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Screen Free Week

Transcript: (Z) Screen time is habit-forming: the more time kids engage with screens, the harder time they have turning them off as they get older For teens, too much screen time is linked to increased psychological conflicts such as; hyperactivity, emotional problems, difficulties with peers, and poor school performance. A WHOLE WEEK? (P) The facts. Incentives Not only will you realize that you don't have to rely on technology to have fun, you will have more time to spend with people that you care about Why do this? (Z) December 28th- January 3rd Screen-Free Week is an annual, international celebration when schools, families, and communities pledge to spend seven days without digital entertainment. Thanks for being an awesome audience! (P) (I) Time for some magic (Z) (I) More than 60% of people watching TV spend time distracted by their mobile devices Only 6% of people watching TV have no distractions at all. Screen Free Week Sign your name to commit to this opportunity Our list Think about it Things to do By: FHS students Discuss... Discuss in your groups what activities over break that you could do (not involving screens) (B) (I) (Z) Our goal is to try and limit screen use for the purpose of entertainment, however using them as tools for learning in school is a positive way to use technology. (Z) We know what you're thinking, THATS A LONG TIME. Winter break= lots of free time. With all that time you're on a tablet or computer you could spend it with your family or friends. Instead of completely going 100% screen free we just ask you to limit your use. Try going on your device 1-2 hours less than you usually do in a day Take the Pledge For participating in Screen Free week successfully (limiting the time you use technology that's not for educating purposes) you have the chance to win.... Free custard from Culver's Treehouse franklin (playhouse) coupons Bounce Around discounts many more What devices are really for..... Isn't this a screen?? (B) 1) Cook dinner with your family 2) Make holiday cards 3) Go ice skating 4) Go on a walk 5) Go bowling 6)Build a snowman 7) Go to a high school sporting event 8) Read a book 9) Arts and crafts 10) Make a new recipe "Technology is intended to enhance our ability to collaborate, not replace the need for personal interaction" - Forbes magazine When we are on our devices we are missing out on time that could be spent with our friends and family (P) What is it? How many T.V's do you have at your house? How many of you eat while you watch T.V/ are on your ipod or tablet? We like to multi-task (Z) Thank you!

Screen-Free Week!

Transcript: The Benefits Be more productive Doing these screen-free alternative activities consistently, you will train yourself to become less reliant on devices. You won't be sucked into other people's live as much. We are so involved in what other people are doing, in reality it's not as important to us as we make it seem. Start to focus on important things like school, relationships with friends & family, yourself. Things To Do watching TV increases the risk of caner, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and premature death increases bad eating habits reduces lifespan once over 25, every hour of TV reduces your lifespan by 22 min Lowers self esteem Harder to communicate with other, not being able to text or call you won't be able to communicate immediately. ex. Without devices, you would have to talk in person, hard to locate someone. 25% of Americans say that they have missed out on important life events. -Pledge Card -101 Scree-Free Activities -Parent Letter (Signed and Returned) -Activity Log (VERY IMPORTANT) Screens such as a TV, phone, computer, video game, etc. can distract a person from tasks that they need to get done just Having a phone visible can be distracting. Reminds people of the “broader social community” multitasking leads to 40% drop in productivity, and increased stress Information - Bowling - Skate; Roller Skating, Skateboarding - Cook/Bake - Play sports - Make Christmas/Birthday List - Decorate your room - Take photos (with disposable cameras) - Take A Hike - Go get ice cream/hot chocolate with friends Brett W, Allison M, Lizzy L, Kyle H, Vishal Health Issues Disadvantages Video Your Screen-Free Kit Screen-Free Week!

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