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Convergent continental/continental

Transcript: Movement of Boundary Reverse fault is the type of fault for the Convergent Boundary. Plates involved. In making the Himalayan mountain the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate was involved. in making the Appalachian mountains the north America plate and motion was involved. and in making mt. Saint Hekens the north american plate and the the pacific plate were involved. This Picture shows that the two continental plates running into each other this colision can cause a weak spot in between he two plates allowing lava so seep through and harden to create moutains. Also the act of the crashing into other plates can cause the plates to move upward and create and new landforms such as moutains Convergent Boundaries (continental/continental) The landforms that will be found at this boundary are, mountains. This could affect people by if there homes or property are on this land, because it will make very big hills over times and eventually mountains. So this could be a big problem if you live on the land or live bu it. It does this because the smash into each other and there is no where else to go but to just go straight up which makes a hill, mound, and eventuall a mountain. But it also takes hundreds upon hundreds of years to form. Fault Type Locations and Plates The Convergent Boundaries are a lot like subduction because subduction is when two plates come together and one will go under the other one. Then it melts into the mantle and the process. 1. location Convergent boundaries (continent to continent) are located in indian (Himalayan Mountains), in the u.s. (The Appalachian mountains), and in south america tepuis

Continental- Continental Boundary

Transcript: Continental - Continental Convergent Boundaries It's still a convergent boundary! Features By. Alyssia Trigleth and Leslie Diaz What Is It? Continental-Continental convergent plates are when two plates or fragments collide with each other in the lithosphere. They have a density lower than the mantle which prevent subduction so when they collide it creates mountains . What is Continental-Continental Convergent? Real Life Example: This is Mount Whitney. Mount Whitney is located in Eastern California."Its summit is a gently sloping tablelike, surface not yet dissected by erosion; its slopes are lined with avalanche chutes and blocks of granite and are devoid of glaciation." is what Britannica said in their article. Where Is A Continental-Continental Convergent Located? Continental-Continental Convergent Boundaries are located in the Himalaya Mountains that are high above see level on earth. The Appalachian Mountains is the longest mountain range having to do with continental convergent. There are no convergent boundary's located in the west coast of North America. Where Are They Located? Outcomes/Problems Continental Convergent plates crashing with each other can cause mountains, and when they move they also create earthquakes which can cause disaster but depending on the motion. Effects of Continental-Continental Convergent would be mountains and earthquakes. Mountains occur because two plates that both consist of continental crust will push upward and create the mountain. Motion occurring at the boundary would be called compression force. Earthquakes occur because the plates move shaking the earth . What can happen from a Continental-Continental Convergent Boundary? Both pictures show the continental-continental convergent boundary on a bigger scale and the other types of boundaries around it. Citation Page “PML Convergent Boundary .” Google Image Result for Https://, Citation Page

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