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Transcript: THANK YOU! INTEGRATED SOCIAL STUDIES LEARNING ELA SCIENCE MATH ART SOCIAL STUDIES ITSELF MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY TEACHER-PREPARED SOCIAL STUDIES LEARNING Kinniburgh, L. H., & Busby, R. S. (2008). No Social Studies: Left Behind: Integrating Social Studies during the Elementary Literacy Bloch. Journal Of Content Area Reading, 7(1), 55-85. Tyson, H., & Woodward, A. (1989). Why students aren't learning very much from textbooks. Retrieved October 2, 2015 “Textbooks have become compendiums of topics, none of which are treated in much depth (Tyson, Woodward, 1989)”. It encourages students to use critical reading skills to analyze primary documents. Students are able to visualize a connection between social studies and other subjects, thus have a better understanding of them. Able to practice and enhance skills learned in other classes such as reading and writing skills from English language arts. PROS / CONS: contain varieties that offer students different activities to encompass every type of learner time saving. companies are selling these goods to gain profit and most disregard the quality of activities. these materials do not always cover every performance object Do not go into depth. What is it? Give an example. Integrated curriculum has become the solution to many schools regarding the teaching of social studies. Schools feel forced to concentrate on improving language arts and math skills that many have left social studies floating in the air. Nonetheless, it is fundamental that teachers realize the importance of teaching social studies; “A country that depends on a well-informed citizenry that understands how democracy functions and knows something of the world beyond its own borders cannot afford to overlook the social studies (Kinniburgh, Busby, 2008)”. With an integrated social studies curriculum, teachers are given the opportunity to design a curriculum that allows students to learn, practice, and apply social studies knowledge while balancing it with another core subject like English, science, art, math, etc. For instance students in a third grade classroom are learning about different events from the past. After researching primary and secondary sources, they will create a story about what it would have been like if they would have been there in that moment. In this activity, students will learn about significant events by using primary documents and applying their writing and creativity skills to write their own story. SOCIAL STUDIES LEARNING COMPARISON TEXTBOOK SOCIAL STUDIES LEARNING Not enough time to encompass all standards and/or objectives. Social studies may not be emphasized enough as the main subject and instead be pushed aside or wont be taught in depth as it would isolated. Successful integration of curriculum requires skilled teachers. “This sort of teacher is one who will truly reap the benefits of integrating social studies…thus ensuring that social studies is not left behind (Kinniburgh, Busby, 2008)”. INTEGRATED SOCIAL STUDIES LEARNING REFERENCES What is it? Give an example. There are over a million companies that offer teachers material such as lesson plans, activities, games, books, strategies, and ideas. While curriculum purchased social studies learning allows teacher to have materials ready it does not necessarily mean that it is credible or up to par with all social studies standards. It is nice to be able to save time and simply purchase lesson plans and activities to entertain students but teachers are still responsible for knowing the content. For example, I will buy a curriculum that includes activities and workbooks students will work out of. How do you plan on implementing it? Why? I would purchase a curriculum from the best publishers such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, or Houghton Mifflin. Then look at the curriculum and material to ensure that every activity and lesson meets an AZ standard. If activity is engaging and taught in depth then I will use it. That is the process that will be taken for every activity - with some modifications as well. As to what exactly I would do remains a mystery, but, I would simply use the activities to teach each standard because it is vital that students are comprehending the content. What is it? Give an example. Teacher-prepared social studies learning is when teachers construct their own curriculum. This is a great way to teach social studies because there is no one who knows students better than the teacher. A teacher knows exactly who needs what, how his or her students learn, and resources needed to ensure effectiveness of instruction – better known as, differentiation. An example is creating a lesson plan on cultures - where students will have the chance to design a presentation about their own culture a culture that they are interested about. How & why do you plan on implementing it? This will be great in a classroom because it is important to captures students attention by involving them in their learning. To

