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Construction equipment

Transcript: Construction equipment Dr/ Amr Al - Mutasim ENG / Mohamed Hassanein ENG/ Nerveen Badr Water purification plant Water purification plant Index 1-Visit report and schedule 2-Components of the project 3-General Site 4-Fences and safety factors 5-Tower cranes 6-Workshops and places of accommodation 7-Utilities Engineers Services vesit Location: Mirage Cairo Executing Company: Hassan Allam Contracting The project area is 30210 square meters Date of visit: 27/3/2018 Number of floors: 3 ( basement ground tepical ) Components of the project the description School adjacent to the project The street parallel to the ring Side road Place Carnival Engineers (movable) Places of entry of equipment and loaders Place of synthesis Traffic paths in the project Scope 2 tower crane 60 meters Places of entry of equipment and loaders photo There are 3 guard rooms next to the entrances to the site Wear belts when working at a height above 1.80 meters There is a fence surrounding the site to protect the material from theft and prevent the entry of non-workers located on the border of the site is a metal wall at a height of 2.5 m. The presence of Handrill protection with the presence of T to prevent the fall of tools from the heights Modular power units Safety Warning Boards Use of guide boards in the sandbags and places of equipment movement Use a large thickness to ensure the right infidel Use curtain walls to keep the soil from collapsing Places of Engineers and Administration Tower cranes Scope of 2 winch radius 60 meters Winches cover most of the building area except for a small area where the configurations are moved with horizontal movement equipment Details of used cranes The type of soil was determined through the probes The soil consists of three varieties (sandy and Rocky and baby) With different types of rocks such as basalt The presence of a one-way springing to stabilize wood hardness The presence of zerjens of iron to withstand the pressure of concrete The presence of a one-way springing to stabilize wood hardness Balconies at equal distances every 80 cm T head to confirm the iron density in the ground and the height is controlled on the site boundary Wooden wrenches in the ceiling and loading on metal wrenches Stone Towers Stone Towers Site progress Prospects Country Size Status Why? Goals 1. 2. 3. 4. Goals Design concept Stone Park compound is situated around the remains of a petrified tree, the “Stone”, from which the compound gets its name, and which definitely adds a different taste and allure to it. The natural levels of the site have been utilized to the advantage of the project; seen from the ring road, the land steps down from a level of 230 meters to a level of 190 meters. Stone Park New Cairo has more than 1430 residential units are distributed with ease among the different levels, with each level having its own unique charm. Stone Park Egypt is offering a remarkable sense of place. Each level boasts panoramic views and at the same time a separate, intimate atmosphere that each of the residents can clearly relate to. Stone Park is located right at the entrance of New Cairo City, occupying a prime position in one of Cairo’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Right on the ring road, Stone Park park is very easily accessible as it is only 10 minutes from Maadi, 10 minutes from new AUC campus, 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport, 15 minutes from Heliopolis & Nasr City, and 30 minutes from Giza Pyramids Design concept The “Stone” is set up in a lively , yet subtle atmosphere, Standing n the middle of an 80-meter wide piazza that acts as a singnificant gathering point for the residents the of the compound. sitting areas, restaurants , cafeterias, as well as classy shops and outlets enclose the area, granting it a special flair. Linear promenades move adjacent to the villas, at a level 1.5 meters lower then that of their private gardens; and at points where streets slope downwards, pedestrians are even able to cross using interesting bridges that add a special flavor to the character of the compound. As the land steps down, the number of plots planned along the bending fingers of the contour lines increases and the area of each decreases, ranging from 400 to 700 sqm, The smallest lnad areas ara to be found in the lowest, streched -out plateaus, where the residents enjoy well-landscaped open spaces,with winding trails, tree-lined pathways and interesting water features, creating their own exceptional atmospheres and adding depth to the intended graceful lifestyle. Stone park compound is the places to be, with breathtaking views it has to offer and the unique lifestyle it provides! cost Category: Apartments / Sale Type: Flat Price: EGP 1,800,000 Cash Price / Sqm: EGP 8,181 Per Sqm Finishing Status: Semi Finished Area: 220 M2 Floor No.: 2 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Flooring: Other Facing: North View: Landscape Last Updated: Mon 31 Jul 2017 cost Category:Apartments / Sale Type:Flat Price:EGP 1,800,000 Installment Price

