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Computer Software Powerpoint Template

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computer software

Transcript: MacOS Functions of a Operating System. Utility Programs also known as 'Utilities'. Are software programs that add functionality to your device, and help it perform better too. It includes backup, disk repair, anti virus,file management, security and networking programs. Utilites can also be applications such as screensavers, font and icon tools and desktop enhancement. In general programs that help make your computer better are considered utilities. Back up is the activity of coping files or databases so they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. For personal computer users, back up is also necessary but often neglected. Security- In information technology, security is the protection of information assets through the use of technology, processes and training. Types Application Software A Computer System!! A operating system functions, controls the backing store and peripherals, such as scanners and printers. It deals with the transfer of programs in and out of a memory, and it organises the use of memory between programs. A operating system also manages the memory and handles errors, as well as carry out user instructions. Tasks take up memory. A operation system maintains security and allows access to rights of the user. Utility software Maintaining Security is important. So people can't and won't be able to get into your private, personal things. And if you have a younger brother or sister then they can't get to your account because you would and should have a password so they can't. Open Source! The memory of the computer is kinda important because you would need to save work and you wont be able to if you didn't have any memory. Examples of Application software. A application software is used for helping the computer user complete specific tasks. It's also used for word processing, database applications, the creation and editing of spreadsheets. Generically, open source refers to0 a program in which the source code is available to the public for use and modification from its original design free of charge.i.e, open. The open source code is created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community. Linox W.P means Word Processor, which is what most people use for everyday life and is a computer program or computer system designed for word processing for example, Microsoft word. DTP means Desktop publishing, which is the design and production of publications by means of specialized software enabling a microcomputer to generate typeset-quality text and graphics. Presentations, which is that you can you use it on word but most people use it in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Which that has slides with animations and customize animations which you can move text and images around the page in different styles. Windows

Computer Software

Transcript: Presentation Software 3 Advantages Limited options for themes There isn't a lot of templates Prezi Prezi isn't the most user-friendly You need to learn how to use Prezi it's not a software where you can learn as you work There isn't many options for animations - Prezi - Google Docs Presentations - 280 Slides - Zoho Show 3 Disadvantages What are the advantages and disadvantages of each presentation software? The four software's that will be compared are: 3 Advantages You have to use a theme from their library It doesn't work as well as it has been advertised for Unexpected issues occur that are hard to resolve but go away unexpectedly as well 3 Advantages 3 Disadvantages Intuitive Interface Easy to use Offers lot's of Clip Art graphics Zoho Show 3 Disadvantages The interface is basic and simple, very similar to PowerPoint Great tool for collaborative work Very user-friendly 280 Slides Needs a good internet connection If you want to save stuff you need to make an account It is hard to import into PowerPoint Prezi allows for your presentation to have some dynamics and culture You can easily add pictures You can add videos from websites like YouTube If you create an account then you can directly save your presentations on the server With Prezi you can share your presentations with everyone therefore giving you some ideas of an audience Prezi allows you to make a presentation the way you want to make it By: Vritty Gupta 3 Advantages Conclusion Google Docs Presentations References 3 Disadvantages If you make an account that is free then all of your presentations will be visible to everyone In conclusion I find that Prezi is a great software to use. It is fun and interactive and I think that I would like to use Prezi more often.

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