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LLAM Consulting Firm

Transcript: French people Shaking hands Apologize if you do not know French Appropriate titles “Vous” instead of “tu” Les bises Being in public Minimum Wage Maximum legal working hours Right to Holidays Typical business hours Lunch hours Summer Vacation How will the employees who are transferring to France adapt to the cultural differences? Language Culture •In Well-educated managers • Cherish intellectualism •Mutual understanding between managers and employees Arriving to appointments Best time for appointments Reconfirmation Being late to a meeting Medical care Requirements Work permit Visa Branch company How do you build effective relationships in the workplace? Paperwork Travel Sécurité Sociale Mutuelle Carte vitale Formality In the city Metro Bus Fares In the country Train – SNCF / TGV Autoroutes (highways) Fares How will the employees transferring to France adapt to the cultural differences ? Presented by: LLAM Consulting Firm •Mack industries can feel confident in expanding its business and employees to France. •Mack industries will now be able to expand to France in the most professional and confident manner. High End Shopping Areas Conclusion St. Germain-des-Prés Les Halles Montmartre Faubourg-St. Honoré Les Grands Boulevards France & The Footwear Industry Dress Women’s Dress Men’s dress How is the formal footwear industry a good fit for expansion to France? Who is Mack Industries? Dress Mack Industries Expansion to France Preparation Legal Obligations What are preferred management styles in France? What are the legal obligations of an employer to employees? Formal footwear company Distributor quality footwear to high-end retailers Wishes to expand their company to reach a larger market and become an internationally known brand Fashion Schools Punctuality Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) -The Superier School of Arts and FashionTechniques L'Institute Francais de la mode (IMF)- -The French Fashion Institute L’Ecole Synidicale de la Couture Parisienne- -The Union School of Parisian Couture Consumer spending on footwear Population growth •Trust and respect •Trust gained through behavior and commitment •Mutual respect •Team building How do the French view dress, punctuality, and formality? How can Mack Industries adapt their business practices to French culture?

Dynamic Consulting Firm

Transcript: Offers students volunteering opportunities locally, nationally and internationally Use Appropriate Body Language Our Team Christina Hanna - Managing Consultant Welcome CGCE Members! What are the most important components of communication? CMN 3148: Communication Skills Training III. Analysis #2 (External Communications) Emphasize Key Points Many CGCE staff have seen students acquire jobs through volunteer placements I. Obtain approval from CGCE External Communication Problem III. To provide a successful apparatus to improve the overall external communication issue and develop student awareness on campus. 8 Keys to a Great Presentation Know the Facts Poster Breakdown Activity III. Improve overall external communication issue and develop student awareness on campus Discussion Question If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email us at Comprised of over 3,500 students at the University of Ottawa Activity 1 & Activity 2 Jessica Poon - Engagement Manager Maintain Eye Contact FINDINGS Form groups of four Effective Attention-Grabbing Techniques Sara Beaumont - Senior Consultant Stephane Cardinal, Director Mona Hafez, Manager Community Engagement Meghan McKelvey, Project Officer Isabelle Giroux, Placement Officer REVIEW Establish Rapport I. To have the CGCE accept our solutions/recommendations and achieve success because of them Created over two years ago (October 2011) II. Analysis #1 (Communication Skills) History Training the CGCE's Amazing Agents WHAT IS THE CGCE? CGCE offers scholarships and other incentives to participating students Providing strategic communication for the amazing agents Create a poster to sell a product or service Function Emily Whelan - President and CEO Tell Stories Be sure to use the effective poster guidelines Training the Amazing Agent's Role - Play Exercise Agenda On behalf of Dynamic Consulting, we thank you for your attention and participation! Catchy, Clear and Concise Single message Utilize images Colours Graphs II. To provide the appropriate communication tools to assist the “Amazing Agents” in effective communication skills. Jasmin Ibrahim - Strategic Planner Know the Purpose Ayah Shadid - Public Relations Officer 7 faculties within the University who participate in the program Responsible for communicating messages of CGCE to students on campus Bonus Build Your Own Poster What is effective communication to you? Volunteer hours are recorded and appear on diploma at graduation 2007 North Central Weed Science Society Proceedings 62:213. Understand your Audience Providing group training I. Introduction/Background II. Succeed in “Amazing Agents” skills training IV. Conclusion of Presentation Promote community engagement & social responsibility In CGCE’s case, external communication needs sharpening in order to reach a broader number of students here at the University of Ottawa.

