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Transcript: Information Format Web Pages Web Pages A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. A website is a unique way to connect with the world. Whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for music, inform people of your business, sell products, or any other reason—there are no boundaries to what you can do. Blogs Blog A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. The purpose of writing blogs could be promotion of a product or service, awareness about social issues, information sharing about any subject or purely passion for writing. ... Company Blogs: Many companies manage a blog and share about their business, products or services. Some blogs may not provide the information that they want and their could be quicker ways to access to information. Podcasts Podcast A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. Unlike traditional mass media - which is in a constant struggle to grow the audience so that it can sell advertising for a higher premium, the beauty of Podcasting is that the best content is very niche and it's not always going to be relevant to that niche audience. Streamed Audio and Video Streamed Audio and Video Streaming media is video or audio content sent in compressed form over the Internet and played immediately, rather than being saved to the hard drive.. With streaming media, a user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Because the media is sent in a continuous stream of data it can play as it arrives. Scope Scope Initiative 1 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Initiative 3 Resources Resources Budget Budget Stakeholders Stakeholders Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 3 Stakeholder 3 Time Time Next Steps Next Steps Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3 Social and Media Social and Media Internet-based applications, ... users create service-specific profiles for the site or app that are designed and maintained by the social media organization, social media facilitate the development of online social networks by connecting a user's profile with those of other individuals or groups. Document Stores Document Store A document-oriented database, or document store, is a computer program designed for storing, retrieving and managing document-oriented information, also known as semi-structured data. RSS Feeds RSS Feeds RSS is a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format. These feeds can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator.

Managing Confidential Information

Transcript: Meeting Questions: In very specific terms, what is the offense charged? Is management sure it fully understands the charge against the employee? Was the the employee terminated for insubordination, or did the employee merely refuse a request from management? Did the employee know he or she was doing something wrong? What rule or provision was violated? How would the employee know the existence of the rule? Was the employee warned about the consequences? Is the employee guilty? What are the sources of facts? Is there direct or indirect evidence of guilt? Has anyone taken the time to hear her side? Are there extenuating circumstances? Were conflicting orders given by different supervisors? Does anybody have reason to want to "get" this employee? Was the employee provoked by a manger or another employee? Has the rule been uniformly enforced? Have all managers applied this rule consistently? What punishment have previous offenders received? Are there any other employees involved? Is the offense related to the workplace? Is there evidence that the offense hurt the organization? Is management making moral or business judgement? What is the employee's past work record? How many years has the employee been with the organization? How long has the employee held their current position? What is the employees personal record, especially their disciplinary record? Key Issue #1 - Emballages Prévost has never had a Human Resources specialist - The secretary has been in charge of HR duties for the last seven years - This is problematic because it may lead to further issues due to a lack of HR knowledge (see Key Issue #3) Recommendation Key Issue #2 - Ms. Dumouchel has been accused of using her position to manipulate coworkers - She has also been accused of exposing highly confidential information as well as spreading rumours about employees Key Issue #3 Overview Conclusion Managing Confidential Information Role Play with HR Manager If a privacy policy would have been implemented, the entire situation could have been avoided. With that being said, Ms. Dumouchel would have been informed how to conduct herself in the best interest of the organization and HR policies generally. By us having a meeting with Ms. Dumouchel, we were able to address the issue. Due to this, we will avoid further issues. Developing a Privacy Policy Step 1: Hire an actual human resources specialist so that sensitive employee information can remain confidential Step 2: We suggest that they conduct private interviews with the staff who filed complaints in order to gather legitimate proof Step 3: Keep Sophie in her current position; however, relieve her of her HR duties (there will likely be a decrease in wages as a result) Step 4: Hire an individual to fill the role of HR manager who is qualified and trustworthy Step 5: Create and implement a privacy policy for the organization - The lack of a privacy policy creates a toxic workplace where employees cannot be held responsible for breaches in privacy - Ms. Dumouchel cannot be held accountable (at least currently) - If Emballages Prévost employed an HR specialist, a privacy policy would surely be in place already - Emballages Prévost, a firm that produces packaging for pharmaceutical companies, is having privacy issues - Paul Demers, head of finance and accounting, was initially responsible for the firm's HR; however, both him and CEO Michel Prévost felt that there was no need for an HR specialist - Due to this, the secretary, Sophie Dumouchel, was delegated HR responsibilities - Ms. Dumouchel has been in charge of HR for seven years now and it has come to the attention of Mr. Prévost that Ms. Dumouchel may be breaching privacy in her position - There is no privacy policy in place at Emballages Prévost, and thus, Mr. Prévost is unsure of what to do Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

