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Comparative Analysis Powerpoint

Transcript: Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis Introduction What is Digital Marketing? . Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. PROMOTION Five Digital Marketing Companies Mobext Mobext Why Mobext? LAUNCHPAD HAVAS Our Services Mobext Services Insights Strategy Digital Experience Content & Social Media Digital Media Data &Analytic Ideas Our Clients Mobext Clients Contact Details Mobext Contact Details Landline - (02) 502 9322, (02) 225 3143 Twitter - @mobextph Hashtag Digital Hashtag Digital Why Hashtag Digital? What they do? > Develop Digital Marketing Strategies GOAL Hashtag Digital Services Our Services Email Marketing Pay Per Click Content Strategy Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Advanced Web Analytics Hashtag Digital Clients Our Clients Everything we do is masterfully crafted. Our business-focused, creative, and data-informed marketing delivers. Propelrr Propelrr Why Propelrr? MISSION VISION -to be the leader in Glocal digital innovations across existing and emerging marketing communications channels. -to deliver excellent digital marketing strategies and tactics focused on conversion and revenue increase for our partner brands and clients. - to advocate data-driven marketing initiatives resulting in paralleled business insights, game-changing ideas, and smarter decisions. Our Services Propelrr Services Mobile App and Website Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Web Analytic Pay Per Click Creatives Mobile Marketing Email Marketing Our Clients Our Clients Beach Resort Backpacks Vehicle Company Business Network Snapworx Snapworx Why Snapworx? MISSION -to provide tools driving growth to different types of business with the essence of digital marketing. > long experience in digital > Global Wireless Connections, Inc. Our Services Snapworx Services Digital Strategy Wed Development Social Media Marketing Search Marketing Mobile Marketing Our Clients Snapworx Clients Purple Bug Purple Bug Why PurpleBug? MISSION VISION - to be an innovative leader in providing digital marketing solutions and online marketing service to business in the Philippines and internationally. -provide a combined solution of strategy and technology -help businesses excel in the digital world -maximize their on ground and online presence - grow their business strategically Purple Bug Our Services Services Augmented Reality Social Listening and ORM Online Public Relations E-Detailer Design & Development Search Engine Optimization Purple Bug Clients Our Clients Mobext - Hashtag Digital - Propelrr - Snapworx - Purple Bug - Website Links

Comparative Analysis

Transcript: Parliamentary Republic President Vice President Cabine Ministers State Governors South Africa and Nigeria GDP: $ 522 Billion PCI : $ 2,760 Unemployment: 29.9% African Union National Assembly Provincial Legislatures Municipal Councils FORM OF GOVERNMENT Population: 52,981,991 Growth Rate: 1.34% Birth Rate: 19.61 /1,000 pop. Death Rate: 16.99 /1,000 pop. Life Expectancy: 49.2 years ELECTORAL SYSTEM President NIGERIA Goodluck Jonathan DOMINANT CULTURAL GROUPS SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA BRICS G-20 G-15 President NIGERIA Party-list Proportional Representation System Nigeria Federal Republic Supreme Court of Appeal High Courts Magistrate's Court President National Assembly Jacob Zuma National Assembly (lower house) SOUTH AFRICA Comparative Politics A.Y 2014-2015 English Law Common Law Customary Law Sharia Law Senate (upper house) RELIGOUS Religous extremism Jihadist movements DEMOGRAPHICS Displacements Urban-Rural Gaps CULTURAL Fear of cultural change Conservatism Multi-Party System South Africa CONSTITUTION NAMIBIA - SOUTH AFRICA DISPUTE Head of Government: House of Representative (lower house) Sub-Saharan African Countries: JUDICIARY Head of State: Islam - 50. 4 percent Christianity - 48.2 percent Animism - 1.4 percent SUPREME COURT Head of Government: NIGERIA'S NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Population: 177,155,754 Growth Rate: 2.47% Birth Rate: 38.03 /1,000 pop. Death Rate: 13.16 /1,000 pop. Life Expectancy: 52.62 years NIGERIA BOKO HARAM CONFLICT United Nations Head of State: World Trade Organization Christians - 73.52 percent Traditional - 15 percent Non-religous - 8 percent President South Africa SOUTH AFRICA President Deputy President Ministers President SOUTH AFRICA'S PARLIAMENT Commonwealth of Nations Presented by Nikko C. Manibo IV-23 BSE Social Science SOUTH AFRICA NIGERIA Nigeria NIGERIA HEAD OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT Court of Appeal Federal High Court High Court GDP: $ 371 Billion PCI : $ 7,096 Unemployment: 25.5% CONSTITUTIONAL COURT COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS HISTORICAL Fundamentalist and Extremist Theologies Liberation after Colonial Period Imposition of Sharia Law and Creation of Islamic State POLITICAL Terrorism Islamic State ECONOMIC War against the elites (which are mostly Christians) Funds by Al Qaeda Hindrance in Economic Activities INTERNATIONAL AFFLIATIONS HISTORICAL Aftermath of World War I Struggle for Independence POLITICAL De Facto Province Illegal Imposition of Sovereignty ECONOMIC Control of Natural Resources Control of Market and Labor RELIGOUS Religous Individualism Religous Discrimination DEMOGRAPHICS Displacements 1,791 South Africans died 11,335 Namibians died CULTURAL Apertheid System CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY National Council of Pronvinces (upperhouse) EXECUTIVE BODY LEGISLATIVE BODY ECONOMIC PROFILE DEMOGRAPHICS

