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VH Kick Off Presentation Template

Transcript: On Sept 1, 2017 the V-MEDCEN was asked by MEDCOM to plan and execute a Kick-Off Ceremony for the BAMC V-MEDCEN. PURPOSE TEAM RISKS 2017 REVIEW SUMMARY 06:00 Set up in Medical Mall 07:00 Laying of the Hands Ceremony 07:30 TED Truck Opens (Tentative) 08:00 Video Loop Starts with video of "I am part of the V-MEDCEN" along with a video describing virtual health. 10:00 Demonstration by Mobile Medics 10:00 Poster Competition Starts 11:30 Introduction 11:45 Key Note Speaker 12:00 "Virtual Ribbon Cutting for Building 3644" 12:15 Closing Remarks 18:00 ACHE Social "The Medical Futurist" Messaging: All promotional material will tell the story- This is the Military's Virtual MEDCEN. Example: Looping video of enterprise providers repeating the same message "My name is xxxxx, I am a Clinical xxxxx, I work at xxxx, and I am part of the Virtual Medical Center" PLAN Need protocol involved to insure key people are not overlooked. IMD needs to ensure Video connectivity BAMC PAO needs assistance from Region PAO V-MEDCEN KICK OFF Location: Medical Mall Inform and excite people about Virtual Health CONCEPT BRIEF | for BG JEFFREY J. JOHNSON The goal of this event is to include the community in the celebration. As well as include providers and patients across the enterprise. BUDGET Due Outs: Next Meeting in One Week Decision on Key Speakers and Ribbon Cutters Task order to ensure proper support Decision on Poster Contest Funding Optics of a Virtual Ribbon Cutting Agenda Budget: Sunk Cost: $400.00 Banners/ Signage Potential Costs: Food TDY? Poster Presenters? Speakers? LOA? Invite List: Will work with Protocol List will include: OTSG Key members of VH Community both operational and garrison Media Air Force/ Army / NAVY Thoughts on Key Speaker (s)? Virtual Locations: Building 3644, Facebook Live Date: Thursday 1-18-2018 Time: 08:00-14:00 Events Three Table Tops targeting Provider Adoption 1. Credentials Table/ Informed Consent 2. IRIS/ Coding 3. Relay Health/ Provider Consults Two Table Tops targeting Patient Adoption 1. "Future of Medical Futurists" 2. History of Virtual Health Poster Competition Planning Team (8) Command Team Rep MEDCOM Rep Region Rep Robin Francis Hospital Education Rep Protocol PAO IMD Rep


Transcript: Kick-Off Customer Analysis History of the Drinks Market Trends The market for sports and energy drinks are very competitive right now. In 2012, total U.S. sales for the energy drinks and shots market was worth more than $12.5 billion. 5% of adults consume energy drinks 5-7 times per month and less than 2% drink energy drinks 10 or more times. Consumers usually range from ages 18-34, men, Hispanics, Pacific region residents, and adults with children in the household. Target Market The first on the market in the United States was Red Bull in 1997 Most sports drinks are moderately isotonic, having between 4 and 5 heaped teaspoons of sugar per five ounce (13 and 19 grams per 250ml) serving. How to Advertise Distribution design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi In order to speed up the marketing process, our wholesalers will be rack jobbers. These rack jobbers will count the stock on the shelves and be accounted for restocking and always keeping them available to customers in our retailer’s stores. Our mode of transportation will be trucks. This method is most effective because of the cheaper cost, lack of delays, and above average speed. One doctor said, “The biggest worry with energy drinks is they have been linked to heart problems in those with a predisposition, although such cases are rare. More common, he said, are weight gain, dental issues caused by the caffeine and sugar in the drinks, stomach aches, anxiety , shakiness and sleep problems.” Our endorser will be Peyton Manning from Colorado. Peyton is a famous NFL football quarterback. He is on track to make it to the Hall Of Fame. He is now 37 years old, and has featured in many other commercials, making him a household name. Health Concerns If we can promote our product to a target market that is willing to expand on sports drinks then we can bring in ten times more businesses. A good idea is to hit the very increasing markets that can bring about a wider sports energy drink product line. The more drinks we can give to the public the more palettes we can accommodate.


Transcript: Overall Objectives: Clear understanding of academic, recruiting and professional expectations Deliberate choices to meet personal objectives Relevant professional development Template that can be used to manage career Curriculum PPA Connections Workshops: Excel & Memos Unlimited Possibilities internship recruiting Professional Program in Accounting PPA Connections PPAs Professional Community Alumni Unlimited Possibilities MAcMentor PPA Connections 98% Placement Rate CPA Exam: 2nd highest pass rate in Texas Elite Honors: FASB and GASB Post-graduate Technical Assistants Goin' Global Professional Program MAcMentor Workshops: Excel & Memos MAcMentor Connections Personal Success Plan Personal Assessment/Goals Curriculum Plan Career and Recruiting Plan Professional Development Plan MAcMentor Goin' Global Goin' Global Goin' Global MAcMentor Unlimited Possibilities full time Goin' Global \ Workshops: Excel & Memos ALIGNED with competing programs and the demands of the profession UNIQUE in the approach to developing financial professionals Workshops: Excel & Memos PPA Program 2011-2012 47 MAcs 32 Seniors 23 Juniors Connecting 2011 MAc Class PPA Connections Innovative Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum MAc Concentrations: - Assurance - Taxation - Financial Reporting and Analysis Unlimited Possibilities Workshops: Excel & Memos PPA Connections MAc Curriculum Senior Unlimited Possibilities I think this is about feelings! Junior Professional Program in Accounting Topic spring internship

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