Confidential Information

Transcript: AICPA Code of Professional Conduct section 301 Prospective mysterious buyer calls and bid 15% on top of the last bid that Jim will receive Jim and the ethical dilemma for the waiver/bringing Bob on board/ talk to his hedge fund manager As hard as this situation is on Jim this time, we decided that he could struggle one more year and report the situation to the hedge fund manager. Jim has a strong sense of equality and sensibility in his ethical lenses and he would feel horrible to have people loose money and being fooled by a waiver in the investments papers. Email bids until 12:00 pm for a piece of land What is Confidential Information Case 3 He needs $10M more in his portfolio to be promoted as hedge fund manager Case 1 Confidential Information Confidentiality is an ethical principle associated with several professions Analysis 29% said that they believed financial services professionals may need to engage in unethical or illegal activities in order to be successful Its a persons duty not to disclose sensitive information Accounting Profession Activity Case One Arguments for legalizing insider trading We will present three different cases about Jim as he encounters different business related decisions Confidentiality dilemma while transferring between firms Analysis b. Illegal insider trading Insider trading is the trading of a public company's stock or other securities by individuals with access to non-public information about the company. Anyone who misappropriates (steals) information from their employer and trades on that information in any stock is guilty of insider trading. SEC Rule 10b5-1 created for insiders an affirmative defense if the insider can demonstrate that the trades conducted on behalf of the insider were conducted as part of a pre-existing contract or written binding plan for trading in the future. Bob calls him and wants to invest $4M Analysis Please break up into groups of 3 to 4 Based on Jim’s ethical lenses that focus on rationality and equality we decided that he should call his superior at his firm and ask for advice in order to not fall into a big mistake that could have a negative impact on his career. Jim is a stockbroker at Bridgewater Associates Insider Trading The Difficulty in framing insider trading Laws 28% said that they felt the financial service industry does not put the interest of clients first Jim is head of finance of Company B, his previous employer was Company A where he was a finance manager Transactions gives indication of insider trading Company B has major contracts with Company A and they are preparing a renewal contract with a competitive bid What is Insider Trading? The timing is just a little too good. The transaction is too large. the transaction is one that would be unreasonably risky. Ethics Insiders Market professionals Liquidity traders Investors Jim and Bob Insider Trading Dilemma Jim and the breach of confidentiality dilemma So if you think that people at Wall Street are acting or will act ethical....Think again Who Does Insider Trading Affect? Conflict of duties often arises when dealing in securities. Sanctions may be civil or criminal or both. Intent is usually an important factor in establishing guilt. • 52% — felt it likely their competitors had engaged in unethical or illegal activity to gain a market edge. And 24% felt company co-workers had done so. CPA's need to know everything a. Legal insider trading Legal trades by insiders are common, as employees of publicly traded corporations often have stock or stock options. In ethics and in law some types of communication between a person should not be discussed Confidential Breach Dilemma Also in this case we suggested Jim to reach out to his team and explain his situation. Breach of confidentiality is a high risk in this occasion and he can incur in a civil lawsuit with expensive fines and reimbursements. Case One Some economists argue insider trading based on material nonpublic information benefits investors. Friedman said: "You want more insider trading, not less. Legalization advocates question why "trading" is legal in other markets but not in the stock market. Definition: Privileged communication shared with only a few people for furthering certain purposes Insider Trading Breach of confidentiality dilemma for Jim Conclusion Case Conclusion Need to maintain confidentiality of client information 24% said they would likely engage in illegal insider trading to make $10M if they could get away with it Rule 301-"A member in public practice shall not disclose any confidential information without the specific consent of the client" Case 2

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Transcript: Confidentiality Confidentiality differs from privacy in that with confidentiality a relationship has been established between the patient and the healthcare provider. Obtaining consent should include explaining to the patient what risks might be involved by releasing that information and its effect on privacy as well as what measures will be taken to protect that privacy. Resources HIPAA A healthcare provider has both a legal and ethical obligation to provide security for a patient's healthcare data and to prevent the disclosure of that information unless informed consent for release is provided by the patient. Consent Privacy is a state of mind in which the expectation of can only be defined by the individual. Confidentiality and Data Breaches Privacy Personal data included in the record should only be used for purposes specified and should not violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Privacy involves the right to determine what information is collected about an individual, how it is used, how that information should be gathered and who has authorization to access the collected information. Confidentiality breaches and data privacy issues can come from a variety of sources: Healthcare records Criminal justice proceedings Collections and financial records Social networking Confidential vs Private Information Confidential Health Information Privacy The HIPAA Privacy Rule. (2016). YouTube. Retrieved from Health Information Privacy The HIPAA Privacy Rule. (2016). YouTube. Hebda, T., & Czar, P. (2013). Handbook of Informatics for nurses and healthcare professionals (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. As healthcare networks continue to expand, security of patient information becomes increasingly critical. Personal Expectation Security & Confidentiality Protecting patient information should be a priority and releasing that information requires written consent. By: Andrea Barrett

