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Communication Wheel Powerpoint Template

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BMGT390H Implication Wheel Template

Transcript: Certain political parties may still have more access than emerging parties (-3/5) There would be an increase in technological and electronic waste as products are used and discarded over time (-5/8) People understand how their browsing habits affect the material that is being projected upon them (+4/7) Government will not allow for there to be more privacy or protection of their constituents data (-5/4) They are less likely to try and manipulate users for their data because it is not worth their time (+5/4) Less users want to use platforms like Facebook because it is not worth paying a fee for it (-4/8) Increase in Data literacy for users in third world countries (+5/7) Country is divided due to the power struggle of dictators and general public (-5/4) The companies may become less dependent on data collection for funding and upkeep of their platforms (+4/3) Civil war (-5/2) More action is taken when data becomes abused (+3/5) Developing places may not seem like attractive investment opportunities (-3/4) It could be more challenging for them to advertise which ultimately leads to being less profitable (0/8) Third party data collecting agencies would need permissions and legal authorization from the users in order to access and use their data (+5/7) Platforms implement alternative funding structures like the DuoLingo model that uses its user base to perform a service for them (that is benefiting the user) in return for the platform access (+2/7) Existing companies with user data would have a competitive advantage over newer companies (-4/6) third order implication Dictators are removed and leaders truly represent the choice of the people of the country (+5/5) Individuals gain more trust for companies that may not be as trustworthy with data security (-4/7) More difficult to persecute specific communities (based on religion/race) (+5/6) Governments enact a social ranking system in developing countries similarly to what is in place in China (-5/8) These companies might establish better relationships with their users who might want to donate and contribute to the upkeep of these platforms (+4/1) Court decides that the introduction of data privacy and protection is not constitutional due to a corrupt system (-5/5) With many countries in the developing world being the destinations for tech waste there could be higher demand for technological waste treatment (-3/3) It would take longer for third party data collecting agencies to gain access to data (0/5) Advertisers will have to find and fund new ways to reach their target market (-5/7) More difficult for new parties to establish themselves if the current government has all the access to data (-5/9) Users could be exposed to new products/services that they would not ordinarily buy (+4/7) User data is less likely to fall into the hands of third party agencies like Cambridge Analytica (+5/3) Technological innovation would become democratized and there would be increased competition between firms (+5/7) third order implication Users would be more aware of who is accessing their data because they are being asked permission for its use before it is taken from their accounts (+5/3) Companies would lose customers from less effective advertising on the internet and social media (-4/7) The companies may become less dependent on data collection (+3/1) Elections would hold true to what the population intended (+5/3) Government may not be in favor of introducing new regulation because the lack of data privacy and protection is what has helped secure their power (-5/4) Society becomes more susceptible to totalitarianism (-5/7) Platforms have a more active and selective user base because they are paying for it (+1/3) Serious data breaches like at Equifax become less common (+5/3) Improved societal standards of living as a result of technological innovation (+4/4) Users have to endure ads that don’t interest them as much (-4/7) Products would be cheaper and firms would have to decrease the cost of goods in order to remain competitive (+5/8) Politicians know less about what their constituents want (-3/2) Advertising Platforms (Google, Facebook) have to find a new way to make money because they can no longer profit as much from selling advertisements(+5/8) Individuals are less vulnerable to data breaches (+4/6) People become less tolerant with data abuse because they know more about it (+4/8) Individuals will receive less personalized advertisements (-3/7) companies lose money because they’re not selling as many products (-5/7) People are less likely to purchase items from advertisements because of awareness (0/5) Government will not be have the same information they have historically had (+4/7) Platforms may have to charge for their services (-4/6) Less focus on western consumers and more integration of opinions from people in emerging markets (+3/5) Elections become less prone to tampering from third parties (+4/2) People begin to use the internet to increase productivity (+4/8)

Communication Wheel

Transcript: The prospective volunteer will give a "yes" or "no" answer to participating in serving May occur in the same time as the initial discussion or could occur at a later time Coordinator may also gain feedback on the experience of the person in the communication process The prospective volunteer will have the opportunity to share any issues or difficulties they may have with the proposed service plan Examples: busy schedule, issues serving in their child's room, inadequate ability to teach, etc. These concerns can be addressed by the coordinator during this time or at a later date if need be Value of Communication Wheel Where could it be used? The main use for this communication wheel will be to communicate to new volunteers. It will lay out the plan of communication to ask new people to be involved in the Children's Ministry with Birth to Kindergarten children. How could it be helpful? Initially communicating with prospective volunteers can be a very difficult task. It can be awkward, especially when the person may be unaware of what we believe in Children's Ministry. This communication wheel will help to streamline the recruiting process and help to use communication most effectively in this specific situation that I face in my ministry. Volunteer Communication Wheel Sarah Honaker The vision will be cast to the prospective volunteer by coordinator Give them the mission/vision statement Describe their role in the overall plan for the church and God's kingdom Present Cast The volunteer will ask any questions that they may have about the service position they are asked to participate in. Question examples: how many children are in the room?, how will I get my lesson materials?, what is the schedule for that room?, etc. This gives the prospective volunteer to be properly informed before making their decision. The details of serving will be given to the prospective volunteer by the coordinator. This will include: service times, amount of Sundays per month, room, volunteer expectations Feelings Decision Question

