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Cornell College

Transcript: Cornell College HISTORY History of Cornell Cornell was founded in 1865 Was founded by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White The campus has been around for 154 years Cornell's charter explicitly established the university as non-sectarian and co-educational, welcoming anyone who was "academically qualified regardless of sex, color, creed or national origins." The school actually opened in 1868 ABOUT (607) 254-4636 Ithaca, New York 14850 Cornell university is unique. They are a Ivy League university, chartered as a private institution, it includes undergraduate colleges and schools that receive some funding from New York State. They are sometimes called state contract colleges. It is 745 acres They have 6 different locations Address, phone number and more info REQUIREMENTS You have to have a GPA of 3.9 or higher, a SAT score of about 1550 and a ACT score of 34 or above. They have 21 Majors offered from agriculture science to Viticulture and Enology Must have completed a minimum of 55 credits, at least 30 while at Cornell. Additionally, the student must have a cumulative Cornell GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of entry, unless otherwise noted by a particular program. There are at least 7 internships ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES Some things you can do are: Cornell Botanic Gardens Johnson Museum of Art Ithca Waterfalls TUITION For academic year 2018-2019, undergraduate tuition & fees at Cornell University is $55,188. The undergraduate 2019-2020 estimated tuition & fees at Cornell University is $57,626 . This cost is estimated based on the cost change rate of last year. LIFE Sports The university sponsors 36 varsity sports like: Baseball Basketball(men's and woman's) Cross Country Football Field Hockey Sprint Football INTRAMURALS Intramurals Offered During the Spring The Public Service Center has been connecting students with community agencies for more than 25 years. Cornell has one of the largest Orientation staffs in the country. Each year, over 400 volunteers assist new students making the transition to Cornell. Each residence hall has a student-led Hall Council which is dedicated to supporting the community experience. Organizations in the Dean of Students office, including the LGBT Resource Center and A3C welcome volunteers each year to help organize and run the centers' activities. Volunteering Volunteering

Cornell College

Transcript: There are 1,100 men and women from 47 states and 17 foreign countries. 31% domestic students of color from 37 states. 6% international students from 11 countries. Extracurricular Activities: Admission Requirements: Cornell College Tuition is $37,275 Scholarships: Academic Scholarships Fine Arts Scholarships Offer awards to transfer students with a range of outside scholarships Grants: Cornell Grant CSA Grant Mission: Student Population: Ashley Morales My Perspective: BA is offered in many different courses. There are also pre-professional programs including Architecture and Veterinary Medicine. I would most be interested in Veterinary Medicine as a major. There is an essay required. Recommendations are not required, but they are encouraged. SAT scores expected range from 1,160/1,820/2,030. ACT scores expected range from 24/27/30 ACT and SAT scores are required SAT II's are optional An interview is recommended The deadline for the application is Feb. 1st Location: Academic Programs: The advantages of this school is that it is a small school that gives students morre hands on experience. The disadvantages are that it costs a lot. I cannot see myself at this school because I don't want to go to school in Iowa. Residential Community: "Cornell College offers an innovative and rigorous learning community where faculty and staff collaborate with students to develop the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and moral courage necessary for a lifetime of learning and engaged citizenship." Cornell college is located in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Mount Vernon is a city in Linn County, Iowa. It is a small town with only 3,808 people in it. Mount Vernon seems to get a lot of precipitation. There are more than 100 choices for clubs that students have created. They have many different sports groups. I would be most interested in the Art Interest group. There are dorms for students to live in. The Freshmen get their own floor to help them better adjust to college life and build relationships. I would prefer to live in a single or double room because I wouldn't want to live with a lot of people in a small space. Cost and Financial Aid:

Cornell College Fair

Transcript: Cornell University The School Overview Location: Ithaca, New York An Ivy League School Seven undergraduate colleges Motto: "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study" – Ezra Cornell ~15,000 undergraduate and ~10,000 graduate students Admissions officiers: Adriana and Angelina Admissions Admissions Admission Standard: Elite Comeptition: Very High GPA: ~A- / unweighted 3.9 Top 10% of class Range of Who We Accept SAT Application Tips and "Tricks" Tips Essay: - Answer the essay questions in a way that tells the school about you -Develop your though and express yourself in-depth Extracurriculars: -Cohesive you -Hours make sense -Something special? Academics Most popular majors at Cornell: Academics - Overall strong programs & support for the variety of majors offered - Research driven university Student Appeal Student Appeal Megan Riflin, ‘17: “I love the people at Cornell! I’ve made so many amazing friends, met a countless number of friendly, intelligent classmates, and have found help and kindness wherever I go across this campus. The professors are engaging and want you to succeed, the faculty members are always approachable, and I even love the Townies! The people in our community have made my college experience perfect.” Drawbacks Drawbacks - Low acceptance rate; 10.7% - Large population of students+large campus (24,000+, 2020) - Strong Greek scene - High tuition for all students - Mixture of urban+rural area Africana Studies Africana Studies African Studies: At least 10 ASRC (Africana Studies & Research Center) courses with a grade of C or better - Introduction to Africana studies - Three courses - under one of the following categories: African, African-American, Caribbean or other diaspora studies (2000 level or above) - Four courses - generate a more specific focus, choose 1-2 topics that fall within the African diaspora: history, literature, politics, popular culture, race and inequality, or gender and sexuality and take two courses in each of the chosen topics (3000 level or above) -Two seminar courses (4000 level or above) Examples: Black Queer Studies / Africa, Humanitarianism, and Postcolonial Sensibilities / Women in Hip Hop / The African Diaspora: Theories and Texts - ¾ of 2014-2018 African Studies graduates became employed Housing Reasons to live on campus: -Close to academic buildings -Full-time professional staff support -Social+educational [opportunities, activities, events] -Free access to [heat, electricity, internet] -1st+2nd year grad students are required to live on campus Housing Map Map Program Houses Special Themed communities w/ shared identities, interests, or cultural backgrounds (open to first-year, transfer, and upper levels) Athletics - Cornell competes in 36 different sports within the NCAA's DI as an Ivy League - Roughly 1,200 students that participate in their athletics programs. (700 male, 573 female) - Supports club teams (i.e. Alpine Skiing, Men & Women's Swim and Rugby Teams) Sports Cornell v. Dartmouth Cornell v. Dartmouth Clubs Clubs Offers 1,000+ student organizations ranging from... - Music and theatre troupes - Diversity and inclusivity groups - Science and engineering organizations -Greek society (Not So) Average Women (Not So) Average Women Mission: Striving to build female empowerment through challenging stereotypical norms, and supporting one another - Engages in women's issues & solving them - Discusses and collaborates with the Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Dept. - Meets w/ female role models Absolute Zero Break Dance Club Absolute Zero Break Dance Club Goal: To master the connection between the body through dance, while building relationships through other members, dance troupes, and the Cornell community through funk and music. - Open practices w/ the community - Perform on campus - Promote/share hip hop culture & individuality

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