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Transcript: All candidates are interviewed thoroughly and have identification and qualifications checked All members of the compass team have extensive experience in recruiting internationally All members of the compass team have extensive experience in recruiting internationally Available resources to deal with large recruitment campaigns in locations across the globe We aim to build long term relationships with tailor made service we make regular visits to the region to meet our clients to discuss how we can work more closely together The ability to recruit local candidates or expatriates from around the world "No matter where you are in the world, Compass Global Resourcing endeavours to ensure your move to or within the MENA region is a smooth and pleasant experience." permanent All Global Resoucing consultants have extensive experience in recruiting internationally Environmental/Geotechnical Each having worked in the Technical Recruitment sector for over 10 years Plant Facilities Management Quality Control/ Assurance Rail Recruitment Administration freelance Africa Sectors we specialise in.. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr UK based Why choose us.. Highways & Infrastructure Construction (Build) To find out more visit our website at Building Structures & Bridges Architecture Compass Global Resourcing The International Recruitment Specialists Water QS & Contract Administration Construction (Civils) MEP Project Management Middle East are a agency specialising in supplying and staff to companies throughout the and


Transcript: -Qibla is the way you are supposed to face to perform a Muslim prayer Why Was It Invented? -610 CE -Died December 13, 1048 What is it? What does it do? - He studied physics, math, astronomy, natural science -He was a Persian man -The invention of the Qibla Compass helped to lead to the invention of modern compass Qibla Compass -Before the compass, it was hard to determine the Qibla -Al Biruno wrote a book on how the compass should operate... Then the Muslims made the actual compass using his mechanics and information -Now, you can get it on your computer, or mobile device, so wherever you are, you know which way to pray -Al Biruno wrote his book, and then the Muslims made the compass in a factory When Was It Created? What Is The Story surrounding The Creation Of It? - Around the time Mount Fuji erupted in Japan Creditsū_Rayḥān_al-Bīrūnī -18th Century -So, someone decided to make it easier for Muslims to pray - Circular item -Persia - Indicates the direction to face to perform ritual prayers Who Created It? -Then, it was easier for them to perform their five daily prayers towrds Mecca -People built the compass off of Al Biruno's book -It was invented to help Muslims to know where to pray What Significance Does It Have For Us Today? -It has led to greater inventions... as in more advanced technology -The Qibla is the direction you need to face to perform a ritual Muslim prayer A presentation by Sarah and Devon -Born in Kath, Khwarezm -The compass made it easier for them to know where Mecca was Where Was It Created? - Born September 5, 973 -Al Biruno -It helped youth growing up understand the importance of praying towards Mecca

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