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Compare and contrast

Transcript: Beowulf vs Gawain He has a strength of 30 men, fights fire-breathing dragons and evil giant-born monsters! Yet he is loyal to his lord and a generous leader. Unfortunately he has a bad drinking problem; mead takes up a big part of his and his fellow warriors' lives. Although Beowulf is not an alcoholic, his fellow warriors are. Gawain Was written in the fourteenth century His personal honor and valor was important to him Was a Knight Numerous times throughout Sir Gawain, Gawain showed honor towards other people. One of the first places we see his bravery is right at the beginning of the book, when he is dining in King Arthur's court. Not only did he show his love for King Author, but also for his kingdom. He was a great warrior Was written in Eighten Century He was a King His greatest value is his bravery He doesn't lie or manipulate to achieve fame. Beowulf When his sword fails him he uses his physical strength He is nephew to King Arthur, and an honorable knight of Arthur's Round Table. He is very popular with the ladies, and quite charming. He is loyal to his king and queen and keeps his promises. Even if it's a promise to have his head chopped off by a big, angry Green Knight Indeed he is a brave, but foolish knight. Both They both demostrated true heroism They both helped people when people needed them, and treated them with great respect. They showed how much they cared for other people. Both poems share the same common ideas, such as the type of qualities that heroes posses. Each poems has a main character that exhibits these qualities of bravery, honor and truth. The End!! They both demostrate true heros For Example: "On the might of his hand , as a man do Who thinks to win in the welter of battle Enduring glory: He fears not death" On the right it's.... Sir Gawain! On the left it's.... Beowulf!

Compare and Contrast

Transcript: Compare and Contrast Food Homes Clothing Land Climate Government Recreation Impotant Beliefs Inventions The Algonquin lived in longhouses made of -cedar, ash, elm, fir bark Reason for using -sturdy The Iroquois people ate: -Strawberries,Blackberries -Beans -Green corn, little corn, Maize(corn), corn soup -Fish -Squash -early form of popcorn called ‘ogarita’ -maple syrup -wild fruit -roots -herbs -nuts Iroquois Iroquois The Algonquin people ate: -corn -beans -squash -fish -wild rice -meat(hunting, trapping) -boiled rice seasoned with berries and maple sugar -buffalo -moose -caribou -deer -elk -rabbit Iroqouis -Harvest festivals to thank the spirits for a bountiful harvest and ensure their aid with next year’s crop harvest -After a sick person recovered, he would make a face into a tree from a dream while burning tobacco Iroqouis The Algonquin wore: -birchbark raincoats -women made clothing out of hides from deer, caribou, moose -breechclout -leggings -women wore dresses -fur robe Instead of having war with different tribes, the Iroqouis played the game Lacrosse Algonquin -the weather was harsh -so cold it wasn’t rare to starve to death Algonquin Algonquin Algonquin The Alognquin governed themselves by: -signing treaties with the Europeans Algonquin The Algonquin people made many inventions to like: -canoes -grease -carpet -maple sugar -moose calls -containers -utensils -spears -bow and arrows The Iroquois lived in homes called wigwams made of birch or elm bark. Reason for using-to sleep in Iroquois -hunting -snowsnake(throw javelin like sticks in a trough and see how far they could get the stick) you would win if you got your stick the farthest. Highly skilled Iroqouis Algonquin Algonquin -very cold in the winter -warm summers Algonquin Iroqouis -had to be easy to defend(hilltop, swamp or marsh at the base) -had to be near areas rich soil for crops - A forest for both building materials and firewood -a supply of adequate drinking water The Iroqouis people had many inventions that helped the survive like: -toboggans -snowshoes -canoe Iroqouis -believed that all things have a spirit including plants, rocks and animals -if a hunter disrespects the animal he caught, he would not be successful in his next hunt -to show respect to the animal you killed, you would keep the bones and hang them on a tree The Algonquin people needed their land near a lake or marsh Algonquin Iroquois The Iroqouis wore: -Iroquois people wore clothes provided by buffalo hides or deer skin The Iroqouis governed themselves by: -The Great Law of Peace -Peacemakers

