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Transcript: CONFIDENTIAL OBJECTIVE: To produce an international standard documentary on Islamic Finance. Explore the following in the current world economical crisis: What is Islamic Finance vs Interest? What are the benefits of Islamic Finance? Is it even possible to implement it in the current scenario? If yes, HOW? a. Sharia Scholars b. Islamic Financial Consultants c. Professional Filmmakers Thank you. ISLAMIC Projected Timeline Contact: • President of Islamic Conference of the Muslim World. • General Secretary of the Muslim World League, KSA. • Has supervised conversion of several conventional financial institutions into Islamic structure. • Converted Dubai’s Financial Market as the World’s first Islamic Stock Exchange. The Breakdown: Filming - US $1.0 million: • Consultancy fee (writers / Sharia officials / legal advisors) • Production crew stipend (meals and everyday expenses) • Set-related expenses • Travels • Additional equipment rental Marketing/Distribution - US $1.0 million: • Translations / dubbing / subtitling • Access to Cannes and other major film festivals The Team R&D / Scriptwriting / Pre-production (2-3 months) Principle Photography (3-4 months) Post-Production (2-3 months) Marketing & Distribution (6-8 months) Khurram Abdullah +971 50 1443 643 | Sixteen By Nine Motion Pictures A UAE based film company making ace corporate documentaries for multi-national giants since 2006. They have been involved in international co-productions, film markets and festivals worldwide. Post House PRO Producing market delights for clients since its inception in 1999 and has always impressed and gained trust with clear communication, creative treatments and skilled production. Xpanse CGI An award-winning animation design and visual effects company, founded in March 2007. Best known for creating Levity Xero Error Minus1, the first computer generated science fiction film produced in the UAE. Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan • Head of capital markets in the largest Sharia advisory firm in the World. • Ex-COO of the second largest financial institution in North America. • Deals with Premium Global Firms for all their Islamic Finance pursuits. • The documentary is expected to earn $20 million revenue over its expected life of 40 years; of which $10 million is realized in the first 2 years of release. • The $2 million investment will buy 50% share in the net profits after cost is first recovered. • The other 50% is distributed among other contributors like marketers and the project team. FINANCE Featured Sharia Scholars: DOCUMENTARY FEATURED PROFILE BUSINESS CASE: Cost Estimate • Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan (UAE/Egypt) • Shaikh Nizam Yaqoobi (Bahrain) • Shaikh Yousaf Talal Delorenzo (USA) • Shaikh Mohammad Al Gari (Saudi Arabia) • Shaikh Abu Sattar Abu Guddah (UAE/Syria) • Mufti Taqi Usmani (Pakistan) • Shaikh Daud Bakar (Malaysia) • Dr Zakir Naik (India) Khurram Abdullah US $2 million Expected Returns and Shared Distribution


Transcript: Business Overview Enve Hair Creations is a Hair Salon located in the Corowa Shopping Arcade 8 years in Operation Positioned in high traffic area Potential for expansion Business Overview cont. Salon services: Cut and blowdry Hair colouring and highlighting Mens hair cuts Kids hair cuts Styling Business Overview cont. Corowa is a historic town on the bank of the Murray River Population of Corowa Shire – 11000 Strong history Played role in the 1901 Federation of Australia Source: Introduction The Information system: Shortcuts – Salon & Spa Software Why? Easy and efficient Online bookings to suit clients Marketing and Promotions Point of Sale Business reports Reminder texts Smooth business operation Background Bank loan of $50 000 to Enve Hair Creations Improved business practices Stronger customer relations Aim Benefits of Shortcuts: Replace old appointment book and paper record cards with a shiny new electronic system Smoother running of the business Spend more time with clients, less time doing admin Scope Project implementation: Required - Software and Hardware Software (monthly fee for 12 months) Hardware Complete System set up Staff training 24/7 Helpdesk support SMS set up Implementation Duration – 4 weeks (including staff training) Assumptions & Limitations Assumptions: Bank will approve the loan Staff will use the system properly Will improved customer relations Customers will