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Competitive Matrix Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: Creating something entirely new to resolve the conflict. All parties endorse the compromise. This is the style that I tried to use. I wanted her and I to talk about our problem, and come up with possible solutions. Leave the oppertunity to talk wide open for both of us. After we came up with possible solutions we would have agreeed on what we were going to do, but it didnt work like that. I know that it is really hard style to complete, but I was hoping this is the style we could have used. Use when you have to make the decision. Concerned with the outcome and not with relationship How Do We Resolve Conflict? Do not want to rock the boat-Decisions are not usually made. Trying to protect self. Will give in, set aside one’s needs to ensure that other’s needs are met. My sister have I have shared a room for as long as I can remember. I was always the really clean and organized one, whereas her side of the room was always a mess. No matter how many times I asked her to clean her side of the room she refused. She would always come up with excuses like I have homework, I have plans, I'm making food, or things like that. We shared a room for sixteen years until we moved into a new house, and this was always a problem until then. Conflict/ Situation: Give up something and expect something will be given up in return. Outcome is not meeting everyone’s needs but is acceptable. This style would never have worked for me. I know that it wasnt a very important issue, but to me it was. I am a very clean person and her mess was bothering me. I couldnt have just said whatever ill get over or clean it myself, because then she would have expected me to everytime. This is really the "Whatever" style. The only way this style would have work was if my sister was willing to cooperate with me, but she wasnt. We both wanted to have a good realationship later on, and we do but she wasnt will to cooperate. I was trying to tell her that if she just did it once a week I'd be okay with it, but she still didnt want to do it. She also didnt offer me anything back in return, so the compromising style was not going to work for us. This is the style that my sister used against me. She always had an exuse when I asked her to clean her side of the room. Our issue wasnt really all that important when I look back at it now, so the avoidance style is the style that she used against me. I shouldnt have let her avoid the sitituation, but my personality type is what allow her to do it. Mediation: is a process in which a third party who is neutral in regard to the issue guides the parties in the conflict through a voluntary discussion with the goal of settling the dispute. If I was to use the competitive style I would have ratted my sister out everytime I asked her to pick up her side of the room when she didnt. I wouldnt have been worried about what she thought about me, or what our relationship would have been like. Her feelings wouldnt have matter to me just the outcome of our conflict. Negotiation: is a communication process where two or more parties to a dispute examine issues, explain their position and exchange offers and counter offers to reach agreement. Goal: not for one to win while others lose Focuses on issues, not people involved Reduces the emotional component An option can be to exit the situation Observant Compromising Competitive: Avoidance/Reactive style: Consensus

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