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Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!

Transcript: Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, POP! Preliminary Work on Publicity •Put information about the Bilingual Bubble Story Time on the website calendar •Write Press Release for newspapers and send it to the local daily newspaper, the Spanish newspaper, and the weekly alternative newspaper •Fill out Event Request form on the Macaroni Kid website •Write PSA and send to local radio and television stations •Make flyers to be placed in the library Volunteers •Secure 3 or 4 volunteers to assist children with craft and one volunteer to take pictures throughout the event- recruit from middle or high school key clubs, service organizations etc. Get 30 children to attend day after the event Final details •Pull all bubble books from the shelves •Tweet information about the story time Get more children to visit the library on the weekend play“Bano de Burbujas” by Wake Up followed by "Bubbles" by Dave Morgan and turn on bubble machine. Allow children to catch bubbles but remind them not to run. 4 weeks ahead 3 months ahead after the event Publicity Post a detailed description of the Bubble Story Time with pictures of the three books to be read, on the front page of the children’s web page on the library’s website and the library’s Facebook page Place flyers around the library and send flyers to local private and public elementary schools Incite an interest in Spanish in the non-Spanish speaking community Increase circulation within the children's collection Invite children to stay and find books to check out while the crafts dry and explain that anyone who does not have a library card can sign up for one right now at the circulation desk. Remind children and caregivers to come back next month for another fun Saturday Morning Story Time. 2 months ahead Reach out to the newly emerging Spanish-speaking population in our community Bonitas Burbujas! Goals morning of the event Begin a Fall /Winter schedule of themes for the monthly Saturday Morning Bilingual Story Times Refer to the budget to see how much money is allocated for the Fall/Winter Saturday Morning Story Times Decide on the theme of “bubbles” for September Once themes are selected for each month, decide how the funds will be split up between September, October, November, December, and January. Some story times may require more funds than others but no story time should exceed $100 The Happy Days Public Library serves a large suburban, mostly English-speaking community with a burgeoning Spanish-speaking population. The library has a large children’s room that is separate from the adult collection. The room has a stage area next to a craft corner. Facing the stage is a large rug for children to sit on. The craft corner has vinyl flooring and two sets of small tables and chairs as well as a full sized table with adult sized chairs. There is a large craft closet that is kept locked which contains all necessary supplies and cleaning materials. There are hooks along one wall for smocks; next to the hooks is a large tiered drying rack. The craft corner is located next to the children’s bathroom so that children will have easy access to a sink after craft time. read Chevala and the Magic Bubble by Monica Brown, illustrated by Magaly Morales read Problemas Con Burbujas by Frank B. Edwards, illustrated by John Bianchi •Have volunteers arrive at 9am, brief them on the schedule of events and go over the directions for the craft. •Get supplies for the craft and smocks ready At least 15% of the attendees to be Spanish-speaking On Saturday, September 29 from 10:00-11:30 children ages 3-7 (and their caretakers) are invited to the Happy Days Public Library to enjoy a morning of bilingual bubble fun! Listen to Bubble, Trouble by Margaret Mahy, Problemas Con Burbujas by Frank B. Edwards, and Chevala and the Magic Bubble by Monica Brown. After, dance and catch bubbles as we listen to songs about bubbles in both Spanish and English, then make a colorful bubble print craft to take home. 4 months ahead Afternoon of the event Thoroughly clean the craft corner and place craft supplies back in the craft closet Document the event- how many children attended? Estimate percent of Spanish-speaking attendees. Did children seem interested in the stories, songs, and craft? How did the clean up go? How many children signed up for a library card? How many children checked books out? File notes 1 week ahead cost Invite children (and their caregivers) to gather around the stage area and welcome everyone to the library. Explain that this is a bilingual story time so some books and songs will be in English and some will be in Spanish and some will have English and Spanish words. Introduce the theme of “bubbles” or "burbujas" and point out the other “bubble” themed books that have been set-aside for the children to check out. Miracle Bubbles Bubble Solution 128oz $28.40 Sargent Art Inc. 1lb Gothic Powder Tempera Red $4.64 Sargent Art Inc. 1lb Gothic Powder

bubble gum,bubble,bubble,

Transcript: independent variable: the brand "extra" and the flavors sweet watermelon, apple pie, lemon square. dependent variable: how long the flavors last? constant variable: Persons chewing the gum, Speed of gum chewing, Time of day, Cleanliness of mouth, Activity that is being done. I think that the sweet watermelon flavor will last longer because it has more sugar. problem statement: which three different flavors of "extra" gum will last longer? -by:Briana Noriega and Chloe Paez • POSTER BOARD • GLUE • 3 FLAVORS OF “EXTRA” GUM • PATTERN PAPER • MARKERS AND CRAYONS • TIMER .Chloe Peaz and Briana Noriega .both female .Chloe 13 and Briana 12 experiment/investigation: 1-me and Chloe will buy the 3 different flavored gums 2-brush our teeth 3-grab the timer 4-grab the 3 different flavors 5-grab a pencil and paper 6-put the gum in our mouth 7- start the timer 8- write down all the times we started and ended 9-chart down our findings background information: variables: materials: Me and my partner are very grateful thank our parents for helping us buy our materials and helping us find different research and information. Mine and my partners conclusion was that sweet watermelon gum taste lasted longer than all the other gums, they all ended at different times, but the one that lasted the longest was sweet watermelon because it had the most sugar and flavor from the other 3. Apple pie was the second one that lasted the longest. The one that lasted the lease was lemon square. Hypothesis: what we investigated was to see which flavor of gum will last the longest? the gum that lasted the longest was sweet watermelon gum it lasted almost an hour it was the longest because it had the most sugar. the other gums were sugar free but were they were still sweet flavored and lasted a long amount of time. procedures: conclusion: the results were the sweet watermelon gum lasted the longest because it was the sweetest and have less sugar. what my partner and I did was that we both got one gum of different flavors and timed ourselves from start to when the flavored ended. The research is about which three different flavors of "Extra" gum will last longer? My main topic is about the long lasting flavor of three gums. The flavors we chose were Apple Pie , Lemon Square and sweet Watermelon.What they all have in common is that they come from the same brand and are sweet flavored. the gum that last the longest is Mint flavored because the oils do not dissolve away like fruit or sugary flavors. the sweeted flavored gums oils dissolve faster and that's why it makes the flavor go away faster. Data: results/analysis: bubble gum,bubble, bubble,bubblegum!!!! Acknowledgements:

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