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Computer Repair Powerpoint Template

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Computer Repair

Transcript: Trojan: Owner installs program and virus is hiding inside of it. My Paper and Project connected because in my paper I researched prices of different pieces a computer and what each piece does, which helped an incredible amount when it came time to connect those parts together to create a working machine. Viruses! Learned money and time management skills Values By Aaron Tinnell Parts of a computer: Paper and Project Connection Malware: Software intended to break into and/or damage a computer system. Career: I plan on pursuing this as a career in the future, I loved every second of making my computer and seeing how everything was done. Evidence Prices Paper: Procrastinated like everyone. Project: Was Scared to meet mentor and start, but he turned out to be very nice and made the project not seem as much of a daunting task Portfolio: Did everything last minute at lab, glad I had all the papers. Presentation: Comfortable in front of an audience. Motherboard Cpu Hard Drive Video Card Ram Fan Learning Stretch Research Paper Conclusion What a virus does: Attaches to something and replicates itself can destroy files in the process. Project My Mentor was Aaron Barnes, Owner of Lassen PC With his help I bought the pieces to and built my own gaming PC Personal: I've always had an interest in computers since I was very young, so this seemed like the perfect project for me. Knew nothing about hardware in a computer in the beginning. Computer Repair Tips (I learned) on handling a computer: Don't touch the motherboard if you're not grounded! Pay attention to the screws you're using. Four P's Learned function of every piece and how to properly put it all together. To summarize, I learned an incredible amount from doing senior project, and I now have something I've built with my own two hands that I can say I am proud of. Motherboard: 134.99$ Processor: 124.99$ Ram: 26.99$ Video Card: 79.99 Total (with tax) 396.31

Computer Repair

Transcript: Computer Technision Garrett Beedle Pd.7 *Converses with customers to determine details of equipment problems. *Reassembles machines after making repairs or replacing parts. *Travels to customers' stores or offices to service machines or to provide emergency repair service. *Reinstalls software programs or adjusts settings on existing software to fix machine malfunctions. *Advises customers concerning equipment operation, maintenance, or programming. *Tests new systems to ensure that they are in working order. *Assembles machines according to specifications, using hand or power tools and measuring devices. *Operates machines to test functioning of parts or mechanisms. *Maintains records of equipment maintenance work or repairs. *Installs and configures new equipment, including operating software or peripheral equipment. 3). My career will benefit my future family by my kids learning how to fix computers at an early age and them helping other people with their comuter. Computer Technision 2). My career will benefit society by helping people with broken or unusable computers due to a problem. 4). My income will be an average of $15.07 per hour. How will you get there? •What training will you need for your career? •How long will your training take? •What degrees or certifications will you need? •Where will you go to get your training? •How much will your training cost? 1). I choose this career because I like to work with computers and anything electronicall.

Computer repair

Transcript: job outlook How to become a technician? How much they get paid appollo astro aurora What are computer technicians jobs? A computer information technician is a worker who supports technology and helps its users. Responsible for fixing computer problems, maintaining the system network and helping computer users understand the system, these workers can be on-site employees dedicated to one office, or they can be on-call independent contractors who may also work as IT specialists for other offices or computer users. Some companies specialize in offering IT help for hire, often to individuals with computer problems. The average full-time computer information technician makes just over $40,000 US Dollars (USD) per year. A computer information technician might also be called an information technician (IT), computer service technician and network or systems administrator. computer support specialist A technician needs a degree although its not absolutely needed to earn a bachelors degree. They need to be certified.. They offer test to gain certification. Technology is always changing therefore computer technicians always stay atop of education. Work enviornment They also build or monitor networks. They are expected to diagnose and repair both hardware and software issues. During a standard workday. Install, repair, maintain, and fix computer issu kevin winters Computer repair Technicians often work in well lit climate controlled environments, necessary for completing work. Computers technicians must be able to see inside computers to replace and repair small components. They often travel from business to business to complete there work. citations A few tips about computer techinicans. list of computer tech code names

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