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Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F What is your presentation about? Introduction E Add more content here Next Topic Present all the details Add More Slides D Life is an Open Book.. Ready to Turn the Next Page? C A Perfect Template for Various Topics: A Perfect Template for Various Topics: B "There is no friend as loyal as a book." - Ernest Hemingway "So many books, so little time." - Frank Zappa "Don't read books. Make prezis!" - Author A Thank you! Physician Assisted Death not proper to call it physician assisted suicide Physician Assisted Death "To qualify under Death with Dignity statutes, you must be an adult resident of a state where such a law is in effect (CA,CO,OR,VT,WA); mentally competent, i.e. capable of making and communicating your healthcare decisions; and diagnosed with a terminal illness that will lead to death within six months as confirmed by two physicians. The process entails two oral requests, one written request, waiting periods, and other requirements." Death with Dignity You can self administer where ever you choose. The law requires your doctor to tell you to not do it in a public place. 95% take it at home. Where Can I take the medication? Phenobarbital/chloral hydrate/morphine sulfate mixture costs about $450-$500. An alternative consisting of morphine sulfate, propanolol, diazepam and digoxin and a buffer suspenion costs about $600. 1 in 3 people never take the med but knowing they have this as an option gives them comfort. 9/10 of all patients are enrolled in hospice. Kantanism is against this because Kant would say to tough out the dying process naturally is more important than ending it at will. Utilitarianism would be in favor of this because it ends the suffering of the person and the choice to end life is the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Utilitarianism believes in the pursuit of happiness. What would you do if faced with a terminal illness, live and suffer and have your family suffer watching you deteriorate or pass peacefully with those you want around you preparing them for your death before you make the decision of the day to end your life?

Computer Ethics

Transcript: Computer Ethics Using copyrighted material can be legal in some cases. There are many rules to using copyrighted material also. Things That Aren’t Copyrighted: •Federal publications, but not necessarily publications of State, Local, or Foreign Governments. •Works published before 1/1/78 without a copyright notice. •Works with an expired copyright, generally 75 years after publication or 100 years after creation may be used, unless the copyright was renewed. •Facts and ideas BUT using the same plot, sequence, organization, structure, arrangement or style is prohibited (films & Movies) Things That Copyright Owners Can Authorize: •Reproduce the work in any form or medium •Prepare a work that is based on or derived from the original work •Distribute copies •Performing the work live •Displaying of work Cyber-bullying is the use of technology, such as the internet and text messaging to post hateful things about another. Signs of being bullied: Computer Avoidance, Computer Obsession, Change in behaviour at home, Change in behaviour at school, and avoiding school. The death rate is continuing to grow more and more everyday because of bullying. Brainstorm Hacking is the process of the use of technology to manipulate others. Hackers are associated with malicious programs that attack on the Internet and other networks. Malicious attacks on computer networks are officially known as cracking. There are many ways to avoid being hacked. Practice using strong passwords, don’t reuse passwords, and don’t hash or rehash passwords. There are many ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. If you throw away confidential information or mail, shred it first. Never leave your personal laptop or computer open to the public. Never leave up personal information, such as bank accounts information either. Encryption can also decrease your chance of being a victim of these horrible acts. There is two categories of cyber-bullying: Synchronic (Chat rooms, IM, Text messaging) && Asynchronic (Social networks, email). (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Media Privacy Budapest Media privacy San Francisco The Most Affected are those between the ages of 9 – 14 and those that are in the grades 6th – 8th. Hacking Most kids only do it for laughs and other do it for revenge, boredom, and a boost of confidence. Illegal File Transfers ....or BAD! Cyber Bullying Stockholm In today 's generation, tchnology plays a very important role. Computers can be used for GOOD.... (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Identity theft (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr There are many types of identity theft such as criminal, financial, identity cloning, medical, and child. Many identity thieves obtain information from rummaging through trash, hacking into your system, stealing checks and cards, and using public records. Cyber bullying Illegal file transfers Using Copyrighted Material Without Permission The meaning of identity theft is when someone is stealing another person's identity. During this act, the person pretends to be someone else by perpetrating that person’s identity. People usually do this to have access to credit cards and other resources. The victim can be punished with consequences if he/she is held accountable for the actions that are made with the resources that the thief is using. Organizations can also suffer from identity theft. Topics (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr File transferring includes the act of when peers distribute or provide access to computer programs such as audio, images, video, documents, and electronic books. Not all file sharing is legal though and not all of them are illegal. There have been many legal debates that have caused many lawsuits in the United States. If an artist agrees that it is okay to access their material that way, a party has all the rights to access this material. Using copyrighted material without permission Identity Theft Hacking There are charges that can be put forth on you if use any items that you don’t have permission to use. These items consist: movies, music, motion pictures, graphic, sculptural work, and dramatic works.

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