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Class II Composite PCD Template

Transcript: "Wants to establish dentist, needs teeth cleaning" LDV: approx. 3 yrs ago Has not established regular care since graduating college. Was on regular 6 mos. r/c as child and teenager. Had orthodontic tx as teenager Dental History Recommended Alternatives Exam #29 DO amalgam No tx Pre-op Final Preparation Odontogram Final Restoration Caries mid prep Medical History P: #29 DO composite A: #29 DO amalgam, no tx R: Tooth sensitivity, changes to occlusion and proximal contact. Risk of amalgam is more tooth removal required and poor esthetics. Risk of no tx is progression of caries possibly necessitating indirect restoration, RCT, tooth pain, possibly loss of tooth Q: Patient asked if anesthetic would be necessary and was told yes, it is recommended The Patient Care Cycle Self-assessment and reflection Photos Informed Consent Treatment What went well: Final preparation was conservative and all walls were smooth #29 distal caries, primary moderate Chief Complaint Disease Prevention Plan: 1) OHI 2) Diet/nutrition counselling 3) Fluoride varnish and home rinse What did not go well: Rubber dam was not well placed around anterior teeth due to crowding. Excess composite was left B and L Next Visit: Prophy, Periodic oral eval What will I do different next time: Punch holes based on dx cast, use #15 blade for clean-up Radiographs, photographs, diagnostic casts Maintenance interval: 6 mos. Treatment Plan Maintenance/Disease Prevention Healthy 24 y.o. female, ASA I. Only med is oral contraceptive Diagnosis #29 DO composite

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