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Conga Composer Conditional Statement Powerpoint Template

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Conditional Statement

Transcript: The Truth Value to the Converse. Conditional Statement: If you buy an LG electronic, then life's good. p: you buy an LG electronic q: life's good The truth value is false, because you could buy an LG electronic and still be going through some sort of crisis that prevents your life from being good. An electronic device isn't going to perfect your life because no matter what you get it won't enhance your life if you're already struggling with something else, it will only enlighten you for a small time period until you snap back into reality and end up still having to face life's daily struggles. If life's good, then you buy an LG electronic. Conditional Statement with Hypothesis (p) and Conclusion (q). Converse Inverse and Contrapositive with their Truth Values. LG: "Life's Good." Truth Value of the Conditional Statement. Inverse: If you don't buy an LG electronic, then life's not good. Truth Value: False. Contrapositive: If life's not good, then you don't buy an LG electronic. Truth Value: False. This would be considered false because most people don't go out and buy an LG electronic just because their life is good. You could be broke and still consider your life to be good without having the ability to buy yourself an LG. Many people don't believe in phones because they feel that they cause harm to the society. Many believe that phones and other electronics are the reason that their kids lack energy causing people to not buy these electronics regardless on if their life is good or not.

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