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Collin College Events

Transcript: ex: non-fiction, reports, news, etc. -Drawing pictures and graphs in my notes helps me to remember important subjects. More than Words: Using Descriptive Language Atomic Iron Commission Texas Objective: Counseling center is in room D-134 Free App: Smiling Mind 2016 Collin College Job Fair - 1-4PM Wednesday, March 30th Professor Venuto always encourages us to work with your peers and form study groups. Get out of your comfort zone, you may never know when you might need notes from zone one because you missed the previous day. So its always good to work as classmates and mhave good relationships with your peers. Description ex: fiction, reviews, journals, etc. This assignment gives me the strive to play college ball Soccer or Football, that's what I have loved to play since I was a kid and I know i have the potential to do i just gotta keep working and stay focused. -Visual representations can be used in many different ways in the classroom. Adolfo's Learning Experience Disengaging Auto-Pilot: Emotional Wellness Seminar Erin Rostochil Important Dates and Information Video -may be implied, growing from the details themselves (subtlety) -overall feeling that the details lead to -allow's the writers opinion's adn emotions to come through Examples: Visual: spatially, from left to right, front to back, etc. Chronological: as you move past or through them through time and space Mindfulness - paying attention/focused attention Meditation - helps relieve stress and improve sleep patterns Dominant Impression -uncolored by personal opinions or emotions How do you present the details? What order should they be perceived by the reader? Courtnee Word I am an everyday, incredibly useful object. Clear on the inside, yet opaque from the outside. When you have used something up, I will make it disappear, yet you may never know where it goes. In this room I am wider at the top, while short and stout, but I come in many shapes and sizes. Smooth to touch, maybe offensive to smell, what am I? Pictures What I learned from my Collin Event, is that the coaches teach them team work by always taping fist's as a sign of teamwork no matter what the outcome is. Whether the opposing team got a point or Collin did they never brought each other down by saying " Come on" or "What was that" It was always something like " Will get them next time. That's Great coaching in my opinion, just because i can relate to when i played Varsity soccer and my team mates would always bring each other down; Probably why we could never win state. What did I learn and how will this help me in the future? Why was this assignment given and what has this assignment prompted us to do in the future? Art Gallery Relationship to the class -Showing, not telling -Use appropriate details -Visualizing what the teacher is talking about in class helps me jog my memory about what she is talking about and helps me to retain information easier. How is the Information Related to College Success? Subjective: Organization Imagery -Documents someones existence and reality to a place and time. Sculptures Ceramics Visual representations can be used to express feelings and experiences. What has this assignment prompted me to do in the future. Vantage Point Lecture by Dr. Will Brannon -Stationary or mobile vantage points are the most common From what I've learned, a wandering mind is inevitable. Instead of having a Victim mindset when you stop concentrating on school, studying, etc., think like a Creator and figure out what the next steps are in getting back on track. An example that this seminar gave me was to begin meditating to practice staying focused. This project was assigned to make us more aware of all of the activities that Collin College have to offer it's students. All of us learned a lot about the campus from attending these events. In the future, we plan to be aware of the activities schedules that Collin releases and attend more activities and get involved with the school's community. Collin College Events -Where the description is coming from, how it is perceived

