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College of Charleston

Transcript: 68% of freshmen receive financial aid Financial aid payment plan is paid in four equal installments per semester Requirements Average class size is 26 students Life in Charleston Waterfront Park Medium size college 66% graduation rate School Size Education and Travel program Founded in 1770 17% Men Join Fraternities 24% Women Join Sororities 66 George Street Charleston, South Carolina 29424 By Harley Beach No. 4 among southern master's-level public universities in America's Best Colleges Greek Life Public Health Student-Faculty ratio 16:1 College of Charleston Insurance program Academics Drayton Hall Counseling and Wellness services Academic services Disabled student services Campus Off Campus Housing nine residence halls and 22 historic homes on campus College of Charleston, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012 more than 100 majors and minors Tour Fort Sumter •A/B unweighted GPA average •1070-1230 SAT for in-state students (critical reading and math only). 1140-1280 SAT for out-of-state students (critical reading and math only). •23-27 ACT for in-state students. 25-29 ACT range for out-of-state students •Class rank in the top 20 percent class reunions award gala scholars reception ring ceremony Available rentals on Alumni Benefits and Events Tuition: $9,918 $25,304 Residence Halls (weighted average): $ 6,971 $ 6,971 21 Meal Plan: $ 3,350 $ 3,350 Books and Supplies: $ 1,167 $ 1,167 Academic Year Estimated Total: $ 21,406 $ 36,792 Financial Aid Total students: 11,649 Female students: 63.6 percent Male students: 36.4 percent Minority students: 13.2 percent Students living on campus: 3,290 Percentage of in-state students: 65.8 percent Percentage of out-of-state students: 34.2 percent States represented: 50 Countries represented: 65 Students are often caught sneaking alcohol into dorms, underage drinking, possessing illegal drugs. "College Search - College of Charleston - C of C." College Search - College of Charleston - C of C. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. Greek life helped students at College of Charleston for over 120 years. Joseph B. Anderson, Class of 1986: majored in biochemistry at the C of C member of the swim team Alpha Phi Omega 26% transfer rate •Majors: 52 •Minors: 71 Tuition Works Cited 19 master's degree programs Known for its Public Health courses 8 graduated-level certificate programs 25 active Greek organizations on campus Can help in various ways: •health education and promotion •epidemiology and biostatistics •health policy •health services administration •environmental health downtown Charleston 20 minutes away from beaches History Student Body Urban area Alumni South Carolina Aquarium Support Services Close to beaches interdisciplinary degree, offered for bachelor of arts and science. Listing range from $690 to $2,200 Location Mel Marvin, Class of 1962: wrote his first musical at C of C Reputation

College of Charleston

Transcript: Founded in 1770, it is the 13th oldest in the United States On March 19, 1785, the College of Charleston was chartered to "encourage and institute youth in the several branches of liberal education." Three of the college's founders were signers of the Declaration of Independence The College graduated its first class in 1794, which consisted of six students In 1837, the College became the nation's first municipal college when the City of Charleston assumed responsibility for its support The College of Charleston is a state supported comprehensive institution providing a high quality education in the arts and sciences, education and business. Consistent with its heritage since its founding in 1770, the College retains a strong liberal arts undergraduate curriculum. Located in the heart of historic Charleston, it strives to meet the growing educational demands primarily of the Lowcountry and the state and, secondarily, of the Southeast. A superior quality undergraduate program is central to the mission of the College P. George Benson became the 21st president of the College of Charleston on February 1, 2007. President Benson came to the College of Charleston from his position as dean of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Athletic Programs The Real Estate club CofC Entrepreneurs Organizations Cougar Microfinance National Association of Black Accountants 11,723 students attend CoC 306 of that are full time graduates 9,760 are full time undergraduates Basketball Softball Soccer Sailing Dance Basketball Baseball Golf Soccer College of Charleston By: Kyle Tilton Women's Teams Mission Statement Clubs College President Men's Teams Stats

College of Charleston

Transcript: Fun Facts;) CofC is the place to be! CofC has 179 clubs and organizations to choose from! Historical Attractions Tons of shopping What not to bring Alcohol, drugs, firearms, pets, hot-plates, space heaters, incense, explosives, etc. DON'T BE STUPID -_- History Founded in 1770, the College of Charleston was built to "encourage & institute youth in the several branches of liberal education". It is the 13th oldest in the U.S. and among the top Universities in the nation for quality education, student life, and affordability. It is also the setting for Army Wives, The Notebook, The Patriot, and Wife Swap. Sightings of confederate soldiers on the battlegrounds. Forbes Magazine has named the College of Charleston as one of the best educational values in the nation. Forbes ranked the College of Charleston #7 on the list of the top 25 “Best Value Colleges” in the United States. Financial Aid & Scholarships College of Charleston My Plan Career Services Co-ed Dorms & Apartment style housing available. Charelston, College of. "Freshmen." N.p.. Web. 8 Oct 2013. <>. CofC has a very strict drug and alcohol policy. Student Requirements 3.8+ GPA minimum 11 meal plans to choose from varying in cost $ 300-$1,895. If placed on academic probation, the student must show satisfactory academic improvement by the end of the next major semester. Business, Communications, Biology, Psychology... Offers Honors Program Major-Minor Studying Abroad is encouraged! Several Liberal Arts programs Internships are the norm! Scholarships State, Institutional, and Specialty Scholarships. Public Not Religious Affiliated Co-ed 66 George Street Charleston, SC 29424 52 Acres 38% Male 62% Female No Satellite Campuses Sororities and Fraternities offered College of Charleston: Info to Know On Campus Living Academics Bibliography CofC offers the Career Center that helps students to successfully prepare themselves for the work industry.Programs and services are designed to complement and enhance the academic mission of the College What to Bring The usual: Ironing board, mattress pad, towels, hangers, toiletries, etc. Freshmen Year: Comm. 104- Public Speaking. Comm. 105- Language and Forensics Comm. 110- Communication Messaging Financial Aid FAFSA Social Activities Meal Plans 8 locations -buffet style, Hibachi, Grab and Go, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a

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