be open to the benefits of the online booking system and marketing & promotional emails Limitations: Availability of Software and Hardware at time of implementation Staff attitude towards new system Source: Enve Hair Creations Application for Bank Loan Source: Source: Computer [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Computer [Image]. (n.d). Retrieved from Corowa (n.d.). Retrieved from Customer Relations [Image]. (n.d) Retrieved from Domain (2014). Retrieved from Enve Hair Creations [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from Mens haircuts trends 2014 [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from Murray River [Image]. (n.d). Retrieved from Printer [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Shortcuts [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Thank you [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from The book [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Toni&Guy [Image]. (2011) Retrieved from Source: Source: Source: Source: References Source: Toni&Guy Source:mens_haircuts_trends_2014 Source: Source: Thank you for your time


Transcript: WHY WE ARE QUALIFIED These are stolen because the paintings are: denouncing authority (stealing the king, a princess, and a revolution) the two highly finished Ingres paintings are beautiful and realistic (some of the most visited at museums) Goya's painting is unusual and stands out/makes the viewer think laurel wreath =victory Medium: Oil paint on canvas Dimensions: 47 3/4 x 35 3/4 in. (121.3 x 90.8 cm) Location: On view in Gallery 957 of the Met Date: 1853 Movement: Neoclassical Arrive at the MET at 1 pm. Happy G and team and gets in place at aprox. 2:20 (Floor 1, Mezzanine, Central Park Entrance) Perform, distract, and tranquilize targets Crew leaves and gets in guards suits for night shift Night shift arrives and steals painting Sign with signature Napoleon Enthroned By Ingres Princesse de Broglie by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres We will be organizing three flashmobs happening simultaneously at each museum in order to obtain the following paintings: The Third of May by Goya Napoleon Enthroned by Ingres Princess Broglie by Ingres Operation "Golden Crown" Edwin's mob ties will provide us with protection, extraction, and any dirty details. Happy G's job at the zoo will provide us with primate tranquilizers. Lil K's dance background will help us choreograph. Killa K's stalking ability will provide us with the security guards's profiles and museum's plans. Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 102in x 64in Location: Musee de l'Armee, Paris, France Date: 1806 Movement: Neoclassical PROFILE: DANCE STYLE: INTERNATIONAL CRIMES: STALKING: JUSTIN BIEBER, KELLY RIPA IDENTITY THEFT: NASH GRIER BRIBERY: SECURITY TO GET INTO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT Voorhies, James. "Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) and the Spanish Enlightenment". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2003) Gontar, Cybele. "Neoclassicism". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2003) Arikha, Avigdor (1986). J.A.D. Ingres: Fifty Life Drawings from the Musée Ingres at Montauban. Houston: The Museum of Fine Arts. Napoleon Enthroned- Princesse De Broglie- The Third of May- Christ figure in white- cross position, pure, standing tall man on the floor echoes the stance of the Christ figure looks of terror on the civilian faces Works Cited: PROFILE: DANCE SYTLE- INTERPRETIVE CRIMES- BREAKING AND ENTERING: BLOCKBUSTER DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: PUNCHED A KINDERGARDEN TEACHER HARASSMENT: RESTRAINING ORDER FROM HARRISON FORD, AND ELLEN clothing/gold jewelry/beads= power/wealth one of the greatest and most compelling portraitists of the human figure of the 19th century Painted for the Paris Salon of 1806 marked Ingres’ public debut Highly finished not a public commission- Ingres’ own invention cost over 8.5 million francs Date: 1814 Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas Dimensions: 266 cm X 345 cm Location: Museo National del Prado, Madrid, Spain Movement: Romanticism Operation "New Blue" Arrive at Mueso Nacional Del Prado at 6pm. Edwin and team get in places at 7:20pm (Room 64, floor 0) Perform, distract, and tranquilize targets Crew gets in guard suits for night shifts Van arrives and the crew steals paintings Sign with signature Joséphine-Eléonore-Marie-Pauline de Galard de Brassace de