than Engineering Breakthrough technology that integrates real-time data collection, display, analyses, and computer control of grouting operation Enables sound engineering decisions to effectively accommodate geologic conditions Allows a project team to monitor critical information such as dam safety indicators during drilling and grouting activities and gauge the

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