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Company Background

Transcript: Company Background & History Air Canada Company & Stock Market Information Company Background & History Stock Performance Investment Comparison Conclusion & Summary Percent Change: Air Canada- 200.813 % increase (year low: $1.23 & year high: $3.70) WestJet- 45.992 % increase (year low: $17.09 & year high: $24.95) Well established Industry leader Current increasing trend Bibliography Serves about 35 million passengers yearly Founded in 1936 Approximately 27,000 Employees within the company Serves 45 countries worldwide and flies to over 170 destinations Corporate headquarter located in Dorval, Québec, Canada Known as the Best Airline in North America (4 years in a row) Competitors: American Airlines, WestJet, and Cathay Pacific ok so tmrw lunch and afterschool, friday morning . doesnt catherine have an interview at lunch? i got to eat... i will be bk later oh okay so lunch afterschool morning?? AGENDA Invest: $10,000 Air Canada: 8130 shares WestJet: 585 shares Resell (year high): $30,081 Resell (year high): $14,595.75 Profit: $20,081 Profit: $4,595.75 Reasons to Invest in Air Canada Revenue: $12.12 Billion Net Income: $131 Million Total Assets: $9.060 Billion Volume: 2,063,747 Stock Market Symbol: AC.B 52 Week High: $3.70 52 Week Low: $1.23 Day High: $3.70 Day Low: $3.55 EPS: $0.03 "We're not happy until you're happy " sees-2013-operating-cost-falling-faster-than-forecast.html The Stock Prices of Air Canada Over the Last 5 Years (September 2009- September 2013) The Stock Prices of Air Canada in September 2012-2013 Investment Comparison

Background company

Transcript: (cost for product RM 100-200 per unit, 500 unit for each of product, so total for cost product about RM 250 500) modal from partner loan from relatives and friends bank loans Background company EASYGO PRINTER CMO NARROW TARGET PLACE in mall in electronic's shop PRICE high price high quality bluetooth and printer - RM 250 scan and printer - RM 250 bluetooth, scan and printer - RM350 printer only - RM 200 BUSINESS STRATEGY OPERATION bought high quality of material used modern technology during the production process,head of production unit will control and monitor each of process each of product will be tested before packaging used creative design cover for packaging DIFFERENTATION STRONG high quality of workers each partner have experience cheapest price but high quality WEAK less product CEO Farra LOWER EASYGO PRINTER SWOT ANALYSIS CFO EPSON PRINTER RM 350 000 PRODUCT high resistance portable have warranty 3 years very light PROMOTION social media print media electronic media Red -brave to innovate Blue -keep calm Green -green environment #'GO EASY WITH EASYGO' OPPORTUNITY high chance for business in market new innovative product give high sales THREAT competitors can copy our product but it will has less quality product plagiarism can damage quickly after using several times MARKETING SEGMEN bluetooth and printer scan and printer bluetooth, scan and printer printer only TARGET student officer Thank You Nurul Athiqah BROTHER PRINTER has thin surface - 4 cm has thin ink cover (rectangle shape,lenght 5cm, width 2cm) limit print for 100 paper easily bring to any places(portable) available in purple, black and white colour have 4 type of printer (bluetooth and printer,scan and printer,bluetooth scan and printer, printer only) Syafiqa GENERIC STARTEGY Hazreena ORGANISATION CHART XEROX PRINTER GENERAL PRODUCT DESRIPTION BROAD TARGET 4Ps CAPITAL COO

Company Background

Transcript: General Summary: Achieves maximum sales profitability, effectively selling the company’s products and/or related services. Demonstrates products and services to existing/potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs. Company Background Announcement for a job Personal Qualities and Skills; Functional tasks for Sales Representative  Organize the work schedule to connect and communicate with customers.  Collection of current market information on pricing , products , new products , delivery schedules , and promotion techniques , etc.  Recommends changes in products and services and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments.  Consider customer problems and finding solutions required; reporting; make recommendations to management.  Attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications , establishing personal networks, and participating in professional associations.  Provide historical records by maintaining records in the region and customer sales .  Contribute to the collective effort through the delivery of relevant results as needed. JOB TITLE: Sales Representative We are looking for a Sales Representative, If you are confident, ambitious and witty speaker you could be the best choice for our company. You will be responsible for organising appointments to visit customers, resolving sales problems. Your main objective will be to maintain and increase all parts sales and be a driving force for the business.  5 % for each contract.  The salary includes transportation and housing allowance.  Get two international airline tickets for every 15 contracts.  You also will be provided with health insurance.  You will get bonus if you achieving annual target. The Sales Representative need to be self-confident, ambitious, impatient, and has the skill to communicate and connect with others, Product Knowledge,Presentation Skills and an experience required .However, having a course in marketing will increase the chance of your choice . Features Occupation FAMco is a company to produce detergents , to support household consumption and public. Headquartered in London , we currently operate in more than 15 branch in major cities in the UK (Edinburgh , Manchester , Cardiff , Birmingham ), enabling us to provide more responsive, more focused and more adaptable service. we are committed to producing the highest quality standards in all products. We provide a common safety culture, performance management and quality system across all product/service, We also are dedicated to benefiting the local communities in which we operate by participating in programs and initiatives that positively impact the local economy.

