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Ticket, Ticket, Ticket?

Transcript: In 2008 Dallas made $191 in revenue from traffic fines per capita. If you were a resident of Dallas you probably paid these traffic fines or knew of atleast some residents who did. But, some cities, like Westlake, issued tickets at a much higher rate compared to their size. Per capita Westlake earned a revenue of $42,000 in traffic fines in 2008. I don't know about you, but I can't name a single person that I know of who has ever paid $42,000 in traffic fines. How fast would you have to go to get a tickets that large?? You are the people driving up and down 114 passing the whole two exits which are in Westlake. You are paying these outlandish quantities of speeding tickets which add up to an income for Westlake of over 8 Million Dollars. But, do you see where that money goes? NO. Instead Westlake spends the proceeds by not having a property tax. Paying a tax that you have no representation... That sounds a lot like an issue some of our Great American Leaders had back in the day. We need to keep our rights in focus and point out when they are being violated. The taxing of unrepresented group by smaller cities is a violation of these RIGHTS. Fight for your right not to be preyed on by speed traps and over enforcement of the Law. It's your right. Don't Give It Away! All data taken from, THE TEXAS OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION Trial Court Judicial Data Management System For more information on this topic check out these links: Presentation by Jose Sainz Thanks for your time. Taxation without representation. I've heard that one before, have you? Dallas I can't speak for you, but even in my worst years of traffic tickets, I never came any where near that dollar figure in tickets. So who is paying all those tickets, if not the residents of Westlake? The answer is YOU! Thank you Aren Cambre for your work in finding this trend in traffic ticket enforcment. Westlake

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