Heavy Construction Equipment

Transcript: Struck-By Cause Safety in the workplace should be a priority for everyone associated with the construction project. The use of heavy equipment poses a risk to everyone involved in the construction process. In order to reduce this risk, owners will need to proactively establish a quality improvement cycle by standardizing work processes and focus on equipment training. This will improved project outcomes and significantly reduce the chances of equipment accidents. According to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 there are several guidelines to be followed in order to properly mitigate and control risks related to heavy construction equipment Introduction Employers are required by law to carry out regular risk assessments, identify hazards, assess the risk of injury or harm, review workplace procedures regularly and consider means of controlling or reducing these risks Conclusion Checklist Forecasting Brainstorming Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) Guidelines Identify Assessment Mitigate & Control FINDINGS Eliminate Substitute Isolate Minimize by using engineering controls Applying administrative controls Using PPE's Monitoring Heavy Equipment Correlation between labourers and heavy equipment is particularly hazardous when loading/unloading Allocating Risks Key Points In many cases, the management of risks associated with heavy equipment is kept in the highest of priorities. ASSESS RISK 2010, MOL inspectors set out on a two month blitz. Focused on training, educating workers and students Reduce the number of injuries and fatalities William Zega 100665558 Massimilliano D'Arcangelo 100656393 Nelson Paulo 100556874 Pauline Praseuth 100655151 Most common incident Occurs when workers are "struck-by" heavy construction equipment Equipment in poor condition, non-compliance with the over protection system regulation, and lack of seat belts are just some of the main risks identified by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL, 2010) IDENTIFY RISKS Insufficient training Lack of safe work procedures Inadequate performance Prevention Which risks are transferable. Insuring against specific hazards. Stipulation in the contract for risks. Incidents involving equipment and material handling continue to result in critical injuries and deaths among Ontario construction workers. Managing Risks Heavy Construction Equipment We will focus on incidents causing injuries and fatalities by heavy construction equipment. The 3 most common incidents are: MITIGATE & CONTROL RISK Overturn Caught-In Tools & Techniques Forklifts cause the highest number of incidents Account for 1 in 6 deaths This heavy equipment has one of the highest levels of usage. Most frequent type of incidents were Struck-by and overturn Literature Review In terms of fatalities the construction industry is the most dangerous in Canada. From 2008-2010 construction in Canada accounted for 23.3 % of all workplace fatalities. From 2008-2010 Ontario was the province with the most construction related deaths. 40% of all construction deaths in Canada Analysis of the Problem Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Injuries/fatalities resulting from a person being caught, crushed, or compressed between two or more objects, or between parts of an object. includes moving and stationary object(s)

