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Construction Site Template

Transcript: Simply... Use Metaphors With Visuals Graphs Are Very Powerful Imagination IDEA By And Present To Your Audience Frame 3 - End Frame 1 - Beginning Frame 2 - Middle SOCIAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY Open communication that's encouraged between consumer and business What is Social Media? General Social Media Stats Limit Text Put Your Ideas On Paper IDEA After Careful Planning Grab Your Computer Step Home Sweet Home To Visualise The Finished Product Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks 70% of brands have a presence on Google+ 4% growth from Q4 2012 70% of marketers have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers One million pages can now be accessed with the "login with Facebook" feature 67% of marketers will spend more money on social media for the holiday season Facebook and Instagram users are the most engaged. Around 60% of their users sign in every day (Compared to 46% of Twitter users) To RESOURCES EDUCATION MARKETING Use High Quality Visuals To Support Your Message Social Media: Harness Technology TRENDS FUTURE A collection of online communities dedicated to community input, interaction and content sharing. Take each Frame Info from Start Putting The Presentation Together With Your Software 4 Fundamentals of Social Selling Advanced (& Simple) Linked-In & Twitter Techniques How to Leverage Other Social Networks 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media More than 70% of users access social media from a mobile device Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other major Internet activity, including email The new race in social media is not for audience, but for multi-device engagement (phones, desktops, and tablets) 60% or so of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets 93% of marketers use social media A two-way street, not a one-way Take The End Product To Support Your Ideas You Need BUILDING on Media that interacts with you SOCIAL MEDIA APPS & SOFTWARE Use Your Dig Up As Many Ideas As You Can Step And Bullet Points

Construction Company

Transcript: Pioneers of style and Essence floor plan.... Max Construction OUR COMPANY OUR COMPANY About Our Company Max Construction is the best construction companies in chennai & Builders in chennai Building contractors in South India headquartered in Chennai and having presents in Bangalore. Max Construction comprises of a team of professional who have an obsession for perfection and punctuality. We have top of the line professionals & partners to carry through all the multifarious business of our organization and we believe in giving the very best to our clients. ABOUT OUR COMPANY Our Motto OUR MOTTO Max Construction has marked history in providing the Commercial, Residential, Entertainment and Retail segment in the Construction industry. The foundation stone of our organization was laid with a vision to bring about a better tomorrow, providing our clients an improved lifestyle and unmatched living standards. Our Vision and Mission statement VISION : VISION AND MISSION We are a dedicated team - motivated to grow our company by supporting you and make your dream house come true. MISSION : We aim to provide value-added construction services to loyal customers like you by providing the market price and maintaining professionalism. WE BUILD BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS!! VALUES AND QUALITY OUR QUALITY Our Quality : We strive to achieve the highest level of quality management and are committed in improving your quality of life. We also provide high quality construction and on time delivery. OUR VALUES For us, quality is not an act; it is a habit that we follow. Our aspect of delivering on time and using product materials is of high standard. OUR VALUES OUR SERVICES OUR SERVICES The Max Construction comprises of a team of professional who have an obsession for perfection and punctuality. We have top of the line professionals to carry through all the multifarious business of our organization and we believe in giving the very best to our clients. architects in Chennai To construct commercial residential building and apartments for our clients where all the facilities like lift, electricity, Power backup, car parking , swimming pool and security can be accessed without any mess. Construction Service Construction Service Cost of Home Construction in Chennai Cost of Home construction in Chennai is Rs. 1,450 per square foot for a standard model. For luxury/Designed home Rs.1750 per square foot onwards. Cost of construction includes Bathroom Hardware fittings, Electrical works, Plumbing & Sanitary works, Painting and it doesn’t include Building Plans, Electrical, Water Supply, Sanitary Approval [These will be charged extra.] Residential Services Residential Project OUR PORTFOLIO OUR PORTFOLIO CONTACT US THANK YOU !!! CONTACT US 159, KP Tower 2nd Floor Arcot Road,. PO Box 345678 Phone: 044-65556554,

