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Transcript: Execution and Enslavement Black Confederates Confederate leaders saw black enlistees as rebellious slaves The white officers were guilty of servile insurrection Blacks and whites that met these allegations could be executed Confederates were horrified and disgusted by blacks in Union uniforms Over 65,000 Southern blacks were in the Confederate ranks Over 13,000 met the enemy in combat Included both slave and free Confederate Congress did not approve blacks to be official soldiers until late in the war Many Confederate officers did not obey the politicians, they often enlisted blacks with the simply asking, “Will you fight?” “When you eliminate the black Confederate soldier, you’ve eliminated the history of the South.” -Dr. Leonard Haynes December 1863 Cleburne advocated the emancipation and enlistment of blacks as Confederate soldiers The proposal circulated among his peers Gained fifteen additional signatures before sending it to his commanders, James A. Seddon, and President Davis The Davis administration received the proposal in January 1864 Declined to present it to Congress Also ordered Cleburne and his colleagues to cease all discussion of the subject Despite this order, and despite Cleburne's death at the Battle of Franklin (1864) It gained wide circulation in November and December of 1864 as Confederate leaders tried to solve the paucity of troops Patrick R. Cleburne The Union and Black Troops Refugees Confederates enlist Blacks What if Confederates enlisted blacks earlier in the war? Would have made a difference? February 10, 1865 Davis administration and Ethelbert Barksdale introduced bill granting power to accept black men as soldiers only with their masters' permission. Masters were permitted to emancipate slaves completing service in the Confederate army. Confederate President Ordered blacks caught in Union uniform be enslaved or executed Most were put at Confederate fortification sites along with slaves Confederates saw blacks as laborers, not soldiers Union won the Civil War Black enlistees provided strength in numbers Enlistment began in September 1862 Union understood importance of Black Troops Thus having strategic advantage by: Malcolm McLean & Amir Rex What If? Confederates did not hesitate to execute and reenslave blacks seeking freedom General William Tecumseh Sherman’s army laid waste to Georgia in 1864 Approx. 10,000 slaves followed his troops to Savannah. Sherman did not like blacks, and his troops tried to deter the refugees Elderly black couple: "We must go, freedom is as sweet to us, as it is to you." Blacks were not allowed to enlist in Civil War Confederates did not see the logic in arming slaves and oppressed blacks Despite the Confederates refusal to allow Black enlistment, the Union offered freedom to the Blacks that joined them in battle Jefferson Davis Confederate Policies About African-Americans The Enlistment of Blacks in the Civil War


Transcript: Post-it Notes Confederate Flag Should the confederate flag be banned? Freedom of speech Freedom Of Speech is included in the first amendment and is important because it allows you to say what you want without the government interfering or changing that, with the only exception being the intent to cause harm to another person. This was included in the Bill of Rights to allow independence from the government in a simple way. Freedom of speech is important because there's a lot of ways that we use free speech everyday without realizing it. For example, sharing opinions. the flag should not be banned This is important because it can be used as an example of why freedom of speech is so important. Call to action first amendment The First Amendment, freedom of speech, upholds the confederate flag. This is because the first amendment allows you to have a say in something without them interfering, unless it's causing harm to someone else, which in most cases the flag would not cause you harm. the first amendment upholds the confederate flag Individual rights vs the common good An individual right is the right of an individual to pursue something without being interfered with by the government. The pursuit that an individual would have in the case of the confederate flag is to use the flag outside somewhere like your house. This would override the common good since there is no real harm being caused with using the flag. Just because people are offended by the flag doesn't mean that it's more important than the individual right of the person using it. individual rights vs the common good Counter Claim A claim that is used a lot when talking about the flag is that its a symbol that represents racism, since its association with slavery and segregation with the confederacy during the civil war. This however, is not an accurate representation of the flag since the flag wasn't officially adopted by the confederacy, and it was the troops that used the flag, not the confederacy itself. There are people out there that use the flag to represent southern heritage and history, not to be racist. Counter claim Importance of the constitution The constitution is important to us because it is used for a lot of our basic rights. The constitution makes America unique because of how many freedoms and individual rights it grants you. We should remind ourselves of the past to make sure our rights are never taken away, just like with Great Britain, where our rights were very restricted and limited. Constitution bibliography Foster, Gaines M. “Today's Battle Over the Confederate Flag Has Nothing to Do With the Civil War: Essay.” Zócalo Public Square, 23 Oct. 2018, Nanzer, Pat. “Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities.” Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities Learning to Give, United States Constitution, Amendment 1 Zeigler, Sara L., and John R. Vile. “Confederate Flag.” Confederate Flag,

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