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Company Overview

Transcript: Our customers are of all ages and backgrounds. We are open to helping set up anyone with the right equipment in order to best enjoy their skiing experiences. We can size anyone up for skis and boots from age two and up. In order to start up the shop we hope to hope several ski teams for race nights. As we build the trust of our customers we hope to get the good word spread about our shop, and hopefully expand for summer activities as well. As more and more big names are sold at the shop, our customer growth will increase. Management Team Capital Requirements The Sunny P Ski Shop Executive Summary Sales plan: Total annual sales-2.1 million dollars. Operation Cost: 1.6 million dollars in operation costs between salaries and costs of goods. Net Profit: 300 thousand dollars (after taxes). Assets: 250 thousand dollars, (cash, inventory, computers, carpet, shelves, etc). Company Overview The Market The Sunny P Ski Shop provides products and services for all levels of skiers. We provide most brands of skis that are top of the line such as: Head, Rossignol, Blizzard, and Fisher. In addition to supplying a broad range of skis, we also provide boots with custom fitting. Our shop has an advantage over other shops because we are able to provide our customers with what they need and quick. Our Products -Race Skis. -Skis for recreation use. -Ski boots for recreation use. -Custom fit race boots. -Ski Poles (Race & rec.) -Base layers, socks, & coats. -Hats, helmets, goggles, & Gloves by, Paige Hoyt Conclusion The shop has a large advantage over other shops because of our connections, expertise, and affordable prices. We compete directly with other ski shops in the area. Our ski shop is unique because we provide our customers with several options of brand name skis in order to get the best fit for each individual. We also have the most up-to-date equipment for sizing boots and waxing skis, handled by professionals. Our goal at Sunny P is not to scam customers into buying the most expensive products, but to supply them with the most advanced and long-lasting equipment. In order to get the Sunny P Ski Shop established we will need 250 thousand dollar starting cost. The funds would be used to purchase inventory, pay the rent of the building, and pay employees. It will take about five years to pay back the funds. Business, Products, and Services Competition The Sunny D Ski Shop has the best employees and equipment to fit any customer who wants to ski to their fullest potential. With the expertise of our workers you will find your perfect fit to match your skiing needs Risk & Opportunity The goal of The Sunny P Ski Shop is to provide customers with the latest and greatest technology in both boots and skis. Providing both recreation and race skis as well as base layers and outerwear will broaden the number of customers visiting the shop. Financial Snapshot Our team of employees have taken several classes to size boots and skis perfectly. Finding the most comfortable set up for our customers is the goal of our shop. We have two managers that help to lead the shifts. In addition, we have about five employees on the floor at a time, while two in the back of the shop fixing and waxing skis. Some of the risks associated with our business are snow, seasons, and overstocking. If the snow is not very good, customers will not be likely to buy new skis. Similarly, customers will not be as likely to buy skis in the summer when they do not have skiing on their minds. Lastly, once a ski is on the market for a season, it can sell out quickly, so taking the chance of buying a certain number of skis is a risk the shop has to be willing to make. Overcoming these risks are chances that Sunny P has to take which isn't common in most other businesses. Relying on mother nature for business may not be the best method, but it is what the business is all about.

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