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Corporate Culture Powerpoint Template

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Corporate Culture:

Transcript: Corporate Culture: Work hard, play hard. Work hard, play hard Emphasizes teamwork Maintain a high level of energy Low risk Stress is caused by the quantity of work High-speed action = high-speed reaction Instant and rapid feedback By: Rachel Bertone, Rick Henriques, Shannon Harkness and Vittoria Milione Real life: Work hard, play hard Adopt an "Us/We" attitude Team Player High levels of energy Positivity Competitive nature - it is what maintains/increases morale How to succeed Cofounders met in 1995 Founded in 1998 Moved into an office in 1999 Largest search engine in 2000 Files for IPO in 2003 ($85) Has since acquired 182 companies, including: Stories YouTube, Android and Songza PROS Employees invented: Google News, Gmail, and even AdSense. References Real life: Work hard, play hard Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Heroes Cons Financial support Tuition bursaries and legal aid Parenting incentives On-site amenities: Carwash, oil change, bike repair, gym, trainers, massage therapy, hair stylist, doctor and free lunch and dinner Cultural Network High expectations can be stressful Personal life may suffer from workload Pressure of always being the best TGIF Meetings Direct communication with CEO and executives Face-to-face communication, emails and Google+ communication Employee regularly surveyed Rituals History “To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” Rewarding and motivating employees to stay at work via: Customer service Employee engagement and motivation Creativity and fun Efficiency and achievement Transperency Being a multinational company Risk is low Constant feedback is being given Rapid feedback is an excellent source of distinguishing right from wrongs, and strengths from weaknesses. With positive and negative feedback, things can be kept on track until future, more accurate results come into place Thank you! Values

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