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Core Value

Transcript: CORE VALUES THE TITANS 11 MARCH 2023 Who we are Who we are Hey! We are the Titans... Before we start this presantation we want to introduce our team and what is their role in this competition programmers PROGRAMING All the codes are created by us, we have watched a lot of ideas online, of teams with many points and we have then prepared a plan for the missions and created the codes. The codes include moving and turning. It took us more than 3 hours to make all of them and some of them would not work perfectly so we had to remake them. While practicing the codes, sometimes errors occur, but the good thing is that you can return the robot and restart the code, so it is not a problem. Kler Caku Felisia Guri HEAD OF CODERS CODER Innovative Who we are We are programming and giving ideas as well, and who knows maybe people can find some small ideas really useful. We have mixed our creation with legos, arduinos and microbits. That is how we have put innovation in all the projects we have brought here today. Arti Malltezi INNOVATIONIST Maja Peshkatari Felisia Guri INNOVATIONIST INNOVATIONIST DESIGN DESING WE MADE THE MECHANISMS WITH PURPOUSE TO DO THE MISSIONS. THE MECHANISMS WERE BUILD BY OURSELVES AND ARE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, Sibora Shllaku Franceska Mjeda Main Designer Designer This Group OUR TEAM our improvement How we work All of us have been a part of this competition last year and after that incredible experience with other people we decided to enter together this year and it has been a wonderful experience. Of course, we have had our ups and downs as a group, but we always resolve them in a mature way like never before. During this journey we brought out a side of each other and ourself that we didn't know we had. A mature side. And all of us are so grateful to have gone through this competition with each other. Our Disagreements Our Problems Even though we have great communication, we like every group had our disagreements and we always solved them with two methods: Method 1 The social method 1. Define the problem. ... 2. Generate alternative solutions. ... 3. Evaluate and select an alternative. ... 4. Implement and follow up on the solution. Method 2 The voting method This method is quite like how our govement works. We take the two ideas that are being presented and give the pros and cons of each one. After everyone has heard both sides, we take a vote and we will go with the idea which is preferred by the majority and the minority has to accept the outcome Our Improvements What we have become We have worked intensely these past months and to be here today, showing you what we have achieved and worked so hard to make is an award in itself. We are so grateful to ourselfs for working so hard and to each other for being so wonderful, cooperative and understanding. We went from friends to family in these past few months and we couldn't be happier. So before we start showing you our work we want to acknowledge all the hard work and motivation we have put into our project and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have grown this close and to really understand the true meaning of hard work. Our codes Coding So as I presented previously, the codes are originally made by us since we have unique ideas and different from other groups. - How we got inspired to start coding? So, firstly we carefully watched videos for the rules of each mission and then watched some ideas from other groups, just to know how to do each mission. - How we started to code? We planned all the missions before starting and then programmed one by one and afterwards downloaded them to the robot. Improvement Improvement After Before By discussing with my teammate which is one of the coders and then by trying them a lot of times, we came in conclusions on what we did good and what we could have done better. Errors!.!.! Our Team Well, nothing goes smoothly and of course we had errors during programming like the robot could go the wrong way or we could mess the coordinates even by a centimeter. But everything still went okay, since we worked hard to fix the "bugs". Every mission required a lot of work, concentration and patience, and at the end it would work. Most importantly, errors are fixed with support from our teammates blasting ideas and helping us. Our degsin Mechanisms FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE MECHANISM TO THE TOP, ITS COMPLETELY A BURST OF OUR IMAGINATION. EACH MECHANISM IS USED TO MAKE A CERTAIN MISSION. MECHANISMS ARE SOMETIMES REALLY HARD TO MAKE, SO THEY CAN TAKE UP SOME TIME TO BUILD. AFTER ONE MECHANISM IS BUILD, THE CODERS START PROGRAMMING THE ROBOT RIGHT AWAY . the first mechanism the 1st mechanism This mechanism is used to do: - Inovation Project Model - Solar Farm - Hydrid Car - Wind Turbine second mechanism 2nd mechanism This mechanism is used to do: - Smart Grid - Innovation Project Model the 3rd mechanisms 3rd mechanism This mechanism is used to do: - Hydroelectric Dam 4th mechanism 4th mechanism This mechanism

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