Comparison Matrix

Transcript: Curriculum Development Softwares Comparison Matrix of Curriculum Development Softwares streamline curriculum sharing within your own district to ensure overall alignment use of filters and search capabilities to easily reference standards, courses, or topics define, manage and analyze both formative and district-wide assessments as well as ever-changing state and national standards usage of Student Portal to lead discussion, make announcements, assign homework, and provide educational resources to students and parents technical support is available during business hours and a mailing address, email address and telephone numbers are provided Disadvantages Curricuplan is a comprehensive professional development tool for using data in instructional decision making, aligning curriculum, determining instruction, assessing with standards, and designing innovative and engaging classroom instruction. Attributes Build Your Own Curriculum. (2015). Build Your Own Curriculum. Retrieved from http:// Curricuplan. (2015). Curriuplan. Retrieved from Eduphoria! (2015). Eduphoria! Retrieved from Ornstein, A. C., Pajak, E., & Ornstein, S. B. (2011). Contemporary Issues in Curriculum (5TH ed). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Wiles, J. W. & Bondi, J.C. (2011). Curriculum Development: A Guide to Practice (8th ed.) Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Attributes Flor Estela Mendieta 506 Theories and Best Practices of Curriculum and Instruction December 21, 2015 Theone Williams Eduphoria provides schools with the tools to create the most successful learning environments while maintaining budget and enhancing education. There is an array of applications that reinforce success in the classroom. Curriculum must be a living tool for learning that is standards-based and aligned between the standards and curriculum that is verified. Curriculum must serve as a foundation for building a collaborative culture, making the focus of teachers going beyond their classrooms. Build Your Own Curriculum is easily developed, accessible and time friendly, it also enhances classroom instruction, improves student learning and serves as a catalyst for addressing the needs of all students. Advantages Advantages Curricuplan is an easy to use, web based product for teachers and administrators to manage district curriculum online log on to secure sites where plans are available powerful mapping feature to transform schools into high-performing learning communities templates are easy to use and can be customized content is added in a single page template which includes fields for multiple authors, integrated state standards, assessments, resources and technology technical assistance provided with purchase, either by telephone, email or by completing an online form Advantages Disadvantages Attributes works best with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 & 11, and Firefox, module will not work in Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9 Aware Premium edition is only available for Texas districts PDAS and Analysis & Benchmarking are to be purchased separately Disadvantages professional development management and collaboration platform goes beyond registration, reporting and logistics to focus on the end goal, educator growth student assessment is complex, therefore, Aware is an enhanced system for simplifying test construction and analyzing student progress create lessons with a fully-featured, teacher-friendly planner that directly integrates with district resources and state standards Helpdesk is a powerful tool for any K- 12 technology, maintenance, or instructional department technical support can be accessed via phone or email pricing is very reasonable fee Per Campus/School if Purchasing District Wide: $345/yr fee Per Campus/School if Purchasing Individually: $395/yr Curricuplan is a hosted subscription service based on an annual renewal rate Pricing is based on the number or user licenses the first year requires a minimal one time set up/implementation fee when technical issues arises there will be no or limited access cost for a year subscription is a $3,500 set up fee and $35 - $50 fee for each teacher license/user registration References CUR expensive initiative cost not listed on web page, must contact them to obtain quotes and prices when technical issues arises there will be no or limited access cost for one year subscription is $2 per student enrolled in the district, $1,000 set up fee, and $1,000 license fee Build Your Own Curriculum is the best one that meets the instructional needs of students and cost for one year: the program is user friendly, easy to navigate, and houses all needs - standards, lessons, and assessments allows teachers to review student's prior knowledge to anticipate what the student will need to reinforce the Student Portal is an excellent resource to connect with students and parents with

matrix carrier comparison

Transcript: by Nate dog bowman black smith and aircraft mechanic black smith core tasks how much and what type of metal heat metal till it is hot enough to shape place it on an anvil to hammer it to shape cool the metal in water finish by removing imperfections and sanding it smooth work place work place Work for manufacturing companies work in workshops called forges or smithies work out doors in all weather conditions installing their work education education High school graduate 2 year in college or technical training Math skills, knowledge of metallurgy, good eyesight ,physically fit,and patient ATTRIBUTES & ABILITIES attributes and abilities I like to work with machinery and planes i like working with my hands why im intrested why I'm interested $10-$22 per hour earnings earnings They check the landing gear the instruments breaks valves and pumps check for corrosion distortion cracks in the fuselage wings and tail core tasks aircraft mechanic They usually work in hangars airline manufacturer repair shops government work in hangers and or other indoor areas even tho some work entirely outside workplace workplace 2 year college or technical training and certified by faa education and training education and training Work well with your hands hand eye coordination problem solving skills physically fit mechanically inclined attributes and abilities attributes and abilities I like to make stuff with my hands and i like working in a more dangerous environment why im intrested why I'm interested $33k-$100k per year earnings earnings

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