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Criminal Background Checks

Transcript: Checklist: Serve with Accompaniment It is an AmeriCorps requirement that Equal Justice Works obtain all criminal history records. Failure to do so could impact our future ability to fund programs such as AmeriCorps JD While your initiation day has an impact on the start of your service, it is imperative that your results be submitted to Equal Justice Works. All members must have their 2 background checks initiated before any service hours may be counted. All results must be received by Equal Justice Works by the end of the member's service. Checklist: Accompaniment No Longer Needed Importance of Completion You and your host site must initiate the state check before you begin service. Receive Confirmation Arizona California Delaware Illinois Louisiana Maryland You must have a Criminal Background Check from both the state you applied in and the state you are serving. *This must be initiated by start of service 2 Mandatory Checks: State(s), FBI Criminal Background Checks Documentation of initiation and completion is mandatory and must be uploaded to SAM. South Dakota Utah West Virginia Wyoming FBI Fingerprint Schedule an Appointment State(s) Checks for Students Not at Host Sites "...will be accompanied by a representative of the host site organization or representative of the vulnerable population (i.e. parent of a minor) when having access to vulnerable populations. Vulnerable populations include minors 17 years old and younger, elderly 60 years old or older, and people with disabilities. Accompaniment may cease when either the state(s) checks or the FBI fingerprint check is received by Equal Justice Works. When accompaniment ends, the Supervisor must sign a certification that the member was properly accompanied." OR Once you no longer need accompaniment, your supervisor will sign and return an Equal Justice Works provided form, certifying compliance. Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico Ohio You must have a Criminal Background Check from both the state you applied in and the state you are serving. FBI Initiated* and Completed State(s) Initiated* and Completed Contact with Vulnerable Populations State(s) Checks for Students Serving at Host Sites Accompaniment Thank You! Equal Justice Works will initiate checks for 35 states, but if you serve or apply in one of the following states, you must initiate the state check yourself: This includes in-person contact, telephone/electronic contact, and access to vulnerable populations' records. Non-Compliant Vendor States State(s) Initiated These are very important AmeriCorps regulations. Please contact Equal Justice Works with any questions you may have. FBI Initiated

Cool Presentation

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