Company Background

Transcript: CALL PLACE BUSINESS STRATEGY CFO SEGMENTATION our company basically provide good quality of service to our client . We monitored the consistency and progress of our service from time to time PLACE CEO In our daycare services, we created poster with picture of our service and logo to attract people to subscribe our services. we also provide optional services to our customer . This flexibility in our business OPERATION PRODUCT Psychographics which refer to customer group's lifestyle.For example , our company location is near to high income resident. their attitude, lifestyle and opinion differ than normal residental area MASHITAH BT MHD ISA SERVICES Daycare services Easy to find VISION AND MISSION Near to residental area WEAKNESS NEARBY DAYCARE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SWOT ANALYSIS QUALITY OF SERVICE Company : Wonderland daycare Address : No 2 , jalan 4/bo, BANDAR BARU BANGI, 43600, Bandar Baru Bangi Tel.No. :017-3655879 Website :WWW.WONDERLANDDAYCARE. WEEBLY.COM Liaison officer: NAZLIZULIDRIS BIN YAHAYA DIFFERENTIATION REGISTERATION THREAT COO GENERAL SERVICE DESCRIPTION COST LEADERSHIP ADVERTISING Company Background The cost of leadership strategy advocates gaining competitive advantage due to the lowest cost of production of a service .the cost will be reduce from production and marketing to ensure the service serves the average price or even lower price from other competitor PROMOTION The 'differentiation' strategy involves creation of differentiated services with more benefits and attractions. Our service provide a premium package for customer for cleaning the whole unit in limited time. '' JUST LIKE HOME DAYCARE '' LOCATION STRATEGY Moral teaching MUHAMMAD ADIB B MOHAMED LOW FUND HIGH OPERATING COST In wonderland daycare , we provide the best services for taking care of customer's children.Our target is high income residental area where every parent is busy making money that they do not have time to take care of their child.The idea is to use their social class and busy lifestyle . PRICE FINANCIAL ASPECT PROMOTION design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi For the price of our daycare service, we separate our price into two compartment ; Basic package Optional package Our company location is near to residental area which is easier for potential customer to find . ADVERTISEMENT FEEDBACK IFFAH HUZAIFAH BT AZMAN CMO ORGANISATION CHART Arabic alphabet class /PAYMENT STRENGTH OPERATION PRICE TARGET MARKET MARKETING TACTICS BUSINESS STRATEGY EARLY STAGE LEARNING The thing that make our company differ than other daycare is that we employ early stage learning to our client's child . GENERIC STRATEGY we also give promotion during event such as during public holiday we give discount to customer NAZLIZULIDRIS BIN YAHAYA personal saving bank loan advertisement business CTO GENERIC STRATEGY NEAR RESIDENTAL AREA EASY TO FIND OPPURTUNITIES SERVICE Newspaper Internet Television Ad board TAG LINE OUR BUSINESS IS BASED ON EDUCATION AND GOOD CHILD MANAGEMENT . OUR BUSINESS IS CONSUMER-TO-BUSINESS AND BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER PRINCIPLE IN WHICH BOTH CAN BE APLY DEPEND OF OUR CUSTOMER DEMAND. STRATEGISING MARKETING EZRINA LYANA BT MAHMOD LEADERSHIP HUMAN CAPITAL INTEGRITY Wonderland daycare is a daycare company that take care child from the age of less than 1 year to 4 years maximum. Wonderland daycare does not just babysit child we teach them essential early stage knowledge that their parent missed out during work. Our company also provide good playable furniture for our client child to play while learning . Trust us then your child will be a great person. POSITIONING STRATEGISING MARKETING DAILY QUALITY CONTROL CHECK