construction equipment

Transcript: 3. JCB VM 132D 2. CAT 320D L INTRODUCTION 1. The weight. 2. Engine power. 3. Stick liner. 4. Maximum speed. 5. Compaction width. 6. Centrifugal Force. SELECTION SELECTION SELECTION THE SELECTION 1. JCB JS220 CRANES 1. The weight. 2. Net engine power. 3. Net engine torque. 4. Maximum speed. 5. Bucket capacity. 6. Technical features. THE FACTORS Excavators THE PRICE The model JCB 456 ZX JCB 436 ZX CAT 966H New 85,000 76,000 110,000 Secondhand • JCB Co.: 43,500 • JCB Co.: 55,000 • CAT Co.: 90,000 • Galfar Co.: 32,000 • CCC Co.: 50,000 • CCC Co.: 71,000 Renting 16 /h. 13/h. 20 /h. THE PRICE After questioning the according to the users who used JCB 132 D the machine has lone age and small different in performance and it works perfectly even if it faced obstacles. Also it has a high speed in finish work, the compacting gives high efficiency during bad weather. on the other side, the CAT need for preservation more than the competitors, according to one of the customers, the cat CS533E and CS54 has so less age comparing to the power that can do. one major problem is that the machine can’t work under high pressure. OBSERVATION OBSERVATION Among the mentioned three loaders: JCB 456 ZX, JCB 436ZX and CAT 966H, the most suitable selection for given construction project is JCB 456 ZX comparing to others as it offers more engine power (160Kw (214hp)), bigger capacity i.e. of 3.5 m3, and higher speed (37.4km/h) than others. Moreover, it has lower secondhand and renting prices comparing to other loaders with same specifications. Considering the popularity of JCB company in Oman, the accessibility of finding spare parts is very high, especially not from the main company. As the site comprises of large heavy rocks, renting 3 loaders will be the most apposite choice as it will help in completing the construction work within the specified time period. Usually for large projects companies prefer to buy the most frequently used machines as renting cost surpasses the original worth of the machine and moreover for upcoming projects they can be very useful. As the duration of the project was 24 months, economically buying the cranes seems to be a better option economically. Comparing the prices for both cranes, LEIBHERR 112 EC-H8 costed 24,000 OMR whilst JARLWAY JT145H8 was 4,000 cheaper and was of 20,000 OMR. The costs of the two cranes are so close to each other, which reduce priority to bring one company. According to the operators of both excavators, the JCB JC220 from inside the cabin has excellent view with large windshield which helps to see the hard-wired reversing camera and the factory-fitted, also reduces the noise levels to 72dB inside the cabin when its 103dB outside. Moreover, the operators have experienced that it has less fuel consumption than the old models and the engine gives high efficiency at low rpm at 1500-1600. The only disadvantage was the leakage of oil and slight late response comparing to others. For Volvo EC220, the oil filters are the main problem as they get damage before time and needs to change quicker, also if the oil filters are not changed on time the system will automaticlly turn down the engine. On the other hand, the customers are really impressed with the power of the engine as it more stronger and long lasting than the others. [11] [12] THE FACTORS OBSERVATION 1. JCB 456 ZX The model JCB JS220 CAT 320D L VOLVO EC220 New 60,000 58,000 61,000 Secondhand • JCB Co.: 43,500 • CAT Co.: 54,200 • Volvo Co.: 40,000 • Galfar: 22,000 • Galfar Co.: 33,000 • CCC Co.: 29,000 • CCC Co.: 32,000 • CCC Co. 24,000 Renting 9 /h. 12/h. 10 /h. 2. CAT CS54 THE FACTORS 2. JCB 436 ZX In any construction company it’s required to find the most and the best appropriate required for the construction such as excavators, loaders, trucks compacting machines and cranes. According to the site, the rocky soil will need a specific type of machines which will complete the building in around 24 months of work, it can be increased effected by the weather condition. In this project the information about the equipment will be gathers by visiting a well-knowns companies as Caterpillar, JCB, Volvo, MAN and Hino. And chosen what is the best to complete the building fastest as possible with best price and excellent machines. Supported with figures, tables and discussions After going through all the specifications of the cranes and keeping in mind every required factor related to the construction such as: quantity of the material to be moved, time availability, different sort of usages and work efficiency LEIBHERR 112 EC-H8 was given the preference as it has more powered engine comparing to JARLWAY JT145H8 plus the average lifting speed of former one is 100meter/min which is comparatively more than that of latter one 70meter/min. However, LIEBHERR model is 4,000 OMR more expensive than JARLWAY but this amount can be neglected as LIEBHERR offers more specifications than JARLWAY 1. Max load/capacity 2. Jib Length 3. Engine power 4. Speed

Heavy Construction Equipment

Transcript: Crane is construction equipment with lifter, chains or ropes and sheaves. Bulldozer Motor Grader Loaders Cranes Compactors Forklift (also called Forklift trucks) has great for uses for heavy lifting tasks and transporting construction materials. Loaders are different types such as armored wheel loaders, skid loaders, swing loaders, track loaders etc. Crawlers Backhose ( also known as back actor or rear actor) are anther good example of heavy equipment that is vastly used in different construction purposes.As a heavy lifter they are often used in lifting heavy materials and rescue works like cranes and they are just the best alternative for cranes. Aerial crane, carry deck crane, deck crane , floating crane, gantry crane, jib crane, loader crane, overhead crane, stacker crane, tower crane, etc. Thanks for listening Motor graders( also known as a grader or road grader) has great uses in different civil engineering works such as finishing grades. Motor graders are also used in maintaining dirty roads and graveling roads, removing snow(in Northern European countries, USA and Canada) They are often called diggers, mechanical shovels and JCBs based on their uses on different industries. Road rollers actually special type of compactor vehicle which is used for compacting soil, graveling, leveling, and building foundation and roads. They are used for reducing the size of waste materials and soil by compaction. Backhoes Excavators are heavy construction equipment that is vastly used in digging foundations, controlling materials, landscaping, heavy lifting, dredging, piling, brush cutting and demolition. Loader is anther example of heavy construction equipment and it is vastly used in sidewalk maintenance and construction as well as loading materials like dirt, raw materials, logs, gravel, asphalt, recycled item, woodchips, demolition, ect. Heavy Construction Equipment Excavators they are highly used in heavy lifting purpose It is one of the most important construction materials in today's world and any sort of construction work can be greatly hampered due to the absence of crawlers. crawlers are not only a heavy lifter but also a very fast Demolisher Bulldozer is a heavy construction purposes. this equipment has great uses in the mining industry, military farms, different engineering projects and heavy industry factories. also it has different types such as, automated forklift trucks, electric forklift, guided very narrow aisle truck and so on. The power of road rollers in measured by the ton, the more weight it possesses, the more powerful it is. Forklift Road rollers are often called roller-compactor or roller in several countries of the word Road Rollers To some specific extent, motor graders are good alternative of the bulldozer. The bulldozer is often modified to do specific tasks and some of the modifications of bulldozer include calfdozer, angledozer, armored bulldozer.