Consulting Firm

Transcript: no CSC Waiting Place Assets and Deficits NPU-V Community Cluster White Oak: 3.5 Belvedere: 3.5 Edgewood East Atlanta 4 (x2) Close to Emory University & Little 5 Points 3 Coan MS Community Why NPU-V? *Categorized for the community that is most optimal for receiving aid, NOT the "highest" stage of each criterion along its respective continuum. Coan Middle School Enrollment District Community Cluster Demographics & Geography 3.5 Churches White Oak Neighborhood Association Beauty Salons & Barber Shops Peachcrest Care Corps Community Center Veterans of Foreign Wars East Lake deficits Belvedere Neighborhoods Assets and Deficits DeKalb County 1 (x2) Reynoldstown: 2.5 Edgewood: 4 East Atlanta: 4.5 East Lake: 5 Kirkwood: 4.5 White Oak neighborhood Belvedere neighborhood Shows permanence Why was this our middle choice? Introduction 60% Towers High School Enrollment District Community Cluster Why is Harwood x2? 1 4 Total: Towers: 8.5 points Coan: 16.1 points NPU-V: 22.5 points 16.1 Assets and Deficits Rubric Demographics & Geography 1 Reynoldstown Neighborhood Planning Unit-V (NPU-V) Community Cluster 2 Adair Park: 4 Pittsburgh: 2.5 Peoplestown: 3 -ASSETS that can be used for further growth -strong community due to many different types of assets: -well cared for public spaces (i.e. parks) -many schools, like AUC, providing direct access to more community individuals -historic basis -many community non-profits -many active civic associations (ex. churches, neighborhood associations) CSC - city of ATL is already invested bc it's a historic neighborhood, no funds needed, so needs better CSC -but, this infrastructure needs a catalyst for growth Next: take advantage of AUC, Beltline, work on permanence in neighborhood, capitalize on sense of community More points = more qualified Mission: Advise The Rich Foundation on selecting a community to pilot a multi-year, multi-million dollar comphrensive community building initiative Where: a community in the greater Atlanta area Community Finalists: Towers High School community cluster Coan Middle School enrollment district community cluster Neighborhood Planning Unit-V (NPU-V) community cluster 5 Edgewood Shopping Plaza Community Garden East Lake Golf Course YMCA Kirkwood Boys & Girls Club Parks Mechanicsville: 3 Capitol Gateway: 5 Summer Hill: 3.5 8.5 Population: 31,590 86.4% African-American 9.7% White Suburban area Mostly commercial along main roads School Enrollment: 9,263 90% born in US 58.6% born in GA 4.1 DeKalb County Coan Middle School Enrollment District Community Cluster variation between neighborhoods schools (Coan & Drew Charter) area (Reynoldstown & East Lake) Demographics & Geography not bad enough existing resources and partnerships (CSC) Cradle-to-College Pipeline with East Lake schools, Zeist Foundation strong sense of community prolonged effective investment White Oak Neighborhoods Capitol Gateway Mechanicsville Adair Park Pittsburgh Peoplestown Summer Hill 5 (x2) NPU-V is the neighborhood that we recommend for the pilot project of your long term comprehensive community building initiative. The Coan Middle School enrollment district community is the second recommendation and the Towers High School enrollment district is third. 3.5 Towers HS Community Why was this our last choice? Our Recommendation 22.5 Mixed- income community Racial Diversity 58.5% African-American 36.9% White Kirkwood 55% A.J.O.E. Consulting Firm NPU-V Community Took average score of all neighborhoods in community Towers High School Enrollment District Community Cluster OUCP Data Neighborhood Nexus Median Household Income: $45,184 Lack of transportation, no sidewalks Few grocery stores Abandoned Peachtree Elementary School Abandoned warehouses & businesses

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