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Transcript: Build San Francisco List of Contents Living Room Master Bedroom Wonderful Renderings Bathroom Pride Condo Floor Plan Especially designed toilet to save water Living Room Glass Double Doors Carpet Floor Physical Model Sales Description Floor Plan Elevations Sections Renderings Physical Model Reflection Bathroom Master Bedroom Warm Heated Floor Living in a wonderful place like the South of Market Area (SOMA) is everybody’s dream. The SOMA district is in the heart of San Francisco. There is easy access to transportation such as: bus, muni, taxi, and Bart. There you can find a lot of different restaurants, coffee shops and also different places to do shopping. The most important thing you will find in SOMA is a very beautiful views from Pride Condo. Pride Condo is an unforgettable place to live in. There you will enjoy comfortable rooms that you will use every day. This condo has a Master Bedroom with a large bed, nice closet and an attached bathroom where you will enjoy luxurious Jacuzzi bath. After you take a bath, you can warm your feet on the heated floor. The bathroom is also very friendly with the environment because the toilet is specially designed to save water. The condo includes a very beautiful mini Bar-Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room with spectacular views of the new Bay Bridge and boats sailing in the sea. Pride Condo also has a convenient Laundry Room equipped with a washer and dryer. Pride Condo has a very unique design. The walls of the condo are design to be sound proof. The materials we used are wood, stone and carpet. We used less wood and more carpet to help our environment. The stone is laid out in the bathroom, laundry room and part of the kitchen. Wood was used to cover the floor of the kitchen, laundry room and closet. For the living room, hallway and master bedroom, we used carpet. Pride Condo is an excellent chose for vacation home. It comes equipped with the state of art technology such as 3D HD TV. The Pride Condo has the best qualities for a low price as $850, 000. You can buy this luxurious condo now and be the owner of it while it is so cheap. Elevations Entrance Sections By Anzhela Klimenko The End Master Bedroom - 166 SF Master Bathroom - 94 SF Closet - 19 SF Laundry Room - 56 SF Hallway - 154 SF Kitchen - 198 SF Dining Room - 127 SF Living Room - 148 SF Total Square Footage: 1000 SF December 9, 2013 Comfortable Space Large Bed Attached Bathroom Kitchen Sales Description Glass Tables Big Rooms Paradise is a life in our Pride Condo! Warm Lighting Glass Windows Dining Room Pride Condo Master Bedroom Level 1


Transcript: Run 10 4, 2018 Condo for Company Q.1 Single Woman 1 2 3 single woman who live alone and work near Ratchada district Transportation Price Safe & Security Priorities CHOICES Condo Choices Life @ Ratchada Huaykwang Ideo Ratchada Huaykwang Rhythm Ratchada Huaykwang Centric Ratchda Huaykwang RHYTHM IDEO Life @ Ratchada Huaykwang Life @ Ratchada Centric Comparison Comparison Life (Ratchada - Huaykwang) 2009 1 building 22 floor 483 units 1 bedrooms 30-46 sq.m MRT (Huaykwang) less than 1 minute Ideo (Ratchada - Huaykwang) 2011 1 building 19 floor 398 units 29 units/floor studio 26.12-26.3 sq.m 1 bedrooms 30-46 sq.m ceiling 2.6 meter MRT (Huaykwang) less than 1 minute Rhythm (Ratchada - Huaykwang) 2011 1 building 34 floor 539 units 20 units/floor 1 bedrooms 37-50 sq.m ceiling 2.6 meter MRT (Huaykwang) less than 1 minute (gate 2) Price 30 sq.m = 14,000 baht 42 sq.m = 15k-18k baht Fully Furnished Price 26 sq.m = 12k-14k baht 35 sq.m = 15,000 baht 40 sq.m = 20,000 baht Fully Furnished Price 36 sq.m = 16,000 baht 46 sq.m = 20,000 baht Fully Furnished Question Number 2 Question No.2 looking for condominium (family with 3 members) Budget 10 millions baht Keys 1st handed condominium 2 bedrooms at least (family) Parking lot for 2 cars Family work at Unilever (Praram 9) Transportation for each person should not interrupt others Best to have many option for transportation (Public transportation such as MRT, Bus) CHOICES CHOICES Q ASOKE LIFE ASOKE Ideo Mobi Rama 9 Aspire Rama 9 Quinn Rachada 17 Comparison COMPARISON Q Asoke Quinn Ratchada 17 2015 High Rise 41 floor (482 units) Parking lot 310 (390) cars (80%) 2 bed rooms 59-69sq.m Ceiling 3 meter 98m or 2 mins walk to MRT Petchaburi (gate 2) 2015 High Rise 2 building (A)25-366 (B)32-363 Parking lot 401 car (55%) or could be (66%) 2 bed rooms 65-68 sq.m Ceiling 2.70 meter (kitchen 2.55 meter) Near MRT suthitsan (gate 4) MAPS MAPS Price Q ASOKE 46 sq.m 2 bedrooms 1 bath room Start at 9.35 millions till up to 9.9 millions Quinn Ratchada 66 sq.m 2 bedrooms 2 bath rooms Start at 7.7-9.5 millions baht Price Why invest? Why do we have to invest in Real-Estate? 1.Income 2.Depreciation 3.Equity 4.Appreciation 5.Leverage Book Summary BOOK SUMMARY 1 2 3 CUSTOMER RELATION WORD OF MOUTH FLEXIBLE (TIME) 5 4 KNOW YOUR STRENGTH (and weakness) FLEXIBLE (TIME) 7 6 SERVICE MIND (TELEPHONE FIND OUT CUSTOMER NEED (BY LISTENING) 8 FEEDBACK (FROM BOTH CUSTOMER AND YOURSELF)

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