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Government Contact List

Transcript: Lake County (219) 755-3465 An officer of the Court, performs all official duties imposed by statute or by lawful authority of the Court. Vice-President of the United States Secretary of State United States Senators for Indiana Merrillville, Indiana Democrat (219) 755-3094 Preserves public records like: deeds, mortgages, releases, leases, assumed business names, military discharges, and other documents Born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina Democrat 2293 N. Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307 Serves as a member on the Board of County Commissioners. She helps fix the tax rate; make appropriations and transfer of funds; adopt annual budgets; fix salaries; provide funds for constructing, repairing and remodeling jails; and provide financial assistance to any center for the mentally handicapped in the county East Chicago Democrat 2301 East Columbus Drive, East Chicago, IN 46312 Collects all fines and court costs, processes and keeps record of all civil cases, keeps city records, city ordinances, the Municipal Codebook, and the City Seal Adrian Santos - 1st District Lieutenant Governor Republican 1-800-382-9467 Represent the people living in his or her state in the United States Senate John Buncich Born in Honolulu, Hawaii Democrat 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20500 Enforces laws created by Congress, signs legislations into law, vetoes or passes any bills, and negotiates and signs treaties. Contact List Attorney General Sue Ellspermann East Chicago (219) 391-8524 East Chicago 219-397-5003 Born in Columbus, Indiana Republican 200 W. Washington St., Rm. 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-232-4567 Serves as the state’s chief executive officer and oversees the functions of the executive branch, reviews bills that are approved by the Indiana House and Senate, serves as commander-in-chief of the state's armed force Born in East Chicago, Indiana Democrat 4527 Indianapolis Blvd, East Chicago, IN 46312 Appoints officers and positions of employment authorized by law, closes buildings and places considered unsafe, has the authority to display any type of decorations on buildings. Suzanne Crouch Born in Logansport, Indiana Republican 1-317-232-6386 Invests the state's funds in order to maximize interests and minimize risks Looks to the city's goals, major projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community growth to land use to finances School Board Members Joe Biden Frank Rivera East chicago 219-391-4100 Deals with school issues and discusses ways on how to improve the school systems Mike Pence Jackson, Michigan Republican 11035 Broadway Suite A Crown Point, IN, 46307 (219) 663-2595 Represents the interests of the citizens Indiana State Senators City Clerk Lake County Clerk Lake County Council Members Barack Obama Lake County Trustee Michael B. Brown Daniel Coats Born in Evansville, Indiana Republican 1-317-232-3300 Accounts for the State's funds, distributes Local Governments’ tax distributions, and pays the State’s bills and employees. Lake County Sheriff Born in Indianapolis, Indiana Republican 317-232-6532 Regulates the securities industry, oversees state elections, registration of trademarks and licensing of vehicle dealerships throughout Indiana. Mary Elgin Joe Donnelly President of the United States Rick Niemeyer - 6th District Greg Zoeller State Auditor Connie Lawson Massapequa, NY Democrat (202) 224-4814 improves the lives of his constituents East Chicago 2301 E. Columbus Dr., East Chicago, IN 46312 Hears criminal cases, imposes penalties, and communicates with city officials. Samantha and Angel Michael A. Brown Sonya A. Morris Christine Vazquez - 4th District Superintendent of Public Education Lake County Recorder Anthony Copeland Kelly Mitchell John Petalas Born in Ferdinand, Indiana Republican 1-317-232-4545 Upholds the state constitution and laws of IN. as well as anything else the governor assigns. United States Representatives for Indiana Born in Gary, Indiana Democrat 2293 N. Main Street, Crown Point, IN. 46307 Prevents crime, is in charge of traffic enforcement, arrests criminals, and is involved in criminal investigations Merrillville, Indiana Democrat Building A, 2nd Floor 2293 N. Main Street Crown Point, IN 46307 Oversees the keeping of all records affecting the funds and seeing that they are disbursed in the manner by law, oversees the duties related to property and the levy and collection of property tax, and administers the maintenance of all written records of executive and legislative bodies of government Mary Morris Leonard Christine Cid - 5th District State Treasurer Peter Visclosky - 1st District Mayor of East Chicago Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania Democrat 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20500 To be ready to serve if the president is unable to fulfill his position, and serves as President of the U.S. Senate, where he casts the deciding vote in the case of a tie Glenda Ritz Lake County Auditor Born in Lafayette, Indiana Democrat

Your email contact list

Transcript: Look through your contact list If you have a lot you can sort them by: Companies Locations Industries Also look through the groups you belong to Check out the “people you may know” box Think about also searching for: People on smaller teams you’ve heard good things about People who are friends of friends People at previous employers Engineering Lead Drive Your email contact list The authors of any tech blogs you read Any tech user groups you belong to Search your email for addresses that end with “” or similar Make sure you’ve used one of the previous techniques to add all of the following: Great people you knew from school People you interned with (or who mentored you when you interned) People on teams you previously worked on People who you’ve heard good things about second-hand All Leads generated will go directly to Engineering's open needs You don’t have to reach out to them, sell them on Monetate, or get their resume, etc. Large number of potential hires for Engineering and Monetate Who Are Leads Leads – people you may know of or have heard of, but haven’t actually talked to This program aims to identify these people and have Talent Acquisition do the work of reaching out to sell them on Monetate Alumni Groups - Go Huskies! First glance through your friend list looking for: Long-ago friends from college or grad school who might be a fit Friends of friends who work in a technical capacity People who, last you heard, were happy at another company Now search your groups Alumni groups Groups related to previous companies Events, if any may have other tech attendees Twitter Current Hiring Channels Leads Program Benefits Most C.S. schools have alumni networks that only alumni can access Typically you can find the names, email addresses and current companies of your fellow students Alumni Groups Don't Forget... People you used to work with People in your professional network Friends of friends Former classmates People you’ve just heard good things about Facebook friends People who had a good reputation at your previous company Anyone you have reason to believe we should get in touch with Employee Referrals - people you know, sell on Monetate, and get their resume Recruited Candidates - people who applied or who Talent Acquisition reached out to

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