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Competitive landscape

Transcript: Paid Jill: The Health Blogger Bloggers Using our list of bloggers in the quantified self, health/weightloss, technology, and healthcare space. We will start emailing them at the end of September and follow the rule of three. Give three things before asking for one. Traditional Media We have a list of 50 traditional reporters from newspapers and television. The process is very similar to the above mentioned one for bloggers. Capital Factory Demo Day Pitch in mid October to a group of technology investors and early adopters. Partnerships United Regional Healthcare, Physicians, Affiliates Testimonials Doctors, nutritionists, trainers, and hospital executives Cool Kids (technologists, early adopters, etc.) Just snap a picture of what you eat. No manual input required. Emphasis on real food, not counting calories. Quality over quantity. Movement Nutrition Sandy is a trendy mom that has used Myfitnesspal for over a year. She gossips with her group of friends. Branding Experience Objective Create a compelling story that spreads. Connect to users on an emotional level. Think Nike. Userbase: 25K downloads by end of the year Coverage: Extensive coverage and buzz Community: Dedicated userbase that feel Otaku Blog Content (See timeline) On quantified self, design, app development, holistic health, and game design. Meetup/events I.e. Wordpress engine Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Community/existing customers Earned A remarkably simple way to get and stay healthy. Jill is a health nut who blogs about weight loss, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. She has an audience and an incentive to share. Sandy: The Trendy Mom Brain Break Owned Tom downloads the latest apps and geeks out over the newest hardware. He'll be in line to buy the new iPhone 5S (and google glass). He blogs. Initially launch and offerings must be aimed at Early Adopters. Our offering must be so remarkable they pay attention. Our message must be easy to spread. When someone starts Loop - they're adopting a new persona. Changes in the market Simplicity SEO Facebook and Twitter promoted posts Viral/Community Marketing Outbrain recommended Affiliate marketing: Gyms, nutritionists, health websites Game mechanics drive user engagement and incentize participation. Entirely new concept. Turns abstraction into something concrete. Rewards Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not slapping on marketing as a last-minute add-on, but understanding that if your offering itself isn't remarkable, it's invisible. Early Adopters Pain points: Too much work, ugly, restrictive, not cool (mostly) Tom: The Quantified Selfer Leveraging new M7 chip - passive tracking requiring no input.

Competitive Landscape

Transcript: Maverick PR About: Fresh, forward-thinking and living a fun, fast-paced lifestyle. Always in style. Likes: To be visually stimulated and entertained. Ideal dinner date: I would take you to the hottest new restaurant where we would enjoy signature oysters and the chef's special, while sipping a patron cocktail. Looks for: Someone who can meet me stride-for-stride, staying ahead of the times together. Anstice - Yellow Door Bistro/River Cafe Client B RESULTS Competitive Landscape: an off-site presentation Client C Cohn & Wolfe Edelman So what are we saying... On first impressions: Fresh - are we ahead of the times? Creative - are we different? Solid - Do we communicate our results? Professional - Are we always professional? Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers Would you date this guy? Anstice "I have this friend who'd be GREAT for you..." Hill + Knowlton The dating game About: Handsome, refined and always in a good suit. Conservative by nature. Likes: Routine, cigars, box seats at the game Ideal dinner date: I love the scotch collection at Buchanan's and their filet mignon is marinated exquisitely. Looks for: Someone who values hard work, understand the complexity and seriousness of my industry, and can work with my busy schedule. About: The guy next door - fun and friendly, but plays it safe. Likes: Hockey pools, friends and bonfires Ideal dinner date: The pub around the corner. They have great draft beers and an awesome bison burger. Looks for: Someone who's in touch with current trends, but is happy to play in my comfort zone. SURPRISE AND DELIGHT You never want a relationship to get into a rut – be spontaneous RESULTS THAT PROVE YOU’RE WORTH IT Remind them time and again why they chose you ? Reformation PR Secure new business through great first impressions High success rate on RFPs (75%) Wow current clients Increase of AOR clients Inspire competitors Communicate our competitive edge CLIENT First impressions Field Law Sanjel Pheonix Coyotes Ookpiks Student Awards Market Hockey Canada STARS Edge School H+K Inspired by.... How to lose a client in 10 days: Or, how to be the perfect girlfriend BPR Environics First impressions...GO! Maverick PR - Crisis Comms Immedia National Client A e-agency Hill + Knowlton - Nexen Takeover

