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Transcript: CONCLUSIONS When the U.S. dollar is strong, imports seem less expensive, leading to increased demand for imported products and the currency needed to purchase them Increase world output Sharing technology & information Variety of goods & services Higher income & economic growth Efficiency & cost effectiveness Trading between countries Effect of free trade agreements Economic measure of a negative balance of trade in which a country's imports exceeds its exports Represent to: MDM SYUKRIAH BINTI SAAD The differences in currency values can affect firm's ability to buy imports or sell exports Result a decrease in the value of its exchange rate Goods that are sold to other countries Imports, exports & exchange rates A country with government debt is less likely to acquire foreign capital, leading to inflation Trade Surplus Factors that influence international trade Increases in interest rates cause a country's currency to appreciate Higher interest rates will causes a rise in exchange rates To measure the favourable or unfavourable trade balance Investors will notice the decline in spending on domestically produced goods, which will hurt domestic producers and their stock prices The balance of trade measures a country's net income earned on international assets Economic Dependence SITI NORLYANA BINTI ABD RAHMAN 2015854134 IMPORT Goods bought from foreign countries ADVANTAGES OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE INTERNATIONAL TRADE SITI NURAMIRAH BINTI MOHD JAAFAR 2015896074 2. Interest rates Trade surplus is an economic measure of a positive balance of trade, where a country's exports exceeds its imports It represents a net inflow of domestic currency from foreign markets Exchange goods and services between countries 1. Inflation Rates DISADVATAGES OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPORT • Successful trade expansion without projected benefits • Consumers get the benefits of free trade • Easier and cheaper for a companies to export their products & services to trading partner markets • Increase number of manufacturing job A country with a consistently lower inflation rate exhibits a rising currency value while a country with higher inflation typically sees depreciation in its currency and is usually accompanied by higher interest rates Factor that cause the changes in foreign exchange rates AC220 5F • Rising productivity and declining wages Effects of changes in foreign exchange rates on international trade Trade Deficit 3. Goverment debts Political Dependence Impediment in the Development of Home Industries Import of Harmful Goods World Wars Exchange rates play a role in spending decisions because they enable us to translate different countries’ prices into comparable terms International trade refers to exchange of goods & services beyond the notions International trade opens up the opportunity for specialization and therefore more efficient use of resourses Free Trade allows trading with no restrictions on trade Differences in Technology Differences in Resource Endowments Differences in Demand Existence of Economies of Scale in Production Existence of Government Policies IMPORTANTANCE OF TRADE SURPLUS & TRADE DEFICIT Imports will increase and exports will decrease when the currency appreciates in value relative to other currencies Imports will decrease and exports will increase when the currency depreciates in value relative to other currencies

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Transcript: Bank Alfalah Limited Housing Advisory Group (HAG) Easy Home Easy Buyer Easy Builder Easy Renovate Easy Replace Salah-ud-Din Rao M13MBA-048 Home purchase Start with the Name of Allah Almighty, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent 25 commercial, 1 specialized and one DFI providing this facility By the end of June 2010, share of HBFC reduced from 55% in 2004 to 20% and commercial banks and DFIs are collectively now enjoying 80% share Both commercial banks and HBFC together reported total outstanding of Rs. 70.34 billion, as on June 30, 2010 101,632 borrowers. Products of Meezan Bank Farhan Khadim M14MBA-032 Legal Agreement Long Term loan Secured by real Estate Borrower is obliged to repay Repossession in case of default What you need to get a Mortgage? Difference between Mortgage and House Finance Home Renovation Home Construction Home Purchase United bank Limited Recommendations of HAG Balloon payment mortgage Reverse mortgages etc Default Risk Loan to value ratio Second mortgages behind first mortgage Seasoning Effect Liquidity Risk Interest Rate Risk Repayment Risk Meezan Bank Home Renovation Originated by Thrifts in 1930 in USA 3-5 years Mortgage were given Restricted upto 50% of Market Value of Property 80% Down payment Role of FHA (1934) 20% Down payment 15-30 years Mortgages Qualifying people eligible for Mortgage loans Quality Standards for Home Established Amortization system Mortgage lending Institutions Mortgage loans Are loans in which the loan applicant is supposed to give a property or any security as mortgage What Is Mortgage? Pakistani National Identity Card Holder Age at the time of application between 23 years to 55 years at the time of application, subject to maximum age of 60 for salaried. Minimum income of Rs 50,000- per month. Non salaried person income equivalent to USD 5,000 2 years permanent job 3 years work experience for professionals 5 years work experience for businessman Security Standard Fixed-rate mortgage A borrower would take out a mortgage loan for a principal amount and repay in equal monthly installments of Mortgage. Adjustable Rate Mortgage A loan in which the contract rate is reset periodically in accordance with some pre-chosen reference rate, typically one based on short-term interest rate. House Building Finance Company (HBFC) Pakistani citizen Minimum age 25 years and maximum 65 years. Income/Salary Limits Permanent Job Minimum 3 years business experience Alfalah Home Buyer Alfalah Home Construct Alfalah Home Improver Alfalah Plot Purchase & Construct First Islamic Bank Started operation in 2002 490 Branches 35% Share in Islamic banking industry Products of HBFC Good Credit history of customer Deposit in form of Down payment Proof of Affordability Potential Home Home Construction Risks in Mortgage Loan Market Eligibility Criteria Initiative taken by SBP Mortgage & House Finance M. Abdul Ghafar M14MBA-005 Mortgage Payments Repayment of Mortgage Mortgage and house finance helps the people to own their homes by not paying whole amount in lump sum but by paying a small amount in the form of installments. It helps to get more shelter facilities and creates business opportunities Repayments Interest only Incorporated as a public limited company on June 21, 1992 Started operations from November 1, 1997 Owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Group Sixth largest bank in Pakistan More than 500 branches in more than 170 cities in Pakistan. Other types of Mortgage Alfalah Home Finance (Products) House Finance In Pakistan Increasing supply of land for affordable housing Land registration information system Promotion and development of real estate investment trusts (REITs) Provision of long term funding for housing loans. Developing housing market information system. Challenges Faced by House Financing Sector Azeem Shehzad M14MBA-037 Buying a Home Buying a home of your choice has never been so easy. With a maximum financing limit of 70% you can easily buy a house Floating Rate You get a fixed rate for a period of 12 months, which gets re-priced annually Documentation Requirements CNIC, Current Salary Slip, Tax Document etc… Penalty & Charges Are apply on Min 1 month and Max 6 monthly installments Late Fees (per installment) Rs.1000 Conclusion Types of Mortgage History of Mortgage Purchase by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac American Largest Mortgage Companies of Govt. Created by US Congress and President Again sold in Bond Market Considered Solid Security until 2006 Rising mortgage default Rate in USA Securities plummeted in value Taken two companies by FHFA in 2008 Started 30 year Mortgage Currently working Eligibility Criteria The weak property rights and inadequate land development Framework, the embryonic property development framework Emerging building industry Introduction: HBFC incorporated on June 13, 2006 77,666 operative accounts 951 officers and supports staff Financed 456,256 units for Rs.47.82 billion Down payments (20% Traditional) Principal Interest and APR Taxes Insurance

