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Computer Security Powerpoint Template

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Computer Security

Transcript: Encriptation They are not looking to do something wrong. They just like to introduce into systems and avoid security. In fact they warned companies what the problems in software are. Computer Security Auditorials Every time you transfer a document you must check that is against viruses. Enter to secure sites. Do a copy of your important documents. Never install programs form not secure sites. Change your passwords constantly. Never say yes to messages that appear on screen. Firewall Password They use their knowledge to steal information so they can use it for any kind of purposes, like selling it to people or something entirely different. Support Computer security has become a very important aspect in diary life. Enterprises that have lots of information must protect their facts and be careful with the systems they use. Software companies have the right to realize a type of study to all users about their computer systems to know if the software was given in a legal way or not. Is the key word. It's used to verified if the user that wants to get in the system is that user or not, that's why the user must know the password. Security Tips Checks if the information that wants to get into a server has the permission to do so or not. It allows us to save document with a password so that only the people who know it can access to the documents. Crackers Hackers To avoid that a virus or any person can damage or steal your information it is necessary to do a support of your information. To make a copy of all your information in any kind of saving device. Introduction

Computer Security

Transcript: The following are some of the measure to protect computer equipment Cover equipment to avoid dust. Dust can damage electronic components Work place is well ventilated. Do not block/cover openings at the back of a system unit or monitor. Computer equipment should be positioned on a stable surface. Avoid plugging and unplugging cables while computer is switched on Use usernames and passwords to log in Baking up data to a secondary storage medium (USB flash disk, CD/DVD Shutting down the computer properly. Avoid eating or drinking next to computer equipment Data Security Protecting software and data from unauthorised tampering or damaga Install an anti-virus program - able to detect and remove viruses Update the anti-virus program regularly Treat all files (especially those with .exe and .vbs extensions) attached to emails with caution Do not open attached files before scanning with update anti-virus software Avoid sharing of files via USB flash disks, CD/DVDs etc. some computer users may unknowingly transmit virues via disks. Make regurlar back up copies of all data files present in your computer. There are 2 main categories of computer security: Physical and Data Security Computer Viruses Information Security A computer virus is a piece of program designed and written to make additonal copies of itself and spread from one location to another, without user knowlede There are different categories of viruses: some may corrupt data some may destroy data stored in the hard disk Computer Protection This is concerned with protecting hardware from possible human and natural disasters Computing equipment should be locked when not in use. Laptops can be secured to a desk by means of a security cable Physical Security

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