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Community Service Powerpoint Template

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Community Service

Transcript: Community Service #1 Food Donation Who would have known little things that you take for granted on a daily bases could really make someones day. For community service one of the things I choose to do, was to make food and take it to the homeless shelter.Do you know, how many people go to the homeless shelter daily to eat dinner? Well yes, the answer is about 160 people all the way to 200 people on a busy day. Summer Jaferian and I spent five hours making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and baked goods. we made a total of 43 sandwiches 20 brownies and about 25 chcolate chip cookies. When we arrived at the homeless shelter, it was about dinner time, some people had already started eating, but when they saw the food, even though it was just simple things like sandwiches their facs lit up. They were so thankful for the food we brought. This really made me think of how thankful I should be for being able to have a homecooked meal everyday and being lucky enough to go to sleep everyday with a full belly. Next time I eat a meal I will be thinking about the amazing people there, and the wonderful feeling of being able to help someone and make a difference. Beach Cleanup #2 The beach, an amazing place to be. But no one likes to go to the beach and see trash. So another thing I decided to do for community service, was beach cleanup. I spent and hour and a half at the beach picking up garbage. I think an hour and a half of cleaning is a small price to pay for the amazing scenery we have and the wonderful things you can do in the ocean. I'm glad to know that the trash on the beach ended up in a dumpster than in a turtles stomach. So I'm proud of doing a small thing that can help keep our beautiful beaches and ocean clean. Donating Clothes #3 Clothes, an everyday necessity. Everyone needs them but can't always afford them. So the last and final thing i wanted to do for community service was donate some of my clothes to the family shelter. I thought of all the children and families who can't afford clothes and decided I should do what I can to help them,especially in this cold weather. We arrived at the shelter early in the day, and droped off a bag of clothes, the people were so nice and appreciated everything. We got to talk to one of the moms and she said that the facility was really nice. It was nice to see the childern playing, and I'm happy to know that they will be able to have some new clothes for the cold weather.

community service

Transcript: I done firefighting as my community service. I've been on the Hillsville Fire Department for a little over 3 years. By doing this I save people's property and lives at risk. I learned that saving lives and property is a great success but yet we hardly get the thanks we need. It benefits in saving the community. If nobody volunteered lives, homes, cars and other things would be lost. Im going to stay a life member and also get paid on another department. It's the best feeling ever saving whats very important. The Hillsville Volunteer Fire Department was organized in August of 1931 following a series of fires that destroyed the Hillsville High School in 1930, which was only 2 or 3 years old at the time of the fire. When disaster occurred again, a large portion of the Downtown Business District was destroyed January 28,1931. The Thorton Hotel, a.k.a. Texas House, where the Family Shoe Store and Hillsville Dinner now stands, and the one-story frame building owned by Dr. Tipton was destroyed on the courthouse side of the street, the 1872 Courthouse also suffered damage but was saved. The Childress Hotel, Hillsville Hotel, Guynn Building, Masonic Lodge Building with a barber shop owned by Morrison and Cochran on one side and a barber shop owned by a Mr. Gardner on the other, Walter G. Howlett furniture store, W. D. Tompkins Building which contained the Busy Bee Restaurant owned by Arthur Underwood, the Nuckoll's Drug Company, and Hillsville Hardware with Dr. Glen Cox's office over it were also destroyed in the fire. The Farmer's Bank did not burn since it was a brick structure, however the 2nd floor dentist offices of Dr. C. B. Givens and Dr. W. R. Gardner suffered damage to equipment and records. The firebreak came in the form of the general store owned by B. O. and Arnold Quesinberry, saving the other structures. Fire crews from Galax and Mt. Airy, NC responded to combat the blaze since Hillsville had no fire department at the time. On May 4, 1931, the Town Council entered into contract with the Howe Fire Apparatus Company of Anderson, Indiana for the purchase of a Ford Model HB-5 Combination Pumping Chemical and Ladder Outfit on a Ford AA chassis, which carried 200 gallons of water, for the sum of $2,950; with delivery in July of the same year and was received in August 1931, thus the birth of the Hillsville Volunteer Fire Department. 1 hour brush fire 1 hour low gap mountain fire mile marker 7. One fatality Big brush fire, 3 structure fires South on interstate 77 1 hour Interstate 77 wythe county. Hauling polyester Sylvatus highway 2o minutes Coulson church road Greenhouse fire mcghee road 3 hours One injured 3 hours

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