Comparative Analysis

Transcript: Tom Weylin- " How about you teach Rufus how to read and write, considering the school teacher doesn't read as well as you can" Lyrics from Rap stars are usually considered negative to young people Alice's mother immediately judged Dana when they first met. Dana Killed Rufus Dana: "My name is Dana. I'm a free women." She immediately took a good look at me up and down and began to judge me. Alice's Mother- "You're a runaway, you mean?" Before Rufus father, Tom Weylin, got to know Dana, he assumed she was uneducated like every other black person in their time. HOWEVER, HOWEVER, It's called ENTERTAINMENT WELL... "Work it harder/Make it better, Do it faster,/Makes us stronger, More than ever/ hour after hour work is never over" People say that the lyrics rappers say often describe their lifestyles Aj Gilbert Rap Music People think that the lyrics rappers say in their songs often describe their lifestyles, and in "Kindred" Dana thought that she could change Rufus and prevent him from growing up to be like his father, Tom Weylin. Ludacris- Runaway Love Rappers often get accused of delivering negative messages in their songs, while in "Kindred", Tom Weylin thought Dana was uneducated because she was black. Rappers are often considered violent people, due to the lyrics in their songs. Misconceptions Of The World Kanye West- Stronger Eminem- Lose Yourself Citizens of the world, of all races have judged people based on what they've heard or seen. These misconceptions have become a common problem because it lays the foundation for stereotypes that are not based on factual information. Tom Weylin- "She's a Nigger, she doesn't know how to read or write" Most people think all rappers are violent people because of their lyrics, and in the book " Kindred", Alice's mother thought Dana was a runaway slave due to the clothing she was wearing. People make misconceptions about other people without knowing who they really are. "Now little Lisa is only 9 years old/Shes trying to figure out why the world is so cold/ Why shes all alone and she never met her family/ Mamas always gone and she never met her daddy" Issue Later on in the story... In Conclusion... “The Carter IV” — Lil Wayne’s real name is Dwayne Carter Jr. Sold well above the 850,000 to 900,000 that the Billboard had predicted. Kanye West- Stronger Told you to keep your head up and get through the tough times. Kindred Dana thought she could change Rufus and prevent him from growing up to be like his father, Tom Weylin. Lil Wayne built a skate park in New Orleans T.I handed out toys to children at a charity event Jay-Z owns the Brooklyn Nets and started a charity fund for children When Rufus grew up, he attempted to rape Dana because she looked similar to Alice, whom he was deeply in love with. Eminem- Lose Yourself A song that begs you to try your hardest to succeed. It's their job, and they make money by entertaining people who actually appreciate their music Ludacris- Runaway Love The song tells the story of little girls that have grown up being abused by their mother’s lover and ignored by the world. Each verse depicts how naive young girls transform these demoralizing actions in order to build a better life for themselves. Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album “Watch the Throne,” had 290,000 downloads in July. Many people throughout the world have misconceptions about people based on how they live, how they act, the clothes they wear and even the people they hang around. "You better lose yourself in the music/ The moment You want it, you better never let it go/ You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow /This opportunity comes once in a lifetime" Book