Béarn renowned within circles of the Second Empire for her beauty/reserve commissioned by Brassace de Béarn family: first displayed in family home died at age 35: husband kept the painting hidden behind a curtain highly finished purchased, through Wildenstein & Co., Inc., by Robert Lehman, New York, January 1958. painting completes his series of aristocratic portraits supreme example of the mastery of technique, the bold use of color and the understanding of female character photographic realism Princesse de Broglie by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres gold furniture=wealth Napoleon Enthroned by Ingres THE CRIMINAL TEAM: "HAPPY G" PROFILE: DANCE STYLE- STREET CRUMP CRIMES- EMBEZZELMENT: MOB TIES VANDALISM: GRAFFITTI (SIGNATURE) INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME: MOB TIES THE FLASHMOB CREW LEADERS WHATS GOING DOWN intense blue color = power/wealth Why steal these paintings? REHEARSALS Operation "Rich Boy" THE CRIMINAL TEAM: "LIL K" THE CRIMINAL TEAM: "EDWIN." THE CRIMINAL TEAM: "KILLA KEL" CONFIDENTIAL reveals the suffering of the Spanish caused by Napolenon's troops commissioned by the provisional


Transcript: Time: During the Mongol Invasion Why: Because there will be people who have a common goal and because Kiev will be weaker during this time because of the invasions. Steps: 1) become allies with the Mongols 2) help them take down Kievan Russia 3) Take over the Mongols 4) Combine the newly conquered land and people with the Ottoman Empire CONFIDENTIAL! Enemies that will help us: Ottoman Empire Geographical Weaknesses: Just because the size of it is big, it will be hard to cover each spot specifically Byzantine empire Help us: Mongol, Novgorod, and Sweden Geographical Weakness: Between Europe and Asia, which means they can be attacked from both sides. No natural defenses. Our Plan Internal Weakness Have control over trade and their wealth. more than any other historical event, helped to determine Kievan Russia’s the course of development; political geography, history, and national identity would take Navy and army They were protected from the east by the Ural mountains and Caucasus Mountains. Take control of Mediterranean sea. Once Byzantine is destroyed, then Ottoman (mined) will become one of the most powerful empires in that time frame. Types of defenses Strengths Trade of Kievan Rus' Conclusion Benefits for conquering Kievan Rus' External Weakness had a strong army made of archers and armored swordsmen Their position of their capital was a major strength, b/c it was surrounded by water on the north, east and south. Types of defenses Maintain Control: Saint during his reign, but he tired to reunite the east and west churches, he wasn't looked upon so highly. Help us: No Religious Conflict: Constantine XI wanted military support; he appealed to unite the Eastern and the western churches. This caused him to get criticized by his people. Internal Weakness External Weakness The start of a new and powerful empire, Double A, emerges Maintain control: Over trade and pleasing people Cooperate with us: No, they most likely will not Religious Conflict: diversity during the golden age due to more land and large amounts of people Plan Armies consisted of primarily armed horsemen, lancers, and archers. infantrymen were used for the defense of the city walls and gates. Benefits for conquering Byzantine: Time of attack: April 6, 1453 Why: B/c this marked the fall of Constantinople Steps • Become allies with the Ottoman Empire by a marrying Sultan Mehmed II. • Ottoman Empire and I attack Constantinople. • Constantinople falls and Ottoman Empire take control. • During my marriage with sultan I’ll make sure I don’t have any heirs. • I seduce him into signing his throne to me after his death. • I poison his food and blame someone else for it, • I become the empresses of Ottoman Empire. • Then I join forces with Mongolian aka my partner. Kievan Rus'


