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Englische Consort

Transcript: Thomas Morley Katherine Butler,‘ “By Instruments her Powers Appeare”: Music and Authority in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I’, Renaissance Quarterly 65 (2012), 353-384 1539-1623 Englische Consort Musik 1563-1626 John Dowland John Dowland - Mr. John Langton Pavanne and Galliard Fragen? Fantasia = imitative Kontrapunkt, entfernt sich von der Vokalmusik als Vorlage - reine Instrumentalmusik Whole Consort (Blockflöten) Historischer Hintergrund Was ist Consort Musik? Gattungen/Merkmale Wichtige Komponisten Fragen/Diskussion Was ist Consort Musik? Danke Schön! Morbach, die Musik der Renaissance Broken Consort Gattungen und Stilmerkmale Orlando Gibbons - Fantasia for Three Bases Whole Consort (Gamba) William Byrd Laurenne Sideen und Amelie Eitner Quellen Agenda Handbuch der CD: The Collected Works, John Dowland The Grove Dictionary of Music 1557-1602 Thomas Morley - Dances for Broken Consort Von William Shakespeare in Was Ihr Wollt, gesprochen von Herzog Orsino Wenn Musik die Nahrung der Liebe ist, so spielt fort; stopft mich voll damit, ob vielleicht meine Liebe von Überfüllung krank werden, und so sterben mag. John Dowland - The Earle of Essex Galiard - Royal Wind Music Historischer Hintergrund Lateinisch “consortio,” “consortium” “Whole Consort” (vollkommen) “Broken Consort” (nicht vollkommen Queen Elizabeth I

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Transcript: Data Analysis Emergent theme CATEGORIES OF ORGANIZATIONAL CROWDSOURCING USE coding guide Case studies productivity includes controls to reduce bias new business practices Questions: Leveraging the Crowd as a Source of Innovation: We are in the midst of a “radically and irrevocably” changing global competitive landscape. Natural resources and mass-produced commodity goods will no longer sustain economic growth. How are organizations integrating the crowd (i.e., individuals not typically included) into their current product and service innovation processes? We currently know little about: which characteristics define this new business practice why and how companies attempt to integrate the crowd into current practices the risks and benefits associated with these initiatives Breadth vs depth re contribution... Avoiding world peace... Theoretical coding related to Internal-Crowdsourcing Acceptance Model Currently limited to articles referencing "crowdsourcing" Essential RQ: adapted from Aldolph, Hall, & Kruchten, 2011 Continue iterative process of data collection and analysis uncover patterns that are empirically valid and grounded in context 2. 3. Broaden literature search Include conference proceedings Additional cases Grounded theory ? « identify 50+ characteristics Literature as a source of data 1 Potential extant literature to explore "Stage-gate" process "Resourced-Based view of the Firm" selective coding to build out descriptive theoretical framework limited empirical work and existing theory organization's motivation task(s) to be completed targeted crowd processes facilitators barriers success metrics unexpected outcomes/results + Why do organizations turn to the crowd for product and service innovation? What tasks is the crowd being asked to perform? What are the facilitators of and barriers to implementing crowdsourced initiatives? How do organizations determine the success of crowdsourced initiatives? axial coding >> innovation: open & axial coding 2 | Baregheh, Rowley, & Sambrook, 2009 FOCUS OF RESEARCH descriptive framework vs. acceptance model defining crowdsourcing in relation to other models of open innovation defining crowdsourcing in relation to other business models Ph.D. Candidate The Pennsylvania State University College of Information Sciences and Technology CASE INTERVIEWS Howe, 2008 3. organizational change Case criteria based on phase 1 interviews: mature company (3+ yrs) > 100 employees currently reaching out to "crowd" via online channels for input on ongoing product/service innovation CATEGORIES OF ORGANIZATIONAL CROWDSOURCING USE n. the emergence of Additional empirical data combined with review by researchers and practitioners is warranted indentify relationships and patterns Internal-Crowdsourcing Acceptance Model Preliminary framework innovation ...leverages online technologies to connect organizations with large groups of people for the purpose of completing a variety of tasks typically completed by employees or designated agents. LIMITATIONS PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP as CATALYST for CHANGE when leveraging an INTERNAL CROWD Changes in current competitive landscape are forcing organizations to think differently about how best to drive efficiency, improve offerings, connect with customers, and open new markets. takes into account complexities of organizational contexts U.S. Council on Competitiveness, 2008 >> Emergence of core category new business models « Data Collection knowledge >> Lee Erickson 2. in-context understanding 1. emergent phenomenon harnessing distributed knowledge and diversity within the crowd Does Crowdsourcing Represent a New Model for Product and Service Innovation? \i-n-vā-shn\ selective coding Crowdsourcing... 4. leverage my experiences Member checking with participants and experts Significant contributions may be overlooked Preliminary framework emerges... Begin selective coding around core category ideas or solutions to problems that lead to improvements or advancements for the organization within their marketplace. Innovation may be incremental or breakthrough, result in reduced costs, improved productivity, or open new unexplored markets. 6 cases 31 semi-structured interviews with 29 individuals CEOs, VPs, Program Mgrs, entry-level employees IBM Global Business Services, 2006 creativity open coding CORE CATEGORY of "USE" abstract and categorize the emergence of patterns 1. Internal-Crowdsourcing Acceptance Model new business practices Supporting questions: 3 A growing number are actively seeking alternatives approaches to foster: « EMERGENT CHARACTERISTICS tapping into the prosumer in the crowd EMERGENT CHARACTERISTICS the emergence of relationships >> >> >> leveraging the sheer numbers in the crowd Addressing theoretical saturation Particularly problematic with descriptive framework Approaching with Acceptance Model (pattern is replicated and clear)