Transcript: 1. This form of mobile crane usually based upon the standard power unit capable of being rigged as an excavator. 2. These crane can traverse around most sites without the need for a firm level surface and have capacity ranger similar to those of the lorry-mounted cranes. 3. Jib is of lattice construction with additional sections and fly jibsto obtain the various length and capacities required. 4. The main disadvantage of this form of mobile crane is the general need for a special low-loading lorry to transport the crane between sites. Mobile Crane 1. Wide variety of designs and capacities. 2. 360 degrees rotation of slewing circle, low pivot and luffing jib,main exception being the mast crane. 3. Mobile cranes can be classed into 5 group : -self propelled cranes -lorry-mounted cranes -mast cranes -gantry cranes Track-Mounted Cranes Typical mobile mast crane Self Propelled Cranes 1. Wheel-mounted cranes that are generally of low lifting capacities of up to 10 tonnes. 2. They can be distinguished from other mobile cranes by the fact that the driver has only one cab position for both driving and operating the crane. 3. Extremely mobile. 4. Small capacity machines have a fixed boom or jib length. 5. The shorter the lifting radius the greater will be the lifting capacities. 1. Consist of a crane mounted on a specially designed lorry or truck. 2. Operator drives the vehicle between sites from a conventional cab but has to operate the crane engine and controls from a separate crane-operating position. 3. Capacity of range from 5 to 20 tonnes in the free-standing position. 4. This can be increased by using the jack outriggers build into the chassic. 5. Two basic jib formats the folding lattice jib and the telescopic jib. 6. Folding jibs are designed for travelling on the highway with basic supported by a vertical frame extended above the driving cab. 7. The telescopic jib cranes short time period required to prepare the crane for use upon arrival on site 8. Mobile lorry cranes can travel between sites at speeds of up to 48 km/h. 1. The gantry or portal crane is a rail-mounted crane consisting of a horizontal traverse beam that carries a combine driver's cab and hook-supporting saddle. 2. The beam is supported by rail-mounted 'A' frames on powered bogies situated on both sides of the building under construction. 3. This special form of mobile crane can be very usefully and economically employed on repetitive and partially prefabricated blocks of medium-rise dwellings. 1. The main differences are : The mast is mounted on the jib pivots and held in the vertical position by ties. Cranes are high-pivot machines with a luffing jib. Operation is usually from the chassis of the machine 2. Mast cranes lorry or track-mounted machine. 3. The main advantages of the high-pivot mast crane are that it is less likely to foul the side of a building under construction and it can approach closer to the structure than a low-pivot machine of equivalent capacity and reach. 4. This can be of paramount importance on congested sites. Lorry-Mounted Cranes Typical track-mounted crane Mast Cranes 1. Device or machine for lifting loads by means of a rope. 2. Use of cranes in the construction industry. 3. The need to raise the large and heavy prefabricated components often used in modern structures. 4. The range cranes available is very wide. 5. Actual choice must be made on a basic of sound reasoning,overall enonomics, capabilities of cranes under consideration,prevailing side conditions and the anticipated utilization of the equipment. 6. Simple crane can be employed for small, low-rise structures is the scaffold crane, consists of a short jib counterbalanced bt the small petrol or electric power unit. 7. Crane is fastened to a specially reinforced scaffold standard incorporated. 8. Usual maximum lifting capacity 0 this form of crane in 200kg. 9. Cranes under three general headings. - mobile cranes - static or stationary cranes - tower cranes Gantry Cranes CRANES Typical lorry-mounted crane CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT ( 4.2 MOBILE CRANES ) Lorry-mounted telescopic crane

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