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Transcript: These fun exercises are handouts packed with information and are eye-openers to most students about how cattle ranching makes the best use of lands! Beef For Father's Day 5K Race Reading in Classrooms Among Friends PowerPoint Presentation Among Friends Pre-Survey Among Friends Post-Survey Working with Youth Looking for a factual, positive book about ranching? Look no further than this comprehensive list of books for all grade levels! This toolkit includes a certificate template you can give the students after your lesson! Muscles need Meat! Beef takes the price as a powerful protein for athletes! More About Ruminants (two pages) Estimated grade level: 5th-7th Remarkable Ruminant (two pages) Estimated grade level: Middle School Ruminants Recycle (one page) Estimated grade level: 3rd-5th Registration sample Sign in sheet template Timer sheet template Race certificate template Beef Story CDE Earth Day The ANCW Toolchest GO TO:, then "Programs" Tab! Community Activities http:// These Toolkits are designed specifically for teaching school-age young people about the benefits of beef. Each can be adjusted to accommodate large or small groups. Put on an exciting FFA Contest at your local and state levels! Official CDE Rules Template Contestant Numbers Template Judges’ Name Tag Template Participation Agreement Template Press Release SAMPLE Publicity Release Template Advisor Evaluation Form Winner Information Form Template Beef Smart Talking Points Beef Trivia Radio Game Community Activities Essay Contest Government Proclamation In-Store Sampling Newspaper Ads Beef for Father’s Day Newspaper Ad-SAMPLE News Releases Photo Contest Public Service Announcements Radio Ads Beef for Father’s Day Report Form Looking for other ways to spread the beef message to community members? Here are three great toolkits-just waiting to help your group get started putting together a fun event! Among Friends

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Transcript: DD/MM/YYYY Woman wins $1 million warm up IN DEPTH What is something you have won in the past? (prize, contest, trophy) What is something someone has given you as a gift? How many famous painters do you know? Do you have a favorite painting? What is something you have gifted to your mother? Vocabulary PROFILES Auction public sale where the product is sold to the highest payer TITLE Raffle A way to raise money. First, numbered tickets are sold, and then random numbers are choosen. Person with matching number, wins! TITLE Charity a way to give help, usually money, to people in need. TITLE Collect - Collected to bring or gather together. TITLE Villages small town in the countryside. TITLE vocab quiz TITLE A way to raise money. First, numbered tickets are sold, and then random numbers are choosen. Person with matching number, wins! TITLE small town in the countryside. TITLE a way to give help, usually money, to people in need. TITLE to bring or gather together. TITLE public sale where the product is sold to the highest payer TITLE Reading EVENTS An Italian lady won a Pablo Picasso painting. She won it in a charity raffle. Her son bought her the ticket for Christmas. The lady found out she was the lucky winner on Wednesday. Her son explained that when he told his mother she had won a Picasso, she said: "Please don't joke." He added: "It was maybe the best decision I've made in my life." His mother could not believe she had won. She said it was "incredible". She added: "I have never won anything before". The painting is of a newspaper and wine glass on a table. It is called Still Life. Picasso painted it in 1921. The winner was decided in Paris at an auction house. It valued the painting at $1.1 million. The billionaire art collector who gave the painting to the raffle said it was worth up to $3 million. All the money collected in the raffle will help people in Madagascar and Cameroon. An NGO will build and repair wells and toilets in countryside villages. comprehension check How did the lady win the Picasso painting? Who bought her the ticket? What was the painting called? What did the painting look like? How much was the painting worth? How will they use the money that was collected? Discussion IN BRIEF


Transcript: "Lets talk about SEX...." Who wants to be a grandparent by the time they are 30 years old?!?! How many of you know a peer who experienced an unplanned pregnancy? How did that effect their life? Sex Education "Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don't believe the kids should be given homework." -BILL COSBY Abstinence-Only Programs Are Dangerous, Ineffective, and Inaccurate. Each year, U.S. teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies, and youth under age 25 experience about 9.1 million sexually transmitted infections Offer age- and culturally appropriate sexual health information in a safe environment for participants Assist youth to clarify their individual, family, and community values Assist youth to develop skills in communication, refusal Provide medically accurate information about both abstinence and also contraception, including condoms Have clear goals for preventing HIV, other STIs, and/or teen pregnancy Characteristics of an Effective Sex Education winner! " The main cause of STI transmission is ignorance" - Garrett Maier Analysis of federally funded abstinence-only curricula found that over 80 percent of curricula supported by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services contained false, misleading, or distorted information about reproductive health. Specifically, they conveyed: False information about the effectiveness of contraceptives False information about the risks of abortion Religious beliefs as scientific fact Stereotypes about boys and girls as scientific fact Medical and scientific errors

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