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Content strategy

Transcript: Content strategy: 5 (+1) Best Practices Scott O. Handy 404 / 550.4951 Step 0 = Plan ----------------------------------------- Step 1 = Align with business “Because of his professionalism, his reliability, his flexibility, it is always a pleasure to work with Scott. Not only does he unfailingly deliver high-quality work, but Scott is also always willing to help. Last but not least, his good humour contributes greatly to a positive team atmosphere, especially in times of pressure.” Plan Before starting your content strategy, you should have: Content strategy: 5 best practices • Mission statement • Business needs / goals • Buying personas • Buying cycle • Sales funnel • Secondary personas • SEO / SEM “Scott and I have worked together for several years and I have always been impressed with the pride he takes in his work and his great attention to detail. Scott was involved in the very successful launch of the new corporate website and has continued to ensure the high editorial quality of the site is maintained, liaising with colleagues and agencies globally. Scott and I work together across geographical and time differences and his common sense approach and friendly demeanor mean working with him is a real pleasure.” Calendar provides: Editorial calendar Accountability Blue print Priorities Budgets Integration (re)Purpose Milestones Expectations Hand-in-hand with planning Must haves: Living document(s) Changes over time Global in scope Content production > Resourcing > Prioritizing Content publication > Cross channels “A brilliant writer and editor, Scott is level headed, patient, and willing to make time to offer support and guidance to colleagues. Scott is a team player in every sense of the term. His insights and ability to consider the long-term impacts of decisions have saved many a project from certain disaster.” Align with business needs Brand awareness Lead generation Customer conversion Customer service Customer loyalty / retention Customer upsell Brand evangelists Measure success Ultimate business goal is: the conversion to a sale! Ultimate business goal is: Create a community of brand evangelists who will fight for your brand. by Scott O. Handy KPI's Automation Align with business cycle & RACE Marketing automation tool (Marketo) Lead life-cycle management > Progressive profiling > Lead scores Nurture campaigns Social media engagement Segmentation Increased share of voice Improved customer service Increased customer satisfaction Shorter sales cycle Increased sales leads Increased engagement with influencers Increased media share Increased speaking engagements Analytics Offline: Event registrations PR / Media Speaking engagements Online: CTR Visits Downloads Video views Registrations SEO / SEM Social media: Likes / Follows Shares Group engagement Comments Step 0 = Plan ----------------------------------------- Step 1 = Align with business Step 2 = Align with audience Step 3 = Right mix Step 4 = Measure success ... and a rich mix of formats The right mix Align with your audience Imagery Infographics Videos Events Webinars ROI calculators The right content in the right place at the right time Create content based on themes that matter to your audience & that intersect with what you offer Channels Buying personas Secondary personas Buying personas Secondary personas Offline: Print Events Swag Media CSR Online: Website Corporate blog Microsites Social media Email E-newsletters Webinars Mobile Analysts Students Use content to help move them through the buying cycle Journalists Job seekers RACE methodology Buying cycle Reach Reach Anonymous Examples: Job fairs Press releases Industry events Website Social media Infographics Buyer Lead Tactic: targeted content Schedules (When) Producers (Who) Types (What) Topics (Why) Channels (Where) CRM tool ( Opportunity lifecycle Milestones Forecasts Cross-sell / upsell In order for content to be in the right place at the right time, it needs to be in a rich mix of places ... Use content to help move them through the buying cycle Tactic: long-tail content Tactic: long-tail content Examples: White papers Website Press releases Social media No knowledge No trust No sale No loyalty Buyer Engage Convert Subscriber Register to attend an event Like / Follow on social media Contact SME Apply for job More than copy Journalists Job seekers Analysts Students Anonymous Goal: build knowledge (brand awareness) Goal: build brand awareness Building brand awareness (= 'Anonymous' stage of Buying cycle) Act Goal: build loyalty Tactic: targeted content Goal: build trust Lead Tactic: mid-tail content Interact = Taking desired next step Know you Trust you Buy from you No loyalty Engage Act Examples: Customer