Collin College

Transcript: BA- Degree focuses on Liberal arts and all the general education classes, and a foreign language. BS- Focuses on science and mathmatics if you decide to take labs and statistics general education classes.The subject matter is more research methods and more factual numbers, less english. BA degree would be what I would do for a broadcasting major. You would need a 2.5 GPA to graduate from college. - Intro to mass communication - medi literacy -Intro to pulic relations -Radio/ Television news - Writing for radio television and film - Intro to interpersonal communications You can finish your degree at collin the classes are all provided. English 1301 and 1302 required. Any of these english courses can be taken online. english requirements Admissions to apply for grants you can either go through the admissions office or go online and apply to your state office BS vs BA living at home will make the cost of college much less expensive my totally monthly exspenses will be $175 from gas and entertainment budget ! tuters! If you can go to the library anytime time during the open hours and there are usually someone there to help, or if you wanted to hire some help you would need to talk to the admissions advisor. there is also online help. Changing majors I picked Collin because its near by and a ton of kids go there. You first have to take all th general studies classes that will probably take up the entire freshamn year. when those are out of the way you start your 6 hours of communication,culture 3hours, life and physical sciences 8 hours together, behavioral science3 hours, American History 6 hours, Creative arts 3 hours, and also a Component area 4 hours. When I grow up tuition - $458 food- $500 room and board-$o.oo entertainment- $375 lab fees-$600 *for a semester totally for a whole four years- $25,064 since it is a community college kts fairly easy to transfer out of school or switch majors, you would need to talk to an advisor and make sure your classes transfer over if they don't you are out money but if not, you have a new adventure! Liberal Arts, Science, Liberal Studies, General studies To get in to the school your GPA has to be at least a 2.0 and a minimum of a 1600 on the SAT. You have to complete and application for admissions, and provide minigitis vacination proof . Visit an advisor and then register through cougar web. The aceptance rate was at 89%, last semester. scholorships are given to people who qualify for them academically or racial sometimes even for having a certain eye or hair color. I would like to either be a commercil director, or be a radio host. The average salary for a Director could be $160,000,- 300,000. Radio host are almost the same but if you have a degree then you get more income. The admissions can set you up with a station for internships. or a school radio host. Your communication classes help in interviewing for jobs, the loan would be around $100 a month to pay it off in a reasonable amount of time Why Collin? at a community college the social life isnt't like the normal collges, but there are clubs and groups that you can be apart if, like spanish club, chest club, interact club, and some others. dgrees Collin College Required courses degree requirements to get a degree you have to complete all your basics then, you also get a 2.5 GPA to graduate.

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Transcript: The college is located in Gainsville, Florida the room and board cost is $7,346 They do offer online classes Florida does offer online classes College PowerPoint you can earn your Bachelors degree at Montreat College some majors they offer are Accounting, Biological and Physics science, English Composition, General History and Interdisciplinary studies Some sports they offer basketball and football name of school #2 Florida is located in a city environment 32,008 undergrad students go there The school is located in Montreat,NC Christian centered, not to big, 3.0 GPA average , SAT2 not required, GED accepted The student to faculty ratio is 11:1 The application process is all online some sports they offer are basketball, baseball and soccer the cost of tuition for us is $23,164 their mascot is the Gator Florida university The application process is all online you have to take either the SAT1 or the ACT you can earn your assoc, Bach, mast, and Dr. degree at Florida University the school is located in a rural environment on Montreat and Florida They do have the Travel abroad program Florida is a public school the room and board cost is $5,240 450 undergrads students go there Men to women ratio is 46/54 9 men and 12 women sports 28 years in NCAAS best athletics They offer study abroad Offer 15-25 fully accredited Study abroad funds you have to take the SAT and the ACT some majors they offer are Botany, Animal Science, Plant Medicine, Nutritional Science and Genetics and Genomics Montreat is a private school tuition cost for us is $20,580 the student to faculty ratio is 20.5/1 other interesting things other interesting things their mascot is the Cavalier

