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Transcript: Jacxenie Espinal Computer Graphics Class Majors The Major I would like to take is Child Education or Biology in order to become either a veterinarian or a teacher. You have to submit an application in order to get into the college. You need a GPA of about 4.0 in order to get into Columbia and an SAT score of 2000. It depends on the major to see how many credits you will get. Other Support Architecture» School of Arts & Sciences Business » Physicians and Surgeons » Columbia College » Dental Medicine » Engineering » Faculty of Arts & Sciences » General Studies » Columbia University Financials It costs a lot of money to go to college, even in Columbia. In addition to the tuition, dorm and application, you need to pay for textbooks and supplies. -The cost of the tuition - Financial Aid -Different Majors -Qualifications to enter college - Passing Grades for all classes -Amount of work to do in that college - Size of the college Columbia University has a PawPrint program which allows for students to edit and print from their device. They also have computer labs with good technology and free wifi About Columbia The School Buildings Theres many different buildings in Columbia, such as the Teachers College, the University Hall, the Low Library, the mathematics building, the dorm rooms, and the Dodge Miller Theater. Address: 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027 # of Students: 29,870 Columbia Tuition: $48,646 Dorm Price: $7,418 Application Fee: $85.00 Columbia University has libraries in order for students to study. There are also guidance counslers to help out students with any difficulties at the school. There are tutoring programs in case you need help with a class 8 Credits of English 8 Credits of Social Stuies 6 Credits of Science 6 Credits of Math 2 Credits of Foreign Language 2 Credits of Art/Dance/Music/Theater 4 Credits of Physical Education 1 Credit of Health 7 Credits of Electives Concerns and Questions Programs in This College High School Graduation Expectation = 44 Credits I chose this college because it is a very good school. It is an Ivy League school in New York City in Manhattan. It is a very calm campus and it has many students and people there each day. Technical Support International & Public Affairs » Jewish Theological Seminary » Journalism » Law » Nursing » Professional Studies » Public Health » Social Work » Teachers College » Union Theological Seminary »

Columbia University

Transcript: 86 majors Bedrooms: Extra-long twin bed (full size bed for couples) Dresser Desk and desk chair Lamp Living rooms and kitchens: Couch and additional chairs Table with chairs Responsibilities of the tenant: Linens Dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils Air conditioners Dishwashers - Only available at The Arbor Area rugs - Students are responsible for providing rugs that cover 80% of the floor area to comply with the terms of the lease. Laundry Coin or card operated laundry facilities are available to all residents, typically in the basement or adjacent building. Pets Pets are strictly prohibited in UAH, except for service animals and those pets kept in aquaria. Students with service animals must register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). A nurse in all residence halls, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Tickets for athletic events are purchased online and can be printed in the printer that is provided for you in your dorm. Scores : GPA's in the "A" range, SAT scores above 2100 and ACT composite scores above 30. Student-faculty ratio is 6:1. Female-male ratio is 1:1.12 Four different housing options are available to first years: Carman, Furnald, John Jay, and the all-class integrated Living Learning Center in Wallach and Hartley. Carmen: Residence Hall Details Occupancy: 587 Singles: 13 (for RA's) rooms Doubles: 287 rooms Floors: 13 Air Conditioning: Yes Laundry: In the Basement View laundry machine availability Carpeted Bedroom: No Smoking: No Wireless in Main Lounge: Yes Computer Lab: 1st Floor Furnland: Residence Hall Details Occupancy: 246 Singles: 190 rooms Doubles: 28 rooms Floors: 10 Air Conditioning: Yes Laundry: In the Basement View laundry machine availability Carpeted Bedroom: Yes Smoking: No Wireless in Main Lounge: Yes Computer Lab: 1st Floor Bathroom: Daily, M-F Cleaning Schedule: Kitchen: Daily, M-F John Jay: Residence Hall Details Occupancy: 467 Singles: 395 rooms Doubles: 36 rooms Floors: 15 Air Conditioning: No Laundry: In the Basement View laundry machine availability Carpeted Bedroom: Yes Smoking: No Wireless in Main Lounge: Yes Computer Lab: N/A Cleaning Schedule: Kitchen: N/A Bathroom: M, T, TH, F "Columbia University in the City of New York." Columbia University in the City of New York. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Dec. 2012. <>. Total of 299 acres. You may park on the streets around campus or use the local parking garages. Student Parking and map A cappella Acedemic clubs and competitions Intramural Sports Cultural organizations Dance Enviromental clubs Film and Visual arts activities. Gender and Sexuality Greek life Media and Publications, like the newspaper. Music Political and Activist activities Pre-professional organizations Religious and spiritual practices 52 service programs Special interest, like chess. Student government, mock trials every sunday night. Theater Ivy league and Varsity mentors Located in the city of New York Private University Mascot : Lion Logo Tuition details Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King's College by royal charter of King George II of England. In July 1754, Samuel Johnson held the first classes in a new schoolhouse adjoining Trinity Church, located on what is now lower Broadway in Manhattan. There were eight students in the class. The college reopened in 1784 with a new name—Columbia—that embodied the patriotic fervor that had inspired the nation's quest for independence. In 1857, the College moved from Park Place, near the present site of city hall, to Forty-ninth Street and Madison Avenue, where it remained for the next forty years. In 1897, the university moved from Forty-ninth Street and Madison Avenue to its present location on Morningside Heights at 116th Street and Broadway. History Wallach: Residence Hall Details Occupancy: 236 Singles: 172 rooms Doubles: 32 rooms Floors: 10 Air Conditioning: No Laundry: In the Basement of Hartley or John Jay View laundry machine availability Carpeted Bedroom: Yes Smoking: No Wireless in Main Lounge: Yes Computer Lab: 1st Floor of Hartley Cleaning Schedule: Kitchen: N/A Bathroom: Monday and Thursday: 5,6,8,9C,10A; Tuesday and Friday: 9A,7,2,3,4 Hartley: Residence Hall Details Occupancy: 230 Singles: 158 rooms Doubles: 36 rooms Floors: 10 Air Conditioning: No Laundry: In the Basement View laundry machine availability Carpeted Bedroom: Yes Smoking: No Wireless in Main Lounge: Yes Computer Lab: 1st Floor Furnald NCAA awards The East Campus offers a 2nd floor lounge complete with computer kiosks, a piano and large-screen TV; computer labs on floors 10 and 18; and satellite gyms on floors 8 and 16. Another place is Southfield, the staff enhance the out of classroom experience for students to allow them to be successful in their transition in to Columbia, to become familiar with the Morningside Community, and to see what the greater community of New York City has to offer. Located on 113th Street and 114th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue is "The Block", the major hangout area for