Strategy Template

Transcript: STRENGTHS Combination of catalog protective products and custom molding capabilities is a differentiator Qualified vendor at most medical device manufacturers Brand recognition in the Design Engineering community Quality system that understands needs of medical customers Library of standard materials with supporting certifications increases customer’s confidence and expedites approval WEAKNESSES Lack of clear direction on types of opportunities to pursue Sales team’ technical sales capabilities Industrial manufacturing company trying to add Medical Capabilities (e.g. automation, cleanliness) organically, competing against specialized, existing Medical Molders Significant gaps in non-protective/functional catalog product offering Lack of Strategic sourcing to support Long quote turnaround on custom opportunities THREATS Updated costing on cannulas shows this is not profitable and we will likely lose all of this revenue ~$500K in addition to $550K already lost Long sales cycle and frequency of product development stalls/cancellations Decline in number of new product introductions due to FDA (recalls and slower 510k/PMA) Low cost off shore sources for functional products Directives to move away from vinyl OPPORTUNITIES Promote Extrusion capabilities to support orthopedic and other packaging Traditional and Specialized materials Focus on Custom, Manufactured Silicone Poor market perception of Qosina due to pricing Show how things would improve Pro Conclusion Con SWOT EXAMPLE Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Pro Con Con Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation What if we do nothing? Medical Segment Dashboard Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Explain how it will help Con

Content Strategy

Transcript: content you create curate and share should be related closely to your companies mission and focus on topics related to your industry or niche so through this you can be their trusted advisor Content Do & don'ts content strategy = planing + creation + distribution of the content When creating content strategy : who are your audience ? what are they interest ? what content they admire ? content you share must be : if Content is king then Social is Queen social media is the new telephone content is the new brochure Content Creation & Curation Audience insights , company goals , and distribution tactics Always Audit neglect preparation Focus on your self don't over Pitch write with passion keep it short and sweet Always measure Be visual Content Strategy Don'ts How content marketing can help you in customer services ? Social Media Revolution sharing a variety of great content is a critical part of building relationships with their followers Thanks any question The mega recruitment vieo : what is the goal of your content ? Define the Voice of your Brand Determine your distribution channels Audit your content strategy on regular basis Entertain - inspire - converse - Educate - convince a well planned and excited content program can help you achieve business objective Do's Content Creation & Curation Content Marketing rewards : content is a n opportunity to tell a cohesive and consistent story The purpose of creating content is to demonstrate though leadership Lead visitors to your website Content you create should ? Relevant valuable Educational every week you should think about themes - topics - types if you fail to plan , you plan to fail make aware of important dates ensure enough preparation time Created content is the content that you and your company create such as : Articles you write images you share Content is king increase traffic to your website A customer become Ambassador A stronger relationship with your customer positioning as tough leader fewer customer services inquiries and complaints Curated Content : is collection of resources produced by companies and individuals in your industry Created Content : whether you are B2B or B2C content marketing works for you Thank you! A content strategy helps to produce share, and amplify content effectively

Content Strategy

Transcript: Coffee and Code: Current Stats Keyword Density Bring on the Competition! Keyword List Conference Analysis Website Hierarchy Necessary Next Steps Create new website hierarchy Design landing pages based on hierarchy. Optimize keywords and engaging content for each landing page. Discuss further analysis needed (i.e. additional keywords) How to differentiate Coffee and Code from the competition? imitate but don't copy Implement a blog Introduction video/explainer video? PPC: Adword Campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Brief Introduction to SEO Stats Provided by Google Analytics & Stats provided by stats provided by Google Keyword Planner stats provided by Make sure all the content on your site is original If you find that you do have duplicate content on your site, it is important that you completely change the content to be original. Panda has gotten smarter and just changing a word here and there or using a synonym will not work. Make sure your content offers value anything that does not remove it. Remove content that is overlapping or redundant on the site. Don’t stuff your pages with keywords. Use several variations of a Keyword phrase but keep it specific to the product or service offer. Use Long tail keywords. Write your content for people visiting your site, not search engines. It is important your content answers a question or solves a problem. Write your content so that the person visiting your site can find and navigate to what they are looking for in a clear easy manner. Have your content written professionally or by someone with good writing skills. Try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Remove or fix pages with very little content that is unsubstantial or otherwise lacking in specifics. Make your site more crawl-able and easy to navigate. A big factor Panda looks at in ranking is page load time. Ideally, a page should load in under 3 seconds, so make sure all of your images are optimized. Make sure your content is easy to read, font size & color are important. Avoid over optimization of the site. SE All the content on your site must be original and engaging The easier a URL is to read for humans, the better it is for search engines. Properly name pages, titles, images, and metatags Make site easy to navigate Avoid sub-domains: All content on a single subroot domain benefits all the other content on the site. Properly optimize site for fast load times Make sure you have relevant landing pages Content Strategy & Grassroots Growth Google Panda Algorithm: Content, Content, Content...but not to much!

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