Transcript: Manage the finances the way customer want, 24/7 on the go Get bank securely from the mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android OS or Blackberry 10 phones Customer can check balances, view account details and transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills, prepaid reload etc. A mobile financial channel initiated by MyClear Allows customer to perform selected banking transactions via the USSD platform (Flash SMS) without being online Need only a common short code number to start Self-service machine that allows customer to deposit coins directly to their current or savings account conveniently Accepts all Malaysian coin denominations The overview of CIMB Bank First account in Malaysia that can be opened online without visiting a bank branch & instant activate Allows all CIMB Bank savings and current account holders who have signed up for CIMB Clicks to send money to a recipient’s Malaysian mobile number or email address If the recipient does not hold a CIMB Bank account, he or she can conveniently open a Kwik Account to claim the money Money will be credited instantly to the recipient’s Kwik Account after the claim code provided by the sender is keyed in Accessible via CIMB Clicks and CIMB Clicks Mobile App Kwik Card is a prepaid card that functions like a debit card to enable ATM withdrawals and payments PRESENTED BY: FARAH FADHILAH AHMAD FAZIL NUR FARAHELLYNA JAFRI NUR SHAZWANI ALZAHRRI NUR SYUHADA ZAKARIA CIMB 24-hour self-service banking facilities Located at all CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic branches Can make cash or cheque deposits without an ATM card ,withdraw cash, perform cash deposits as well as cheque deposits These machines are available nationwide to save customer the hassle of queuing at the branch PRODUCT & SERVICES INTERNET BANKING Customer may log in to conduct a wide range of banking transactions Keeping financial information secure is one of most important responsibilities IMPACT TOWARD SOCIETY PLUG N PAY COIN DEPOSIT MACHINE Community Donation for event and any health care or social service Government Give funding to National Sports Council (NSC) and Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) Education Giving a scholarship, sponsorship of PINTAR school and course to improve English and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) IMPACT & CONTRIBUTION MYMOBILE Make a flow easier by saving cost,time and energy May decrease an error during transaction. Customer may obtaining their fund anytime even during a public holiday and after office hour May get morr discount for certain product or service from selected outlet. Can easily transfer the fund to the third party BUSINESS OF CIMB BANK CONTRIBUTION 1999: BBMB and Bank of Commerce merged to form Bumiputra-Commerce Bank 2003: CIMB was listed on the main board of the KLSE and CIMB Islamic was launched with Syariah compliant solutions 2005: CAHB announced to create a universal bank by combining its commercial & investment banks. 2007: CIMB Group launched in Thailand and USA. 2009: CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic moved to a new headquarters, the 39-storey Menara Bumiputra-Commerce which houses CIMB Group's consumer banking franchises 2010: CIMB Group expanded to Cambodia & the headquaters launched in Phnom Penh on 19 Nov 2010. 2012: CIMB Group purchased the Asian investment banking business of Royal Bank of Scotland, including the RBS franchise in Australia. There have 4 types of business that provide by CIMB Bank: 1) Consumer Banking 2) Wholesale Banking 3) Group Strategy and Strategic Investments 4) Islamic Banking SELF SERVICE BANKING LATEST TECHNOLOGY USED KWIK ACCOUNT CIMB Group is Malaysia's second largest financial services provider, and fifth largest in Southeast Asia CIMB Group operates as a universal bank CIMB Group offers products and services on a dual banking basis Malaysia’s first-ever chip-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution Offers businesses secure way to manage electronic payments using their smartphones and tablets Can view real-time transactions, track the location of a transaction using the geo-location feature and user details management Protected with end-to-end encryption and can only be activated if the correct security credentials are provided Fully compliant with global EMV standards aimed at reducing fraud associated COMPANY BACKGROUND CIMB CLICKS

Company Background

Transcript: Customer Satisfaction Our Product(s) Our Product Mission Statement Company Background Our Product "New Blood" Top 3 Tough Times/Tasks Andrews Advantage "Its all about the learning." Take-Aways Competitive Landscape Top 3 Surprises How it "Shook Down" Chief Financial Officer The "New" Andrews Able Performance Forecasting Riley Eller How it "Shook Down" Top 3 Do-Overs Traditional Our Product How it "Shook Down" Size Competitive Landscape Matthew Miller Ace Chief Marketing Officer ..until a wrench got thrown into it. Jerome Barnett Andrews Sensory Technologies is Proud to Introduce its new Executive Team... Andrews Sensory Technologies is a sensor manufacturing and distribution company deeply rooted within an innovative mindset when it comes to business practices. At Andrews Sensory Technologies, employees and clients are the two most important aspects of the business. Through engaging employees to always be innovative and catering to the need of clients, Andrews will stay on the edge of innovation and customer satisfaction well into the future. We at Andrews Sensory Technologies live and operate by the three D’s: Dream. Develop. Deliver. Dustin Devore Aft Our Product Adam Competitive Landscape Wrapping it Up Employee Retention How it "Shook Down" Our Plan... High End Chief Executive Officer How it "Shook Down" Chief Product Officer Agnus Hard Times Competitive Landscape Low End Broad Differentator and Opportunity Capitalizer Acorn Acre Implementation Competitive Landscape Where's Andrews? A little heavy on Able. Strategy... Agape History

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