Columbia University

Transcript: First class held in summer of 1754 in Trinity Church yard Established by royal charter of King George II of England Now operates under 1787 charter 6th oldest institution in the U.S. Awards the Pulitzer Prize Only journalism school in the Ivy League Athletics 4th among world universities (Global University Rankings) Columbia Law School was ranked 4th by the U.S. News and World Report Newsweek ranked Columbia 6th among the 25 most desirable schools Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism ranked 2nd by Wall Street Journal ranked Columbia Business School 3rd in the world Center for Measuring University Performance ranked Columbia 1st (tied with MIT and Stanford University) out of the nation's top research universities Notable Alumni 97 Nobel Prize Winners 20 living billionaires Nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices Four U.S. Presidents 25 Academy Award Winners 26 Foreign Heads of State Five Founding Fathers 101 Pulitzer Prize Winners 30 Recipients of the National Medal of Science Clubs and Organizations Admissions Acceptance rate of 9.16% 3rd most selective college in the nation 52% recieve financial aid 37% of those accepted do not attend due to financial setbacks Campaign for Undergraduate Education Nearly 500 organizations around the university Lacrosse School of Agriculture Squash Golf University Rankings Wrestling Softball Ltwt. / Hvywt. Rowing King's College Columbia University in the City of New York Football Soccer Rowing Swimming and Diving Fencing Rocky Horror Picture Show brought to Off-Broadway for professional run Volleyball Track and Field Warren Buffet Baseball Archery Women's Athletics Men's Athletics Field Hockey Cross Country Cheerleading First undergraduate journal in the country to be distributed nationwide at bookstores Basketball 29 sports teams Tennis

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Columbia University

Transcript: Columbia University By: Aileen Blancas, Leticia Bartolo, Erica Garcia, and Alejandra Ortiz History of Columbia University: It was established in 1754 and it was founded by John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice. It was a king's college by the royal charter of king Searse II of England. It is the Oldedest institution of higher learning in the state of New York and the fifth oldest in the U.S. Who went to Columbia University?? President Barack Obama Maggie Gyllenhaal:D Mascot: School colors are blue and white!! The school is nicknamed "Columbia Blue." GO LIONS!! :D Columbia University is located in New York City Columbia University is a prtivate school it costs about $45,290 per year!! (Don't worry you are able to get help and they offer many scholarships.) Fight Song: What is the acceptance rate? 10% what are the top majors? social sciences,engineering, biological and biomedical sciences,history, english language arts, and literature and letters Classroom sizes: In total 5,888 people enrolled Student Reviews: The best thing about Columbia is New York. And the prestige of the name. And New York. We're more college than NYU but it's no Princeton; there's stuff to do on the weekends for EVERYONE. Walking through the beautiful campus, you hear five different languages, you see a frisbee thrown over the head of a guitar-player smoking a cigarette. People are weird, and they're different, but that's the beauty of the school. Allie Sophomore I like that Columbia has a great, small campus but then is in new york city so you have the best of both worlds. Columbia has a little bubble with local stores, restaurants, and bars but we also have the luxury of being able to "go downtown" and get away from campus really easily. Columbia is really passionate and really liberal so it can be overwhelming--there are always protests and rallies and sometimes tempers flare. (Having Ahmadinejad come and speak took over the campus for the entire semester, which after awhile, was pretty annoying...) Columbia's administration is very out of touch with the students' needs and there's a lot of frustration with the curriculum, housing, financial aid, etc. It's nice that because Columbia is so old (over 250 years and still strong), we have a lot of fun traditions, stories, and superstitions. Aasha Senior

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