Confidential information

Transcript: NEVER PROVIDE the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to a customer until you have validated the customer’s identity. -NEVER PROVIDE C.C. INFORMATION- COMBINATION security pin TF#48 proceed with the call... Keep going with the good practices WE CAN DO IT!! LAST REDEMPTION/REUP DATE A ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER HAS THE PHONE AND THE DEVICE IS ACTIVE DOUBTS OR QUESTIONS TOP SECRET Option B THE END FEB/2016 B QUIZTIME!!! OPTION C esn/min Confidential information TF# 48 why it is important to keep confidential information safe? 123456 6 digit sms AND ANY OF THE FOLLOWING... • Credit Card Information o Last 4 Digits o Credit Card Type o Credit Card Expiration Date o Billing Address o CVV Number o Name on the Card Just Verify (do not read back to the customer) PLEASE BE ADVISED Option A C • ESN/MIN • Name • Address • Contact Phone Number • E-mail Address • ESN/MIN • Name • Address • Contact Phone Number • E-mail Address • 4-digit Security PIN • Add/Remove an ESN • My Account password changes • Previous Redemption Date • Previously Redeemed Airtime PIN and/or SNP • Activation Zip Code • Month/Year of Initial Activation • Enrollment ID (SafeLink only) DATE OF BIRTH Activation Zipcode MONTH AND YEAR OF INITIAL ACTIVATION LAST 4 DIGITS OF CC. ON THE ACCOUNT LAST REDEMPTION/REUP TOTAL AMOUNT PAID OTHER PHONE NUMBER ON THE ACCOUNT Use the security code tool How the customer can access the account information... Answer the security questions Answer the security pin If the customer is still unable to PROVIDE this information... What if the customer cannot verify security questions or pin...

Information Memorandum

Transcript: Contingent Plans THANK YOU! CONS:- Contradiction of values, school,church vs casino, night club. The selected facilities built in the communities for the purpose of attracting investors from ipo or other method fail to attract the amount of investment needed for the remaining features to couplet the community. Fail to attract enrollment [ school] due to the lack of credibility in the educational industry. [ irrelevant public image] Project fail to achieve expected maret response, as a result, we are forced to compromise by sacrificing the original target social class toward lower purchase power social class.which will lead to a fundamental, if not breach of the original visionary due to the comparatively lower purchase power. Reference shopping center K ZONE. The lack of usage of black lions club due to the in completion of other community facilities and the residential area. Insufficient population of target segment due to the lack of statistical research. Unexpected competition [lack of knowledge of governments developing plans/ other unexpected competitions that. The promotional effect of the royal resdidency would be interfered by the insufficient amount of community user due to limited amount of facilities being built Noise pollution from night clubs and the impact on living quality. What is black lions club? Overall Opportunity cost Time Line :- Till 30th of January 2017, in order to create the flexible financial budget for the year. Situation analysis up to date Feasibility Study Investment Appraisal Research, development & Innovation Initial Investment To provide an exclusive residential area which contains all the basic facilities needed for a high quality standard of living to upper class citizens of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this idea is to ensure that upper class citizens around srilanka have access to high end living so that Exclusive community Royal residencies Social class. Catering to upper class around Sri Lanka. First phase :- landscaping Second phase :- school, catholic church, black lion club “ functional center” Third phase :- attracting investments for other community facilities and condominiums. Fourth phase :- attracting investments for casino and night clubs. R & D Information Memorandum WILL THE INITIAL CONCEPT BE A SUCCESS? Summary Research Needed To Be Done CONCLUSION Why and Who Because research and development coupled with innovation creates value. It is crucial to understand and quantify all existing and unsuspecting risks. Ashan & Washington (Project Managers) Ogilvy PR (Marketing Firm) PROS:- Increase awareness and regular basis usage of the community via school, catholic church and black lion multifunctional exclusive membership club Promotional effect on the accommodation. Creating a codependent future business dynamic of academic, sport, other areas of outstanding excellency of personnel from exclusive social class and other diversified backgrounds via the 10% scholarship programme. To fill in a niche segment of the market to have a wedding ceremony in a church. More awareness of the land due to day and night activities. Improve KST corporation image. Improve public image Attracts higher purchase peer tourism. Avoid uncivilized behavior [ higher maintenance cost] Original Concept Eliminate casino (Investor becomes blacklist) Once investor becomes blacklist difficult to secure funds for other projects. Underground nightclubs Debt Private equity firms “Save for a rainy day” Amalgamate with prestigious education facilities. Increase branding and PR Open up segmented facilities to distinguish the social class and price. Bear the loss and reinvent an alternate concept to attracts more tourists. Destroy the highest fixed cost expenditure activities and rebuild for the middle class market by distinguishing geographically. Differentiate the product to gain competitive advantage Enhance quality through technology and eco friendly policies to create greater value. IN ORDER TO PROVE INITIAL CONCEPT BEING A SUCCESS RESEARCH HAS TO BE DONE, THEREFORE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT FOR SPENDING HAS TO BE USED. Range needed to conduct the research Rs. 2,000,000 - Rs. 4,000,000 Pros & Cons

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