Compare and Contrast

Transcript: Compare and Contrast By: Alyssia McDoanld and Cameron Qiao Christianity Christianity was made when Jesus taught it to his followers. Jesus was believed to be the messiah or messenger from God. Their prayer leaders are called Priests and Pastors. There are three types of Christianity and they are Catholic, Baptist, and Episcipol. The key beliefs of the religion were listed on the 10 commandments. Their holy book is called a Bible. There are many holy days for Chistianity but the most common ones are Easter and Christmas. Christmas celebrates Jesus's birth and Easter celebrates Jesus's resurrection. Their place of worship is called a church. 2.1 billion people practice Christianity today. (2007) This is the symbol of Christianity. It symbolizes the monogram of Jesus Christ. "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul." -Jesus Buddhism started around 500 B.C. It was founded by a man from northern India. His name was Siddhartha Gautama. Nichiren Nichiren was one of the early prophets. He was the son of a fisherman. He entered the priesthood under the temple of Dozen of Seicho-ji. He enjoyed studying. He was known for being a major Japanese Monk. Key Beliefs Buddhists believe that the Buddhas faught for noble truths. NOBLE TRUTHS Life is filled with suffering Suffering is caused by people's wants Suffering can end if people stop wanting things. To stop wanting things you must follow the rules of the Eightfold Path. The Holy Book Of Buddhism. Buddhists read holy books called Tripitakas. Another name for them is the Three Baskets. They were first written in Sri Lanka. Buddhist Place Of Worship Buddhists usually worship at viharas. Vihara is a Pali word the means dwelling place. Buddhist Leaders The Buddhists believe in one main leader and that is the Dalai Lama. Buddhist Sects There were five different sects.The first one shown is the Hinayana sect.The Hinayana sect is the earliest form of Buddhism.They believe in the original doctrine of Shakyamuni. These Buddhists are also very diciplined and they believe that happiness can only occurr if you closely follow the Buddhas. This is the Esoteric sect. This sect developed by the 6th century in India.This type of Buddhism incorporated many different practices. This sect is called the Mahayana sect.This sect believes that Shakyamuni is only one emanation of Buddhahood.This type of Buddhism spread from China to Japan, it was a very popular form of Buddhism. This is the Pure Land sect.This sect believed in the western Buddha. It developed in India. They believed in their own heaven and that they would go there without any troubles. This is the Zen sect. This sect focuses on the happiness in meditation. Buddhist Symbol This is the symbol of Buddhism. It is a symbol of the Buddha's teachings. Buddha Day Buddha day is when Buddhists celebrate the life, enlightment, and the death of the Buddha. This happens every May on a night with a full moon. Buddhist Population Did you know that there is over 330 million(2009) Buddhists. Most Buddhists live in east Asia. Famous Quote A quote from Dalai Lama: "Today we are so interdependent, so closely interconnected that without a sense of universal responsibility, a feeling of universal brotherhood, & sisterhood & belief that we are all part of one human family, we cannot hope to over -come the damage to our existance-let alone bring peace & happiness." Contrast 1. In Christianity people believed that God made everything and that Jesus was his son and messiah but in Buddhism people believed that Buddha was the founder. 2. In Christianity priests are the people who lead their prayers but in Buddhism they are usually monks. 3. Another difference is that churches are places that Christians go and worship their God but in Buddhism they go to viharas Compare Buddhism + Christianity 1.One way Buddhism & Christianity are similar is that they both follow rules that guide them through life. These rules are called the Ten Commandments & the Eightfold Path. 2.Another similarity is that they have is that they both have a holy books such as the Holy Bible & the Tripitaka that teach the history of their religion. 3.They are also similar because they both believe in one true leader. Eightfold Path. These are the eight laws of the Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path is one of the principle teachings of the Buddhas.

Compare and Contrast

Transcript: Degree (2): “It was obvious I fell far short of their ideal of beauty.” Compare... Contrast... Similarities and differences Compare... Contrast... By dividing the essay into halves it helps the reader recall everything Purpose and Effect Strengths and Drawbacks Litotes:"'You're too thin' one of them pronounced" Compare... Contrast... Cutting an essay in halves are often better for short papers. Separate points are often better for long papers Catherine identifies her point of view Key Characteristics This essay mainly focuses on contrast Contrast - body image Contrast - how women work to become their ideal image of beauty Past/Present: “If I return to Africa, I am sure the women will shake their heads in bewildered dismay.” Compare... Contrast... Ethos and Pathos Compare... Contrast... Euphemism/Alliteration: “…the long-legged leanness...” Considers other opinions on body image Catherine considers both the African and Canadian views of beauty Image depends on where you are Ethical aspects depends on your perspective of right and wrong Thanks! It can be bias The essay is divided into halves and in separate points Examples Thesis/Main Rhetorical Device The author is comparing the ideal beauty seen in Gambia, Africa with the ideal beauty seen in Canada Comparison: "I began to believe that Africa's image of the perfect female body was far more realistic than the long-legged leanness I had been conditioned to admire." By: Nicole, Sam, and Ally Rhetorical Devices It is the most dramatic way to argue in an essay Compare... Contrast... Chicken Hips (Comparison and Contrast) How Compare and Contrast is Embedded Two subjects of the same general type(two countries, two sports, etc.) For example, you can compare Toronto and New York by their taxis, noise, garbage, subway, vandalism and other aspects Compare... Contrast...

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