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Transcript: Composting is supposed to be helping the enviroment by diverting waste away from landfills. But is it really working? COMPOSTING IN ONTARIO WHAT IS THE COST OF COMPOSTING? IS ENOUGH GREEN BIN WASTE BEING DIVERTED FROM LANDFILLS? WHAT'S THE BAD SIDE TO COMPOSTING? WHAT'S THE ENVIROMENTAL BENIFIT TO PROMOTING COMPOSTING? ARE PEOPLE USING THE GREEN BINS? WHAT ARE SOME POSSIBLE WAYS TO GET PEOPLE TO USE THEIR GREEN BINS? In some county's there is a 1 garbage bag limit. This helps people be more aware of what they put in the garbage and makes them better recyclers and composters. show people ways to line their green bin so there are no pests and no smells! see line your green bin sources: -enviromentalproductsdivision -waterloo record (ontario ministery of the enviroment) -city of barrie website The end!! The composting program in ontario has been around for at least 10 years. It is not working. 30% of kitchen organics still go to landfills -55% of garbage that could be recycled or composted ends up in landfills -Landfills will fill up within 10 years at this rate I think composting is great for the enviroment but ontario is not doing a good job at it. We are spending too much and not enough people use this program. The government should do a better job educating people about green bin use and encourage it by limiting the number of garbage bags allowed to one or two per week. They should also promote backyard composting so people will have great soil to use on gardens and lawns. -if the green bin program is sucessful, we will divert 6000 garbage trucks every year. Instead of going to a garbage dump they'll be going into a composting facility -helps avoid creating so much pollution, including greenhouse gases -encourages people to be enviromentally friendly by thinking about how much waste we produce and how we can cut back We are transporting our compost to neighbouring municipalites. In the process we are producing more exaust fumes from the trucks. The average household produces 4.5kg of kitchen organics per week -popcorn/pet food bags -organics origami (fold newspaper to fit the inside of your bin! learn how at -paper bags -wrap food up in news paper before throwing into bin -boxboard -paperleaf and yardwaste bags Remember to shut bin tightly so insects can't get in! conclusion Ontario towns and cities have barely made a dent in the amount of waste that ends up in landfills some people say they don't use the green bin because putting food waste in a seperate container may attract wildlife. This argument doesn't make sense because food waste already existed, in garbage bags Thanks for reading! line your green bin! 70% of kitchen organics are being composted. so yes, most people are using the green bin program. Why does the other 30% go to landfills? Excuses! These ways of lining your green bin help to reduce odours and pests and keep food from sticking to the bin. More than $320 million was spent on waste diversion in ontario last year. -only 40% of ontarians have acess to a curbside green bin -the entire process of composting takes about a year from start to finish Toronto makes about 100,000 tonnes of organic waste annually. Every ton of green bin waste costs $270. That's $27,000,000 every year, just in Toronto!!!

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