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Comic Strip Powerpoint Template

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comic strip

Transcript: millie comic strip by: imaan jan period 5 now she is 11 years old and tiana still trys to avoid dogs wherever she goes. she is so scared of dogs that every morning tiana walks a extra block to get to school just to avoid her neighbors dog millie in the text it says '' Now 11 , Tiana still avoids dogs wherever she goes . Every morning, Tiana walks an extra block to school to avoid walking by her neighbors dog, millie. when Tiana was five years old she was bitten by her uncles dog Rex and it left a scar on her finger in the text it says '' when she was five years old , Tiana was bitten by Rex , her uncle's dog . the bite left a small scar on Tiana's finger '' Tianas class took a field trip to a animal shelter and she told the guide her fear of dogs the guide said that you should never act afraid of a dog in the text it says " one day tianas class took a feild trip to a animal shelter the tour guide explained different types of dogs and their behaviors . tiana asked the guide many questions and described her fear of dogs . " you should never act scared of a dog ".the guide explained . if you walk calmly and with confidence , dogs are less likey to bark at you . when tiana was walking home from school she decided to be brave and she confidently walked past millie and millie got up but she didn't bark at tiana in the text it says " walking home from school that day tiana decided to be brave and give it a try. she walked confidently past millie . at first the dog stood up and stared , but when it saw tiana holding her head high , it sat down quietly . tiana felt proud and not scared at all . " tianas scar one time when tiana walked a extra block to school one of her friends named kim made fun of how tiana is so scared of dogs and tiana got mad because of it in the text it says " when her bestfriend kim, laughed at Tianas extra hike one morning, Tiana exclaimed, "i dont care what you think! passing a ferocious beast is not how i want to start my day ". "ok calm down tiana kim responded as tiana rushed away angrily .

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