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Transcript: "We have risen to the first page on search engine rankings for most of our key terms in under 90 days!" Get more attention with photos and video If you need any more information, please visit our website or call us: Your news releases are hosted on the Internets highest rated online newswire Grow your Business through Content Marketing To be social The news releases sent from this tool get onto every major search engine, as well as news sites like Yahoo! News. We'll get your story everywhere customers look. Get added media buzz by selecting a list of journalists - maybe industry writers, or local reporters. The tool will deliver your news release directly to them by email, giving you an added shot at big publicity. Attract customers and generate publicity for your business Your news is sent to 300,000 people Get found everywhere "Nearly every sale I have made in some way, shape or form is attributed to my News Releases." Include a picture of your latest product or a quick video demonstration to get customers more interested in your business. This year millions of customers will research products and businesses online, and search engines like Google are the first step. Online news releases which get you in front of search engine browsers and tell people about your products, your offers and your business. Tel: 0800 334 5784 ...Get found who help create publicity and online buzz. 400k strong database to search and build lists from as well as adding your own lists. Reach journalists too Online news releases that get you right in front of customers on search engines like Google... A record £1.7bn online spend makes UK the first major economy to spend more on web ads than TV! Content marketing has lasting benefits and provides you with web visibility that is like having your own personal marketing consultant, every day. Your news is sent directly to journalists and bloggers The best organic SEO strategy Search engines are the preferred way to find local businesses and news releases are a great way to ensure your business is found. to your website to increase your SEO visibility That's where people search for products with Google, ask their contacts for recommendations on social networks, and read reviews on websites. We can make this easy. 75% of all transactions originate from a search engine, so you need to appear on the FIRST page of results Use the content everywhere and post on Twitter, Facebook and the entire social web, helping you to use social media to attract customers... A quick glance is all it takes to see your success and track your increasing web visibility. You'll instantly see what's working and how to do even better. Content Marketing helps you: Include backlinks who have subscribed to our news feeds. ...Create a Buzz Reach customers directly with online news releases Today the buying cycle starts online Here's what you can do... Generate news stories, helping you generate publicity and buzz for your business... Measure the impact of your news releases Internet overtakes television to become the biggest advertising sector in the UK with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Target local customers ...Track Results that gets more than 50 million page views each month, which will further increase your web traffic.

ConSort, Inc.

Transcript: Manufactures ship LTL to the distribution center and combine items into consolidated TL shipments to the customer Direct ship model costs $50,232 for 52 weeks Vehicular consolidation model costs $45,864 for 52 weeks Using the vehicular consolidation model will be cost effective Total costs over 30 days = $3,099,800 ConSort can use a ship direct model where manufactures ship LTL directly to the customer Accounts payable is highest meaning we may not have sufficient cash flow to cover costs. May also mean we do not own the assets which can be a struggle if inventory is repossessed. High amount of long term liability which can be risky (debt to equity ratio) Dinesh Bhimsaria Emily Ornelas Kafeela Parvin 3) Recommendation for Ship Direct vs. Vehicle Consolidation: Total costs over 30 days = $2,660,300 Total costs over 52 weeks = $50,232.00 2) Vehicular Consolidation over 52 weeks: Proposed costs Total costs Zone A -$2.14 $120,304.69 Zone B- $1.63 $164,721.67 Zone C- $2.08 $120,151.75 Zone D- $ 2.23 $94,264.25 Zone E- $2.70 $75,870.00 5) Temporal Consolidation over 30 days: 8 & 9) Flat Rate using Cost/CWT & additional cost of using 7.5% EBITD: 4)Ship Direct Model over 30 days: Proposed rates with high performing freight forwarder Zone A- $2.16 Zone B- $1.65 Zone C- $2.10 Zone D- $2.26 Zone E- $2.73 Total costs over 52 weeks = $45,864.00 ConSort, Inc. Temporal consolidation came out to be least costly compared to ship direct. We recommend choosing to ship with the temporal consolidation model. $ 439,500 saving 6) Recommendation for Ship Direct Model vs. Temporal Consolidation: 1) Ship Direct Model Over 52 Weeks: 10) Risks associated with using a mid-sized freight forwarder with 6.3% EBITDA: 7) Freight Broker vs. Freight Forwarder:

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