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Comic Book Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: When did the comic book gain value? Object of value It is a book that has only images. They doesn't have big texts, it is a lot of little text that the characters say. It is like a movie divided by images. It is sequences of images juxtaposed in panels. Why are the comic books so valuable?? Who started using the comic book? What the comic books will be in the future. The comic books have a big value when they are very old and when they doesn't have a lot of printings. For exemple, if you have a very old comic book and they rest only 500 copies, it has a very big value. Also, it is an icon of american pop culture. The sale of comic book has triple over the ten years because of the new movies. So, with the digital comic books, a new generation grow with the comics. -There are 148 550 characters in marvel comic books. -The first marvel comic book has been sale in June 2012 at $4.3 MILLION. The kind of value What surprized you most about your finding At the beginning of the 21th century, the comic books lost values because it was the same story since 1939 so, people got tired of reading the same thing over and over again! During the second world war, the little kids started to read the comic books because the stories were about super heroes that were protecting the country The comic books lost value... Detective Comics is the first company who edited a comic book with the first adventure of superman in 1938. The kids of ten years old are the first one to read them. The name of the first comic book is Action Comics. Raphaelle Beaudoin Émile Bergeron Julien Foisy COMIC BOOK It has a cultural and economic value because most of people have it and the characters represent the country , for example, Captain America represent the USA. It has a economical value because it cost something and it is creating jobs. How was the comic book used

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