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Connect Four Template Powerpoint

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Connect four

Transcript: Broadcast Basic approach A few of the assumptions that we created in this program was that the user is actually capable of processing it. This is probably one of the larger files for scratch that we have done this year. Depending on a computer, it may not even be capable of loading it. We also assume that the user has Scratch. Repeat Loops/Forever loops We used these loops to continue a section of code that was needed do what we intended. For example, we used a Forever loop on the board to make sure the board stays in place with the same graphics settings we used. This was needed because the players could accidentally move the board by holding the board and dragging it around. 1. You must connect 4 of your chips either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. 2. If you think that you have connected four in a row, wait 7 seconds for the program to check if you determine if you won. 3. please wait your turn Broadcast Flow Chart Flaws Assumptions: Project Description Connect four Ifs Basic approach: When we began the program, we needed to find the appropriate sprites for the game. After this we began creating the extra sprites such as the background sprites, victory sprites, and etc. After this we programed the starting screen, starting sprites, the chips, the board, and etc. The end 1. Move the cursor to the column you want to place your chip in. 2. left-click you mouse to drop the chip into the column you want. 3. First to connect 4 wins! Rules of the game How To Play Repeat Loops/Forever loops We mostly used broadcasting to allow the program to understand that a certain phase has occurred such as changing from home screen to the How to Play section. Another example of this was when it detected a victory of a player. When win test detected a win, it would broadcast ____ win. This would then cause a chain reaction of codes in most of the sprites. The one that needed this most however was our sprite Win Screen. It would detect the broadcast, change the costume to whoever won, and then stop the program. This program is based off the board game, Connect 4. This game consists of 2 players with different colored chips. The first one to connect 4 of their chips is the winner. By Zachary, Ali, and Andrew Major Programming Concepts ifs statement There are only a few flaws to this program such as when you click on the first option sprites (How to play, Rules, Start), it does not always work. This is just because of Scratch’s limitations. Another flaw is that the sprite that we created for detecting wins takes a while to check. We fixed this by making it a rule that if you think you have 4 in a row, you and the opponent must wait 7 seconds (approximate time for it to scan the board). Still, if the user doesn’t check the rules, they will not understand this and the opponent may steal the win. This program used If statements to check whether a certain condition was true or not. For example, if a key was pressed during a certain phase such as the rules page. Then it would return back to the Home Screen of the game.

Connect Four

Transcript: The mother of the children Maud fights for her kids against the people sent from the government to take her kids away. Family is important and shouldn't be separated especially if its against their own will. You will fight for the ones you love. When the oldest brother Dwayne finds out that he is colorblind he demands for the car to stop while he runs out into the field and has a breakdown. steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Her family notice that when she gets on stage and starts dancing the audience is speechless and have blank expressions on their face because it is not what a normal pageant girl would dance like.They go up on stage and start dancing with her so that she doesn't feel stupid if no one claps. This shows what a good supporting family would do to keep up the confidence of a determined girl. By Courtney Perseverance When he shows up to his job interview with scruffy looking clothes and paint on his neck and body after painting the house which he is leaving.The sweat on his forehead and facial expression looks worried and flustered as if he was taking a big gulp in. Like he is ready to explain his reason for looking the way he is.This photo shows what he was persevering for which is the job he is trying to get in a competitive internship, where the bosses of the company can choose to hire anyone. He perseveres in this scene because he runs to his job interview from being in a jail cell all night for unpaid parking ticket fines. After painting the house which he is leaving because he couldn't keep up with the rent. "If you want something you have to go out there and get it, period." My second connection Importance of family his family standing near the van are unsure what to do, but his younger sister olive goes out to comfort him. You can tell by her facial expressions she is not happy and willing to let her kids go.The way her body is positioned shows how she is struggling to grab her children away. Olives performance and appearance at the pageant is different compared to all of the other little girls. Her dance moves taught by her grandpa are somewhat inappropriate and her appearance isn't girly and packed with makeup compared to other contestants GOAL! My first connection In the movie Chris wife leaves him because she is unhappy Connect Four The movie pursuit of Happyness shows perseverance because he is striving for a job which he will either succeed or fail in but still takes the chance. The four texts that i have chosen are Importance of family: How important your family is and what they mean to you and what you'd do for them.

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