Competitive Landscape

Transcript: 50% of schools use discovery Social media Community outreach (events) Conferences they host (Den Summer Institute) Sales of their Techbook Spotlight and focus on science Highlight their young scientist program Streaming K-8: $2600 per school/yr 9-12: $3150 per school/yr Techbook (Based on six year plan) $45 per student $55 per high school student relies on references from schools Features YouTube 2,475 Followers Marketing Out of This World Competitors Pricing Pricing Strategic approach Edmodo Edutopia Edsurge YouTube Audience Creative Outlook Other Creative Outlook Marketing Social Media Joining the Conversation Newsletter Media K-12 Teachers Facebook 2,209,600 Followers Continuous Learner Discovery Education Learn 360 Safari Khan Academy Smithsonian Learning Lab Brain pop YouTube Education Google+ 801,959 Followers Marketing Features Language Training Workforce Education Custom Training Courseware Informal Learning Programs Custom Content & Curriculum Development Assessment Online Mentoring K-12 Teachers Social Position YouTube 2,651,154 Videos are easier than reading 500k + videos from recognizable brands : PBS, Khan, Stanford University, Numberphile, and more. YouTube Education for Schools network setting Reach a broad audience Business Model YouTube 52,225 Followers The goal of site is to give teachers a community and resources they need to educate their students more successfully Pricing Easy to Share Compare themselves to Discovery but more cost effective Global Diversity Award winning programs and series Dynamic Citations (MLA, APA, Chicago 5,000+ video with capations Lessons Worth Sharing Students Students K-12 Parents Paid Service Strategic Approach Freemium Pay for Concierge Service that defines your schools or personal edtech needs Marketing Founded in 2012 Pricing Students Marketing Social Media Blogs Events Success Stories (Case Studies) Media coverage Free Features Free Google products Virtual Field Trip Google for Education Community Google Training Resources, programs, and funding for science education Getting Better Together Students Free Pricing Pay for Services Audience Community Thought & Leadership Questions? Website Social Position Social Position Students Creative Outlook Creative Outlook Founded 1991 Strategic Approach Community Thought & Leadership • Smithsonian archives • Teacher Created collections • Quizzes • Hotspots (facts) • Embed videos K - 13+ Teacher Blogs Teacher Q & A's Videos Ability to foll teachers in your subject area and connect with them Deep dives which is there for teachers to grow Parents Google+ Audience What Works in Education Conferences (ISTE) and events (at each gallery) Media (magazines, press releases) Social Media Teachers Creative Approach Categorizing the website so it feels like a personalized experience for each user Centered around promoting reading and plays that are based off books Podcasts from the authors doing readings and backgrounds on the books they wrote Push fun and excitement for reading Community Integrated Studies Project based learning Social and emotional learning Teacher Development Technology Integration Classroom Guides Quizzes Audience Discover. Create. Share Founded in 2005 FaceBook 50,111 Price Range: $695 - $895 Designed off of Facebook Free Strategic Approach Resources for teachers from teachers Shout out great posts from other companies such as buzzfeed about teachers Go-to resource for teachers Social media they want to promote the teacher community as well as resources for a good year The Teaching Channel Scholastic Pearson Education Creative Outlook Connecting teachers to their most powerful resource...Each other. YouTube 35,926 Followers Smithsonain Archives Teacher/Smithsonian Created Collections Quizzes HotSpots (facts) Embed Videos Features Pricing YouTube NEA Creative Outlook Creative Outlook Teachers K-12 Marketing Newsletter User Summit Events Social Media Paid Advertisements Streaming Media Marketing Marketing Social Meida Media( Awards and NY times recognition) Teachers write blogs for other media outlets (huffington post) Instagram Business Approach Paid Service Founded 1999 Marketing Social Media Google Local Educator Group Google Certified Training Case Studies YouTube 2,965,741 Followers Pricing Features: Discovery Techbook Puzzle maker Lesson Plans Virtual Field Trips Streaming Plus Worksheets to go Offer Student Assessments to meet their needs Features Features Google+ Twitter 22,800 Followers Twitter 110,000 Followers Legacy Pricing* as low as $205 per buidling Google+ 564,391 Followers Competitors Founded in 2010 Teachers Marketing Social Media Press Releases Awards Received 350,000 Schools and 190 countries Video Streaming Library Learning Object Repository IPTV & Live Media Streaming Digital Lesson Tools Google Drive Integration Student Interface Mobile Integration that allows users to access safari without wifi Website Students Teachers Business Model Strategic Approach Social Media is pointed towards

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