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Transcript: After spacing for 2 lines... The name and address of your home/company for the first few lines Adjustment Letter The company they work for Making a lasting impression Step 2: The Inside Address Serves as references for future use Leave 3 lines of spacing so that you can put your signature in there Thank You for Listening Complaint Letter Step 5: The Body The title of their job Contact info (phone number/e-mail) is usually in last paragraph Your name Short title of who you are Order letter Inquiry Letter Business letters are NEVER hand written After spacing for 2 lines... Step 3: The Greeting/ Salutation Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr) Last name of the person: After leaving 2 lines of spacing... After spacing for 1-2 lines, write the date Tell what you want to say to the person Sales Letter PRESENTED BY TRANG FOUR GROUP IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS LETTER Step 6: Complimentary Closing Promote and sustain good relationship The name of the person you are sending to After spacing for two lines... Step 4: Subject Title Make it short and simple Step 1: The Return Address Serves as a formal method of communication between people Yours Sincerely/ Faithfully, Cover Letter When starting new paragraphs, leave 1 line of spacing between each paragraphs TYPES OF BUSINESS LETTERS BUSINESS LETTERS Data After leaving for another 2 lines... Acts as an authoritative proof So, do you still think that business letter trend is dead? The address of where the person works How to write an effective business letter? No indents for paragraphs To address ENDLESS DESIGN POSSIBILITIES = CUBE Body Title Salutation Date From address Complimentary Closing Do you think people still using letters in the business world?

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Transcript: What is the story about? a boy trying to record a samullori concert a ticket Mr.Kim hits the drum very quickly, and Ethan sees him. Watch the Video Clip 3.When Ethan goes to the concert again, he will take Free Download : Stealing 2. Samullori is a kind of traditional Korean Music. Ethan`s friends want to enjoy a video of the concert online. Can you guess? steal video musician Where is Ethan now? musician 4. We can record a movie or concert in the theater. 2. A boy makes a to put online. When he takes the music this way, he does not respect the artist`s work. his friends on the Internet. What does Ethan watch there? 1. Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. reward Unit Schema Your friends are wrong to watch an online video. They should come here. What do you see? 1. People cannot watch a movie or concert on the Internet. 5. It is wrong to download a movie or music from the Internet for free. fill Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. 1. People invite their friends to the concert. They enjoy it. The sound s the concert hall. recording Ethan is in the concert hall. 3. Samulnori Where should Ethan`s friends watch the concert? 1. To watch a samullori concert, we should buy 3. We cannot take someone`s idea because we cannot see it. 2. Your friends should not play online. They should come here for the concert. Ethan`s friends should watch the concert in the concert hall. What do we need? s play in front of many people. They work hard and enjoy the reward of their work. Why does Ethan want to record the concert? 2. Ethan should not upload the

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