Comparative Analysis

Transcript: Bias Text 1: To explain the places that are interesting in the Imperial War Museum and kid friendly "If you like or want to learn WWI and WWII history, you will be happy" Audience Text 1: Parents and children who are interested in sight seeing things about the Imperial War "suitable for adults without kids and those with kids" "for younger kids the first floor allows them to see tanks and guns" "they were less to my daughter's interest than they would have been to my sons" "having just visited another Holocaust Museum, my child did not want to see that exhibit" Diction Text 2: The author is a company so their giving information for workers. ie: "back to office with new outlook on life" "this museum is probably going to shave half an hour off your lunch break" Imagery Text 1: The author is a parent and points out kid friendly places ie: "While I can spend hours in any museum, my daughter cannot" "they were less to my daughter's interest than they would have been to my son's" Text 1: daughter kids art museums so tanks guns child us "achieve peace in our time" glorify parent Context/Purpose Text 1: newsreels and papers show the public's fear maps, papers, letters, etc, make the time period come alive first floor allows them to see tanks and guns the lower floors have a walk through of a WWI trench early tank, some large artillery Text 2: cool planes, tanks, boats and submarines on the ground floor red bus that was used to transport soldiers in World War I Vera Lynn records, gas masks and a mother having it away with an American airman in exchange for silk stockings the Death Clock that ticks at the rate of one casualty of war a minute German periscope you can peek through relives the horrors of trench warfare, minus the rats, blood, mud and bad poetry Text 2: To persuade people to come to the Imperial museum on their break and be guided on a tour that will be timed. "London in your lunch hour!" "An hour very well spent" Text 2: office hour lunch break time 3pm meeting Text 2: Adults with jobs who are interested in somewhere to go on their breaks "Back to office with new outlook on life" "There isn't time to appreciate the superb Holocaust exhibition (though you should go another time) so slink back to the ground floor" "The 3pm meeting you were dreading will suddenly seem less of a chance" Comparative Analysis In Section A, text 1 and text 2 shows similarities and differences about The Imperial War Museum using bias, diction and imagery to show the context, audience and purpose.

Comparative Analysis

Transcript: Evidence James MCbride Evidence Argument: Some decisions had no consequences ISSUE CONCLUSION Issue: Birth control has a lot of health benefits such as; it can help slow down a woman’s menstrual cycle, helps women going through menopause, it helps female hormones as well as males (trans genders) it also can stop a person from smoking, and lower blood pressure as well as calm down migraines. Ruth the mother of James and 11 other children was trying to protect her children from discovering her horrible past because she was afraid of what her children will discover what happen to her in the past. In the book the color of water In the book the color of water In the book the color of water Book: Ruth raised 12 children by herself after both of her husband’s died of horrible tragedies. All her children was loved and well taken care of by they mother. Even though the black and Jewish society did not accept them they all had each other. Comparative Analysis Argument: some decisions had positive consequences Ruth (the mother of James and 11 other children) did not want to tell them about her past experiences and teach her children about what she had went through as a child and as the result of that it has lead the children in much confusion and resort in some violent behavior. In the same way some girls use birth control contraceptives in correctly which leads to permanent consequences such as pregnancies. I think that Ruth did all that she could and if young women stop having sex without protection even if they are on birth control it can prevent teen pregnancies. Book: Ruth children grew up to be very smart and successful children. James went to college and become a very successful writer. Tateh sexually abused Ruth contently. There are many possible benefits for using birth control such as; reduce pregnancy rates, disease prevention and many other health benefits. Argument: some decisions had negative consequences Issue: 1 in 4 teen’s girls in the United States has an S.T.D according to the centers for disease control. In the same way some girls use birth control contraceptives incorrectly which leads to permanent consequences such as teen pregnancies Ruth was afraid that the black community wont accept her children because of her skin tone and her background . Ruth didn’t have any contact with her family because they disown her because she married a black man.

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