Transcript: Real Estate Investment Aerial from 4-25-14 Stoneleigh Growth Over the Years Debt Collection Agency Geographical Performance 1Q14 Waterford Texas – Midland Growth Waterford on Tatum - Phoenix LG Trust Trust u/a/d 7/7/94 Richard F. Cavenaugh Trustee New Developments (2011-Present) Insert Ox Blue Camera 1 elapsed National Licensing Platform Accreditation is key with CFPB Survived the Consumer Finance Crisis (ongoing) Affiliation with Firsel Law Group marginal to date Distributions to date = $400,000 in 2013 (-0- in 1Q2014) Goal is to grow collection business as primary focus with legal affiliation being secondary, develop solid revenue growth, then sell agency in 3-5 years 10,576,954 10,900,518 Other Business Summary There’s Only 7 Months Left in 2014! Sell Waterford Hills 6/22/14 Source Institutional Equity Partner for One Dallas and close construction loan by July. Time is of the essence. List Waterford on Tatum for Sale 4) Look for 1 or 2 more accretive acquisitions in 2014 Continue Arlington Downs renovation. Begin leasing 2Q14. Get to refinance or sale ASAP. Start Leasing on Waterford Springs July 2014 Start Leasing on Waterford Glen in 4Q14 Sell M2 by 4Q14 or 1Q15 Start Waterford Trails I 4Q14 New business: One Winnetka, Sears, St. Regis, ADR II, Waterford Springs II Change in Gross Income After Renovations Mark S. Holacek Trust u/a/d 8/16/07 Mark S. Holacek Trustee Multi-Family Acquisitions and Development - 3,610 Units Currently Operated - 38,121 + Units of History Operating Properties The Bridge Orlando, Florida Rick Cavenaugh President/CEO May 22, 2014 Portfolio Occupancy SC Equities, LLC Stoneleigh Growth Equipment Finance Add Simple Waterford Trails Info. NOI vs. Budget 1Q14 Stonewood Ranch, Sanger, TX – SOLD (24% loss) Boca Vista, Altamonte Springs, FL – SOLD (20.5% IRR/1.98X) Waterford Hills, Charlotte, NC – UNDER CONTRACT (38% IRR/2.75X) Waterford Park, Converse, TX Waterford Ranch, Midland, TX Waterford Place, New Braunfels, TX Waterford Ridge, Schertz, TX Waterford Landings, Clarksville, TN Waterford on Tatum, Phoenix, AZ – LISTING SOON (30%+ IRR/1.5X) Waterford Lakes, Midland, TX Waterford at North Park, Midland, TX Dominion Town Center, Keller, TX Lakes of Stone Glen, Keller, TX Middlebrook Farms (Waterford Creek), Orlando, FL Stonecastle, Orlando, FL Totals: 15 Properties, 3,636 Units, $325mm Cost 2014 Trustees Meeting Collection Agency Historical Revenue Budget Update $42.5mm Total Budget $41.9mm Final Cost Leasing Update 195 Leases Signed $1.42 sf average lease rate $1.31 sf pro forma lease rate Before Renovations Market Fundamentals 96% Occupied Renovations Complete Effective Rent $/SF Pickup Sale Consideration Acquisitions (2009-Present) HM Holdings I, LLC Stoneleigh Development Company Budget Summary Land $ 4,008,732 Hard Costs 30,603,015 Soft Costs 7,388,253 Total Budget $ 42,000,000 Opening Marketing Trailer 6/1/14 Insert OxBlue Budget Summary – Tower Land Contribution $ 8,000,000 Hard Costs 44,981,548 Soft Costs 9,899,000 Total Tower Costs $62,880,548 before Recapture After New Exterior Paint Development Projects Total Portfolio Equity Summary Portfolio Performance 1Q14 Waterford Lakes (278u) & Waterford at North Park (200u) Renovations Completed (fire rebuild at WNP due 11/2014) Waterford Ranch is the top performer in the Portfolio New supplemental loans for all 3 properties? Renewal Analysis Real Estate Investment Before Exterior Paint SC Real Estate Advisors, LLC Loan Maturity Timeline Ryan to get new interior renderings HM Stoneleigh Holdings, LLC New Antics Average Occupancy by State Stoneleigh Finance Partners II – In 2012, we acquired $240,000 of telephony assets for SRA and leased back. Bonus depreciation has basis <$0. Three months left on monthly payments and will terminate by end of year at 12.5% IRR. New Antics – Holds patent on video-in-video technology. Settled patent troll lawsuit in March. In play with VC firms in CA along with Muse VFX. Mezzanine Loan Mezzanine Loan Amount $12,120,000 Interest Rate 14.5% Term 30 Months Maturity 11/24/2015 Income Growth from 4Q13 to 1Q14 Effective Rent $/SF with Occupancy %’s Capital Strategies Waterford Properties in Texas – Midland Property Manager of all properties @ 4% Subcontract property operations to Greystar at 2.75% 5 employees 3 regions – IL, SE (Lisa Williams) and SW (Cindy Owens) Centralized Marketing - SWHQ Quarterly/Annual Reporting - SWHQ Property Management Waterford Glen Traffic Analysis Development Summary Land $ 7,012,916 Hard Costs 54,976,356 Tenant Improvements 3,724,700 Soft Costs 8,702,741 Contingency 1,765,313 Total Development Cost $ 76,182,026 Close on Land July 15, 2013 Start Construction 2nd Quarter 2014 HM Holdings I, LLC Development 75% Acquisitions 25% Select Opportunities to Sell Assets Continue to seek institutional capital providers Utilize existing construction lender network Confidential Budget Summary Land $ 1,398,717 Hard Costs 22,706,280 Soft Costs 2,954,227 Total

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