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Coo 90 Day Plan Presentation Template

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90 day plan

Transcript: 60 days. Understanding culture, support networks and team Manage recruitment where required Framework Conduct 1-2-1's with my direct reports People Establish a long term training timetable to develop skills gaps in the team Process Knowledge Meet with the teams that provide the services People days Knowledge Review reporting and communication processes Develop and deliver new revenue and opportunities Field Sales Manager Performance Performance Meet key account customers Become proficient in company systems Support the team to identify and sign new contracts within the territories Refine sales tools; presentation, competitor comparison charts 90 30 days. Performance Categorize and grade sales objectives and design a sales strategy for each level Process Create PDP's for the team, (aligned to KPI performance) 30 days. Meet with all areas of the business to understand individual roles and the relationship to my position Form a list of groups/chains within the territory and a conquest plan Benchmarking Develop a base of knowledge, so I can set up a solid framework for a best in class team to deliver exceptional results What does good look like at Veolia Measure and communicate team performance against KPI's Ensure a solid framework of standards and quality Adjust training materials to fit with PDP requirements People Framework Build network of influential bodies within industry & municipal Establish an effective agenda and schedule for team meetings 60 days. Framework Develop additional pipeline activities (property developers / construction companies etc) Embed operational standards for the team Process Identify my top priorities monthly / quarterly / annually. Review the current sales forecast, how will it be delivered. Simon Elwell Spend time in the field to understand the challenges and opportunities within the team, and the accounts Gain full understanding of Veolia products and services Hands on knowledge of territories & call cycles 90 days. People Conduct a client satisfaction survey Deliver 90 days. Knowledge Deliver Knowledge Performance Review, or create league table of performance by individual Review competitor products and services Identify areas of poor performance Establish a meeting schedule for my own performance reviews Understand current processes, identify areas where I can add value Process

90 Day Plan

Transcript: Media and Educational Technology Instructor Presented by: Lisa Lewis Ed.S Media and Educational Technology Instructor 90 Day Instructional Technology Integration Plan Presented by: Lisa Lewis Ed.S 90 Day Instructional Technology Integration Plan The purpose of this plan is to establish a timeline that enables teachers to implement an effective strategy for facilitating content that students need to learn and how they should learn it. The action steps to achieve these goals will happen in three steps: Personalized Learning, Technology Integration and Digital Citizenship. 90 Day Instructional Technology Integration Plan Goals Provide instruction that is differentiated and paced to the needs of the student and tailored to their individual learning preferences and interests. Goal 1 Personalized Learning Provide the use of available technology to deliver instructional content. The use to technology will allow students to work based on their academic ability and become independent life-long learners. Goal 2 Technology Integration To provide and understand the safe practice and ethical/social use of instructional technology. Goal 3 Digital Citizenship Personalized Learning Action Plan Create a Learner Profile Personalized Learning Action Plan Student self assessment: have students assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can can create a survey for students to assess interests and strengths. Google docs Survey Monkey Personalized Learning Action Plan Student choose activities and exercises to demonstrate mastery of content standard. Provide self-assessments that students can take on their own. Provide them with one or two quizzes or simulations that enable them to test their own progress and knowledge comprehension. Each activity gives them a better understanding of the topic so assessments are based off of proficiency , which gives teacher the opportunity to pinpoint the individual’s learning style and needs. Create Learner-Specific Goals Personalized Learning Action Plan This video is about the seven principles of personalized learning being implemented in Georgia's Fulton County School System. Personalized Learning Students work at their own pace by mastering clearly-defined goals that are continually assessed. A student is graded and advances as soon as they demonstrates mastery. Use of platforms like Reading Plus, Khan Academy, Moby Max, Carnegie Math, iReady, Accelerated Math, Star Math, Phoenix etc. will allows students the chance to check their progress along the way and ensure that they are on the proper path. As well as provide direction and feedback. Student-teacher conference Competency Based Progression Personalized Learning Action Plan Technology Integration Action Plan Teachers will use technology to provide instruction that is rigorous, relevant and facilitates student learning at their own pace. Technology Integration Action Plan Develop self/paced/flipped classroom model of teaching and learning using digital learning activities: Use dashboard (FCS Launchpad/Classlinks, Fulton Virtual) to communicate and collaborate with students, parents and teachers. Share course syllabus and class information Use cloud-based tools (and Office 365) with students to participate and complete multimedia presentations in all content areas using technology communications. Students will receive instruction addressing technology skills while integrating those skills in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. Technology Integration Action Plan Students will receive online and classroom instruction covering the fundamentals of computer applications and understand their proper use and productivity. Students will use technology platforms and resources to improve math and reading skills. Students will be evaluated by online assessments and teacher observation to determine proficiency levels. Students will use technology both individually and collaboratively to organize and develop creative solutions, ideas or products. Students will use technology to collect, analyze, make connections and present information. Technology Integration Action Plan Students will use online collaborations, digital platforms and appropriate online resources to research content related information Digital Citizenship Action Plan Students will understand and practice safe and ethical use of instructional technology. Digital Citizenship Action Plan Students must sign and abide by the Acceptable Use Policy. Students will utilize the Common Sense K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum to learn about safe, responsible and ethical internet safety. Students will receive online training addressing “digital citizenship” and Students

90 Day Plan

Transcript: Share competitive analysis Sales Enablement Training Training rollout plan Pricing Differentiation Roadblocks Renewal Management Relationship growth with Pinnacle partners Individual strategic planning Agree on shared vision Move upmarket with MYOB Advanced Product transition Revenue models Share Roadmap First 30 Days - Learning Continue strategic planning Communication cadence Review forecast & action plan Measurable actions * leads * closes * win/loss Why recommended other products Training feedback Product feedback Milestones 60-90 Days Product line differentiation Articulate value proposition for Pinnacle partners Confirm key business drivers for partners Meet with all Pinnacle partners Milestones Individual plans completed with all Partners Forecast in place Renewals Tracked Partner Scorecard Joint Marketing Plan On-Premise to Online Conversion rate 90 Day Plan Relationship matrix Strategic plan delivered for all Pinnacle partners Case studies References MDF Events Review structure and measurables Milestones 30-60 Days - Execution Corporate Goals Structure Culture Revenue model Competitive landscape Value Proposition Pinnacle partners Drivers Current strategy Current go-to-market Current channel support Case studies Product Lines Pricing Technical Delivery Differentiation Partner Channel Overall structure Introductions Clarify drivers and value prop Revenue pull through Competitors SWOT Downmarket Upmarket Individual plans being executed and reviewed with all Partners Forecast continually updated Sales assistance / referrals Partner Satisfaction Reviews Internal reporting Strong relationships established

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