Hunzinger Construction Company

Transcript: 1907 (Iowa) Four brothers John, Frank, Fred and Charles decide to start a construction company. 1914 1928 1931 John H. Hunzinger is selected as president of the general contractors unit of the Quad-City Builders' Club in Iowa. 1949 1953 1968 Hunzinger completes the First Wisconsin Center, now the U.S. Bank Building, Wisconsin's tallest building. 1985 1987 1996 Hunzinger breaks ground on the Midwest Express Convention Center. 2001 2002 Hunzinger builds the Lynde & Harry Bradley School of Technology and Trade. 2006 2007 2008 Hunzinger receives the First Place Award for Construction Safety Excellence from the Associated General Contractors of America. 2009 2011 The renovation created room for 180 retailers and increased office space from the 25,000 square feet to 275,000 square feet. The facility boasts 150 apartments, and there are 12 new buildings and two new parking structures. Fred Hunzinger Hunzinger completes the Marcus Ampitheater. Hunzinger builds County Stadium, home to the Milwaukee Braves at the time. Hunzinger celebrates their 100th anniversary! Building the future together Hunzinger built Milwaukee's 12,000 seat Arena. Frank Hunzinger Frank and Fred Hunzinger move to Milwaukee to initiate a new construction firm... HUNZINGER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Hunzinger completes Johnson Controls, Inc. LEED Platinum Corporate Headquarters in Glendale. Brookfield - Hunzinger Construction Company New Corporate Headquarters Hunzinger completes the state of the art BioMolecular Labs for the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Hunzinger builds Miller Park, the beginning of many projects at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Hunzinger Celebrates 100 Years as a Family-Owned Company. Building the Future Together! On May 7th, 1914 laborers began digging the foundation for Lone Tree School (one of more than 30 school structures Hunzinger would build within their beginning years).The work continued until December of 1914. 2012 Downtown Milwaukee - Hunzinger Construction's first Wisconsin office located at 144 East Wells Street, Room 213 J.H. Hunzinger and Company was formed. With 726 units on 75 acres, Westlawn was the city’s largest affordable housing project when the Milwaukee Housing Authority built it in 1952. John H. Hunzinger Hunzinger begins a long standing relationship with the Milwaukee Brewers that will lead to multiple Miller Park renovations in the future. HUNZINGER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Celebrating 105 years of Building the Future Together! Hunzinger Construction Company is unconditionally dedicated to achieving excellence in the marketplace by understanding and exceeding customer expectations through integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. Tradition, quality, safety and attention to detail will result in long lasting client relationships built on trust, and the highest level of professionalism. Glendale - Hunzinger completes 47-acre $300 million Bayshore Town Center Third generation family members begin to take office. Kevin O'Toole (Executive Vice President, Brother-in-law John Hunzinger {President} Jim Hunzinger (Executive Vice President) Hunzinger builds Miller Park, home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Hunzinger is the Construction Manager for the revitalization/redevelopment of Westlawn, the largest public housing development in the City of Milwaukee. Together they began building one room schoolhouses and homes. Building the foundation for generations to come. Glendale - Hunzinger builds Bayshore Town Center Hunzinger begins work for the Housing Authority of Milwaukee on the Westlawn Housing Redevelopment Project. Johnson Controls, Inc is the largest concentration of LEED Platinum buildings on one site ever awarded and has one of the largest solar fields in Wisconsin. The 23,000 indoor venue that attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment to Milwaukee for Summerfest (Milwaukee World Festival)

JLBD Construction Company

Transcript: Here at JLBD Construction we look to approach every construction project with objective, integrity, and diligence. A newer company headquartered out of Long Beach, CA we have some of the brightest engineers, managers and estimators working under one roof. DOUBLE TOP PLATES and SINGLE BOTTOM PLATE RAFTERS Site Excavation Average Area Method 4x8 Total: 182 Panels East View Actual WINDOW CASEMENTS Eco-friendly wood made from recycled wood on the site. 2x4: 187 BF Total: 6,063 BF WOOD FRAMING 2x4: 374 BF West View Actual JLBD LATEST PROJECT Floor Plan WEST VIEW PLAN SHEET Here is a Bird's Eye View of the project, as you can see our model is well sized as requested by Mr.Norris with (5) bedrooms, a large living room space area as well as (3) car garage with a state of the art installed electric vehicle home charging station. We chose to use Nautilus wall sheathing because it provides a eco conscious combination of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) structrual sheathing as well as a water resistive barrier within. This product is made from more durable raw materials and healthier resins, and panels that combine features that address moisture control, air infiltration, and energy performance in addition to their structural functions. Two of our interns displaying our double top plates Using 2x4s, we calculated a total of 187 BF. FRONT SOLID DOUBLE DOORS ACTUAL VIDEO OF OUR MODEL FOR NORRIS ESTATES CONCRETE VOLUMES CONCRETE FOOTING EXCAVATION VOLUMES Shown here i a minor detail of the front end of the house as well as and image of our rafters being installed. ROOF SHEATHING FLOOR PLAN SHEET FLOOR SHEATHING 2x4: 1,424 BF STUD CODE of PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: CMAA SLIDING DOORS FRONT VIEW PLAN SHEET Floor Plan Materials JLBD Construction Company WALL SHEATHING 2x8: 558 BF Interior and Exterior 4x8: 172 BF 2x12: 3,894 BF 2x12: 5,474 BF Mr. Chuck Norris agreed to release this information to public files after we discussed our company's standard code of ethics. Our meeting with him enabled us the release of information. We agreed to only make truthful statements and withhold necessary information when appropriate in the best interest of the owner. DOORS AND WINDOWS Row and Column Method 4x8 Total: 167 Panels Lumber Studs Bamboo Flooring Finish (LEED Friendly). The square footage of bamboo is not only half the price of pine or walnut flooring but also bamboo matures faster; 10x as fast encouraging eco friendly construction. Single bottom plate framing being installed by our foreman. 4x8 : 127 Floor Sheathings To kick off the construction of Mr. Norris' home we took the initiative of hiring surveyors from Long Beach State to survey and map out the area of his property to obtain the necessary knowledge to cornerstake and layout the building. FLOOR JOISTS WITH SILL PLATE Front View Actual DOOR AND WINDOW SCHEDULE SILL PLATE ON SLAB ON GRADE 2x4: 41 BF Lets take a look at one of our latest projects, 151 S. Bompton Job No. 0001. Owner, Chuck Norris, purchased the property located on 151 S. Bompton Ave in Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Norris approached JLBD Construction with an open mind and aspirations of building his dream home. A dream home in which we could not only accommodate but also build eco friendly per the latest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements.

