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Confetti Girl

Transcript: My favorite part is when Mia finds Vanessa's mom on the ground in her house. The reason I liked this part was because when they were describing what condition she was in it made me wonder what could have happened to her. Once I actually found out it was not what I would have guessed! It was a good surprise though! Cascarones ? ? I would change the title of the book because the title "Confetti Girl" does not go with the book very well. I think the reason they called it that was because in the middle of a cascarone is confetti. It is not the main part of the book. I would change the title to "A world full of socks". The reason I would change it to this is because in the book Mia's favorite thing is socks. Confetti girl was about a girl named Mia Flores. She had a normal life except for the death of her mother. Mia's favorite subjects were Science and Math and her favorite sport is volleyball. Mia was kind of weird about her socks, she organized them! Her dad was an English teacher. Her and her dad live in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her best friends name is Vanessa and they are very good friends. Vanessa's mom is crazy, she has a crazy obsession with making cascarones, her mom is also divorced and for that reason, she does not let Vanessa around boys. ? Kyra What is your favorite part? ? Taramae ? ? Scavenger hunt groups! Benita Confetti Girl GROUP 2 Lareine Erica Gabby (girl) Elina IBK About the book GROUP 3 Ronan Kacper Jonas Luka Scott They are eggs but have a hole in the middle to blow out the yolk in the middle. Then you put a piece of tissue paper over top of the hole and then you can color them. Before we go... ? GROUP 1 Natalie Hazel Brittany Jenna What would you change about the book? Are there any questions? ? GROUP 4 Gabriel Kolton Davis Noah Kevin ? Cascarones are...


Transcript: At the start of a programme of study Establish a member of staff who the student can 'go to' to get clarity of the task expected of them offer support. Ask. be clear about how the student will get information .. eg email. be consistant Difficulty coping with change. Difficulty making changes to fit with external criteria. preference to fixed routine. Strong narrow obsessive interests. So what can we do to help? Topic developmental differences in people on the autistic spectrum Motor coordination. Sensory Issues. High Levels of Anxiety and Frustration. Depression. Vulnerability to OCDs and obsessive behaviours. social cues body language/facial expression literal understanding of language Associated Difficulties Can you think of any students who are effected by this? What are the signs that we can can see? What does this mean about how the student is feeling? if physical illness were treated like hidden disabilities! autism@confetti Communication try to limit distractions allow students to sit in preferred positions. investigate repeat non attendance in event of inappropriate behaviour, deal sensitively, explain clearly and simply in private why the behvaiour is not acceptable. difficulty getting on with people socially. difficulty establishing and maintaining friendship. difficulty understanding how to behave in social situations. Social communication we need to become experts in inclusive practice! small things make a huge difference. use clear concise language. provide examples summerise and write down key points. check understanding use bullet points make explanations explicit. understand group work may be difficult. assist the student to join groups. suggest the group agrees ground rules check the student understands what is expected of them. Organisation. give prompt information about changes using consistent methods of communication. understand the student may need additional clarification. be flexible with deadlines. provide feed back clearly and at the agreed time. provide examples of the type of answer required. Social interaction flexibility of thoughts Do you think Autism is an excuse?

Confetti Girl

Transcript: Confetti Girl by: Diana Lopez Main Idea The main idea is about a girl dealing with life after her mother dies, while her father reads books all the time. She is also dealing with her friend who ignores her a lot. Plot Confetti Girl is about a girl named, Apolonia Flores or just Lina. Lina is a tall girl who loves socks, soccer, and science. Lina has a lot to deal with. Especially, how her mother died a year ago and all her father does is read books. Lina also has to deal with her friend ignoring her for some boy. Lina is also failing English at the time. Everything is going crazy! Can Lina get everything back to the way it normally is? Read the book to find out! Character: Lina I picked Lina, because she is the main character. Also, I picked Lina, because she was very smart and strong physically and mentally. Lina is a tall girl, who loves socks, soccer, pretty much any sport, and science. Problem The problem in the story is that Lina's dad reads too much and Vanessa (Lina's friend) ignores Lina for some boy. Also, Lina is failing English and has to raise her grade up or else she can't do any sports. Solution I am not going to give away all the solutions. Then, I would give away a lot of the ending. One solution is Lina hangs out with her dad more. Story made me feel sad and happy, because Lina just had a rough time in some parts of the book. I was happy though when she had good times in the book. This book reminds me of just having those bad days sometimes when I sometimes don't get a good grade and after that the day starts to fall apart. Vocabulary Cascarones: eggshells that the yolk are taken out of and confetti is put in the egg. You smash it on top of somebody's head. Felicity: happy Marsupial: It is a mammal that carries its babies in their pouch. SURPRISE! A surprising moment in the book is when Lina makes up a summary about the book Watership Down (because she didn't read it) and Lina is sent to the school counselor. The school counselor makes her finish the "story" and Lina writes about her life for the rest of the "story". I would give this book... 5 Stars!!!!!! I would recommend this book to girls who like a little bit of drama. I liked this book and I hope you would too.

Confetti Girl

Transcript: A protagonist in this story is named Apolonia. This character is the protagonist because the story is about her. Resolution 1. Entonces,!Plaf! la pelota me da en la cara con la sufuciente fuerza como para tumbarse. Pg.19 (Onomatopoeia) Character vs Character Lina vs Father: Lina's father does not pay attention and do not attend school events of his daughter. Vanessa vs Mother Vanessa loves a boy but the problem is that her mother does not want to have a boyfriend. Setting Style Author: Diana Lopez Published in New York in 2009 I like this story because is about one girl who live just with her dad and she likes collect socks and one girl who like spend time with her best friend.!!!!! Fun Story!!!! Main Characters An antagonist in this story is named Jason. This character is the antagonist because he always makes that Lina feels bad. Present day Confetti Girl By: Katherinne Barcenas Major types of conflict Climax Apolonia (Lina): She one girl who lives with her father. She loves to play Volleyball. Lina is one girl who collects socks. Father: He is a teacher of literature. His hobby is read books. Vanessa: She is Lina's best friend. She is also her neighbor. Mother: She is Mrs. Cantu. She is Vanessa's mother. The lesson that I learned is that always succeed no matter if you live alone with your dad or your mom, and to be together and support one another. The resolution is that Lina's father realizes he paid more attention to books that her daughter. Images and Video Protagonist and Antagonist Personal Critique The climax of the story is when Vanessa and Lina play her final game 0f volleyball and they win the game. Theme The climax of the story is when Vanessa and Lina play her final game of volleyball and they win the game.

Belfast Confetti

Transcript: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Structure Context Ciaran Carson _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Single Word Analysis About the author If you suffer from motion sickness or any related condition, please leave the room now so there is less puke and so we don't have to present this to as many people. Thank you. WARNING! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Belfast Confetti

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