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argument powerpoint ~ Comp 1

Transcript: against modern dating: Claim 1 REAL effort is disappearing - people do not try so hard anymore or take an online relationship seriously. -can hide behind a screen so no face to face interaction; good for people too nervous to start a conversation in person -taking a picture together. -it is "normal" to stop expecting something good -people give others LOW expectations because they want a relationship now -works for people with trouble finding someone the same age It is becoming more and more acceptable to avoid face to face interactions. Online relationships/apps have nearly erased traditional gestures in a relationship and cause people to under look a person. -it is all controlled and revolved on phones now. -is a long-waiting text message, "I love you" or "happy birthday" over text. -the one could be a swipe away against - claim 3 Giving effort still exists. -apps make them prone to a bad outcome, so people stop trying on first dates; first impression, trying to actually know someone for - counterclaim 3 It is easy to be find people looking for a relationship too. -Have apps like Tinder, websites like, and social media negatively or positively benefited the aspects of a relationship? Negatively. -Have traditional gestures become nonexistent because of modern dating? Yes. People do not try to put in any effort anymore. -person could be dangerous or lying about their identity - SO easy and convenient Online dating has turned creating a relationship nowadays into a speedy, rushed process by encouraging apps like Tinder. for - counterclaim 2 -could work, but rarely OVERVIEW by Wendie Bui - 4th -free, fast to make an account, simple *It is degrading - people are judged ONLY on hand-selected pictures and profiles. -is like "shopping" for people. People can lie and write whatever they want. *People aren't treated like real people - people swipe left at the slightest qualities and deal breakers. -prone to having a bad relationship & short relationship Modern dating nowadays has negatively changed the way people used to give gestures;it is a text. like comment share -effort exists in online forms. SUMMARY like comment share *The relationship most likely goes no where.‌ ‌ -apps allow a person to be open towards anyone, allowing more relationships & hopefully a good one The way relationships built today are not the same way they used to be built. Has modern dating made relationships better or worse? -if there are no restraints, a person could be with someone as fast as they want (but could be dangerous) Phones control a huge portion of a relationship. !!! Apps have the potential and could be effective. against - claim 2 -replacing face to face interactions & conversations with a post or written out message. for - counterclaim 1

powerpoint template

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