Universal Construction Company

Transcript: Safety Plan Material = 59% Labor = 34% Equipment = 7% Administative Items: Estimator: Chad Nelson Top Regional Contractors UCC Core Values: - Self Performed Voted # 8 in 2010 Voted #12 in 2009 - Constant Q.C. checks to stay on track W.ork hard E.nthusiasm C.reativity A.bsolute Integrity R.espect E.njoy life Concrete: General Conditions: Indirect Costs: 100 years of combined experience LEED Accredited Professionals on staff Certified Professional Constructors We incorporate cutting edge solutions along with professionalism Metals - Self Perform Structural Steel UCC's Company Structure Received Gold ACE Awards - Appointments and inspections set-up in advance Universal Construction Company is committed to going above standard practices to provide complete client satisfaction along with safe working conditions for our employees. - Install PVC door immediately Total Bid Amount: $2,029,450 UCC Core Values Vice President: Shawn Brennan Project Manager: Josh Bellinghausen Subcontract Divisions: - Pre-punchlist to streamline the process Sitework Critical Items Downing Warehouse Safety Awards Material & Equipment Costs: $913,077 or 43% of bid amount Labor, Subcontract, & Indirect Costs: $1,116,373 or 57% of bid amount Established 1985 Denver, CO General Contractor - After all structural is in place we will begin the roof and decking - Ensure a complete match to existing building Existing Why Choose UCC? Engineering News Record Finishes - We will be able to enclose the roof before pouring the mezzanine slab - We will frame with metal studs Mechanical & Electrical: $454,687 or 25% of Direct Costs 21.5% of Direct Costs Equipment Rental: $103,875 UCC Direct Employee Cost: $232,740 Mobilize Long Lead Item Submittals Design Build Fire System - Block off existing warehouse Closeouts 6" Site Striping Excavation and Infill Drill Caissons Owner: Miller Enterprises Material = 64% Labor = 34% Equipment = 2% Integrity: 6 Project Phases: Contingency, Overhead, & Profit = $225,494 or 11% of total bid amount Subcontractor Divisions: - New Construction $1,301,343 or 71.4% of Direct Costs Innovation New Addition Self-Perform Concrete, Metal, & Finishes: Location: Denver Thinking Forward: Universal Construction Company stays on the cutting edge of technology to provide project support and innovative solutions. - 27,700 S.F. Warehouse Expansion - Plan to punch a hole 10' x 15' Superintendent: Ryan Davis Winter Precautions for Concrete Univesal Construction Company takes pride in our honest work, quality performance, and high level of ethical standards. - Single Story Building with Mezzanine CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Site Plan - Able to keep all painters busy throughout entire scope Finishes: Start Date: October 10, 2011 Break Ground: October 19, 2011 Building Dry-In: May 1, 2012 Substantial Completion: July 10, 2012 Final Completion: July 30, 2012 Total Duration: 9 Months & 20 Days Universal Construction Safety: Metals: Spring Landscaping and Sitework Self Perform Concrete -Caissons -Slab -Pier Caps Architect: DTJ Designs - O&M manuals required as part of submittal package $502,613 or 28.6% of Direct Costs Commitment: Substructure Onsite employees are required to complete safety orientation before onsite activitiy Must attend weekly safety meetings EMR of .89 President: Rebecca McChesney Material = 26% Labor = 71% Equipment = 3% Cost: $8,875,000 Tree and Shrub Planting Tree Relocation Asphalt Paving Curb and Gutter Sod Placement - City regulations are not new to us 1. Administrative Items - 154 days 2. Sitework - 151 days 3. Substructure - 66 days 4. Superstructure - 93 days 5. Finishes - 52 days 6. Closeout - 16 days Masque Publishing Schedule: E.M.R .83 S.T.O.P Program -Proactive Approach Project Specific Safety Orientation Weekly Safety Meetings UCC Core Values Our Core Values Heated Blankets for Concrete Concrete Accelerant Material = $292,500 Xcel Commanche Warehouse Connecting The Buildings

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