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Background- About Me

Transcript: Family and Friends My Choice: online chatting about issues with special science people Number of Hours Per Week: 2 Money Earned Per Week: $ 20.00 Money Spent Per Week: $ 0.00 Astronautical Engineer- works with space crafts Sporty ride, outstanding fuel economy, low operating costs. New: $16,400 = $340/month/5 years Review and investigate performance reports and documentation from customers and field engineers, and inspect/report malfunctioning or damaged products to determine problem Getting high enough marks for English- reading every day and writing short stories and essays will help develop English skills My top multiple intelligence results were Logical, Intrapersonal, and Visual/Spatial. Logical intelligence includes doing very well in math and solving math problems. When designing systems and components of aerospace vehicles,one is going to run into problems that can only be solved by math. Engineers use diagrams and charts to design and create things so Visual/Spatial intelligence is very helpful in that situation. Career Studies- Culminating Activity My Life/Work Balance I got married and got a baby boy the next year Prospects: Project direction. Education and training. Consulting. No interest to become a pilot or astronaut Aerospace Engineering Degree Joining more clubs and moving up in position of management of clubs will develop my leadership skills and communication skills Working Conditions Analyze project requests and proposals and engineering data to determine feasibility, productivity, cost, and production time of aerospace or aeronautical product Experienced aerospace engineers and those in senior research or administrative positions make the most Learning Style 1 year Not enough job openings in the future- Standing out be developing a variety of engineering skills so that if there are no jobs, I can easily transfer to another occupation in engineering field Regular: Attend production meetings Working with team, bouncing ideas off each other Talk about materials and software up-to-date with industry representatives CHANGE NOTICE! Formulate mathematical models or other methods of computer analysis to develop, evaluate, or modify design according to customer engineering requirements Cutting-edge technology What is an Aerospace Engineer Internships Rational – We are very logical, yet analytical. Generally speaking, the long one works in the industry, the more one makes 55 -learned general information about aviation and the space program from him Someone who designs aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites, missiles, and systems for national defense. Multiple Intelligence Engineers are INVENTORS Top 3 Character Traits in a Aerospace Engineer: 1. Responsibility: 2.Initiative 3.Perseverance Out-of-Doors My Choice: fishing, star-gazing, hiking, camping Number of Hours Per Week: 2 Money Earned Per Week: $ 0.00 Money Spent Per Week: $ 10.00 Determined – We do our assignments given to us. Professional Experience Year (PEY)- Internship program Action Plan Left Brain vs. Right Brain Continued to create and innovate Brainstormed upon the requirements of project Explained exactly what the design's functions has to accomplish,anticipated problems, and what the most up-to-date research has to offer Kept my team moving along on schedule and coordinated their work with the efforts of other teams and I had to report frequently to the project directors Train and supervise engineers, technicians and technologists in the production of the prototype models Corresponded with scientists all over the world on the Internet and occasionally attended seminars in interesting places. Work Atmosphere Laptop New: $1500 = $75/month/2 years How life would be without engineers? By Job #2 Description Direct research and development programs Hours of Work Per Week: 55 Gross Monthly Pay: $6,000.00 Interests (Things.Hands-on, People, Information) Seeking – We love to seek out for help to do something right. Aerospace engineer Write technical reports and other documentation, such as handbooks and bulletins, for use by engineering staff, management, and customers What Aerospace Engineers do: Taking computer based classes to give me a basic understanding of programing since Aerospace engineers work mainly on computers 4 years Conceptual – Relate to the concepts and work given to us. Reading books about famous Scientists to find examples of successful stories and to discover role models Complex – Very complex minded and think outside the box Joining Clubs such as DECA, Interact club, and science club to develop people skills and teamwork skills to help me stand out in the crowd of people who are competing against me for University programs and jobs Aerospace Engineers can earn anywhere from $50,000 a year to more than $110,000 a year Smart Phone $60/month My problem solving skills were much in demand -we built a model of the enterprise High school Diploma Direct and coordinate activities of engineering or technical personnel designing,

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