Word Wheel Vocabulary Template

Transcript: 4) Endure (Verb) 6) Gossamer (Noun) 9) Laconic (Adjective) A file or line, especially of people waiting their turn. Early 15c.; Middle French; "Lasting a long time" Michelle was chronically fixing her hair every chance she got. Synonyms Definition Late 15c Middle English "line of dances" Synonyms Sentence Image Definition Etymology Unknown date Old English "having a confused, swimming sensation" Etymology 4 Etymology Late 14c Middle French "anger" 2 To crouch, as in fear of shame Affected with vertigo; dizzy Easily provoked to anger; very irritable Sentence 5) Giddy (Adjective) heavy dark thick Extremely disturbing or distressing Etymology Tendency Propensity Predilection Antonyms Brief Concise Short & Sweet Maddie cowered in fear when she heard the robber. Sentence Refuse Reject Surrender Definition Grouchy Cranky Irritable 10) Queue (Noun) Antonyms Antonyms Synonyms Sentence Jared's first plane ride was a very harrowing experience. Sentence Face Meet Come Out Definition 3 Early 14c, Old French, "keep up, maintain" Sentence Synonyms 10 Synonyms Antonyms 6 Pleasant Pleasing Unfrightening Definition Image Antonyms 1580's Greek "Concise, abrupt" Antonyms 1) Aptitude (Noun) Sentence Antonyms 2) Chronic (Adjective) Samantha had very Painful Terrifying Traumatic Encounter Go through undergo Synonyms Everyone was standing in a queue, waiting to ride the roller coaster. Continual Persistent Recurrent Antonyms 3) Cower (Verb) Antonyms Silky light filmsy Mr. Jeffery would get very irascible when students didn't do their homework. Image Cringe Tremble Wince Antonyms c.1300, Middle Low German, "to squat" To hold out against Using few words Image 1799 Present "extremely distressing, painful" Etymology Definition Sentence Etymology Image Image Etymology Definition Image Image 8) Irascible (Adjective) Synonyms Calm Careful Level-headed 5 1 Early 15c. Middle French; "Natural capacity to learn" Word Wheel Vocabulary Definition Jennifer has the aptitude to run a mile in 5 minutes. Etymology Constant; habitual Long-winded Wordy Verbose 7 Image Etymology Sentence Definition Etymology Capability; ability Synonyms Dislike Hate Incapacity Synonyms Empty- headed unstable unsteady Something delicate; gauzy fabris Synonyms Template (Week 5) Happy Pleasant Cheerful I felt sorry for the teacher that had to endure our bad behavior. Image 7) Harrowing (Adjective) Ending Halting Stopping Disorder Disorganization Carrie was a person who wrote laconic poems. 8 9 Order Row Series Definition Sentence Brian felt very giddy after he got off the roller coaster.

Communication powerpoint

Transcript: To register for "walk for wishes" go to: or scan this QR code According to Make-A-Wish, 89% of doctors said that wish kids can experience better their health ( In the 2013 year, Make-A-Wish granted around 220,000 wishes and each wish costs around $8,141 There is more to the Make-A-Wish Organization than just sending dying kids to Disney World Kids can wish to go, to be, to meet, to have, and to give Donating to Make-A-Wish will allow more kids’ wishes to be granted, and their lives improved Chris, The First Wish Thousands of kids pass away each year due to tragic diseases and conditions Cancer is most life threatening Every kid has a dream and wishes to change it to reality Donations can make dreams come true Need for money to fulfill these less fortunate children's wishes (QR code made at: An Introduction Make-a-wish grants a wish, on average, once every 38 minutes. A child is referred to the program about once every 28 minutes. The foundation cannot keep up with the amount of wishes it receives. Therefore, more donations would allow for more wishes to be granted, and perhaps everyone's will be if enough donations are received. This is Chris Greicius, a little boy with Leukemia His wish was to "catch bad guys" with the Arizona Department of Public Safety On April 29, 1980, he was given a tour along with a hat and uniform The officers set up cones for him to drive a battery-powered motorcycle through, in order for him to earn his motorcycle officer's wings Chris returned to the hospital when the officers went to present his wings He passed away on May 3rd with his wish fulfilled To donate go to Alexander Looks Back On His Wish TO find out more about volunteering go to to the Make a Wish Foundation A wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their life-threatening medical conditions. For many, the wish marks a turning point in the fight against their illnesses. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals say, the wish experience works in concert with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and even physically. That is why wishes matter. That is why we grant wishes. (Make a- Wish) Conclusion When Alexander was 9, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukhemia. As soon as she found out about his diagnosis, his mother sought out the Make-A-Wish Foundation to have Alexander's wish, to go bug hunting, granted. That same year, Make-A-Wish sent Alexander and his entire family to the Panama Canals in order to grant his wish. While he was there he saw all new plants and animals, held an iguana and even had a bee named after him. His mother even went on to say recently "It remains the greatest trip our family has ever taken." Now 21, Alexander said there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about his wish that was granted. He talks about how much of an impact the wish made and how he owes Make-A-Wish for giving him the joy to continue his fight that he eventually beat against leukemia. He's now a student at Center Washington University studying Environmental Sciences. There is not enough money going into the organization to fulfill all of the kids wishes

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