Collin College

Transcript: What's Happening at Collin College? Katie Narvarte Gena Martin Questions? Surgical Technologist program is now a year long program. Students must complete pre-requisites. Program starts in the summer and is complete in the spring. New health science program with no pre-reqs: Central Sterile Processing—only 16 hours! Please remember MOST health science programs require completion of pre-requisites before a student can begin the program. Expanded Dual Credit Course Offerings Students must complete a Pre-Admissions Activity (PAA) before taking the TSI. After admission, new students will be emailed a direct link to the PAA that can be completed at home or at a designated on-campus location. A testing referral form will also be emailed to students to take the TSI Assessment after the PAA is completed. ONLINE Registration for Spring Dual Credit Pre-Admission Activity New TSI Assessment went into effect August 26, 2013 Assessment covers: Reading, Mathematics and Statistics, Objective Writing, and an Essay It is un-timed. Collin College Changes in Health Science Programs Schools will receive specific course numbers to be used for online registration. Dual Credit Information Meetings for Counselors will be held at the Collin Higher Education Center in Room 110, located at 3452 Spur 399, McKinney on : October 9th from 9:30 - 11:30 AM and October 10th from 1:30-3:30 PM Students can be exempted from the TSI based on ACT, SAT, or TAKS/STAAR test results (have a handout?) Students will no longer be required to take a free math assessment. Associates of Arts/Science/Arts in Teaching vs. Associates of Applied Science Lowest Tuition in the state for in-county tuition 10 Pre-Admission Partner Universities Technical Dual Credit classes in Robotics, CyberSecurity and Health Sciences/EMT. Reaching a different group of students than traditional dual credit Changes in Admissions Testing Collin College Basics

Collin College

Transcript: Clubs and Social Activities d n For those who are transferring into Collin, they have programs and guides set up to help those students their degrees. These assistance plans are great for those who think they won't be able to earn their degrees, and need help with their studies. Transfers Online Classes and Degrees Why Collin? Admission into this school requires you to fill out an application form, proof of meningitis vaccination, take an assessment test, visit an academic adviser, build your class schedule, register on their website, and finally pay for your classes. Students will be put on probation if they do not attain 50% of their credits, are on academic warning, or if they have a GPA of 2.0. Tech Degrees i c m There are many groups at the college that help students develop skills they could use in life. It also helps represent the college, and gets the students engaged in the community. Each club or association is designed and tailored to suit every person's taste in that area. The tuition rate is based off of the residency number and the number of credit hours the student has enrolled in. Lab fees are extra, and other fees can be assessed as new programs develop over time. Students are responsible for all of their payments and maintaining their courses for that term. f Requirements Budget and Tuition It is possible to take online courses and earn degrees, and students have a wide variety of classes to choose from. Classes fall into one of seven categories: Business, Multimedia, Languages, Computer Education, Healthcare, Special Interests, and Test Prep, which prepares students who wish to take the SAT/ACT, GED, LSAT, etc. The reason why I chose Collin is because it offers plenty of courses for students to take, while being relatively close to family and friends (who are still in the area). Their top 2 majors are Art and Science. g Collin College l e Students going into the tech field won't have it easy. They have to take classes that focus on technology as early as high school. However, all the hard work pays off in the end, because those students will be experienced with jobs that are in high demand and have high wages. k h j

Collin College Campuses

Transcript: Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Spring Creek Campus Philosophy Culinary Arts Healthcare Case Management Collin Higher Education Center Respiratory Care Rockwall Education Center MASTER'S DEGREES Accounting and Information Management Business Administration Counseling Curriculum/Instruction Education Administration/ Leadership Engineering Systems Higher Education Management/Human Resources Leadership Studies Teaching Special Education Concurrent Credits - Earn college credits, transferable to all public colleges. Applied Graphic Design Technology 3 Comprehensive Campuses 2 Education Centers 1 Continuing Education Center 1 Higher Education Center Central Park Campus Music Small Business Development Center Photography Dental Hygiene Telecommunications Concurrent Credits - Earn college credits, transferable to all public colleges. Courtyard Center Computer Science Environmental Science Duel Credits - Earn college and high school credits at the same time Child Development Biotechnology Convergence Lab Theatre Emergency Medical Technician Dance Surgical Technology Engineering Technology Hotel and Hospitality Law Enforcement Academy DOCTORAL PROGRAMS Educational Leadership Higher Education Business Foreign Languages Duel Credits - Earn college and high school credits at the same time. 7 Collin College Campuses Continuing Education and Workforce Development Center for Workforce and Education Development Preston Ridge Campus Allen Educational Center BACHELOR’S DEGREES: Accounting and Information Management Applied Arts and Science Business Administration Child Development Communication Criminal Justice Health Studies Interdisciplinary Studies Nursing Psychology Spanish Math Computer Science Nursing Fire Science

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